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An In-Depth Look on my NEWEST 20 Six-Stars! (Part 1)

An In-Depth Look on my NEWEST 20 Six-Stars! (Part 1)

An In-Depth Look on my 20 NEWEST Six Stars!



Rating: Depends on what build you use (but for this one, 5/10) Yeah, that’s right, I named my water Homunculus Kaneki. Sue me. The Homunculi are pretty unique in that you can actually build their skillset and tailor them to your liking; each element designed to fulfill niche roles you may not have other monsters to fulfill. In the water one’s case, he’s mostly used as a budget Verad for those who are struggling with ToA. My build for him is Frost Ray (Fluctuate), Icy Magic Bullet (Chain) and Ice Mist. Most people build their Homunc for Ice Mist, which attacks all enemies, inflicts 2 Continuous Damage on them for 2 turns, and will add more Continuous Damage based on how many harmful effects they already have. The Homunculi actually got buffed a few days ago, but I just…don’t use my Kaneki anymore. This isn’t a case of him being bad, it’s just a case of me pulling a better monster so soon after I finish building him. In this case, I got a Verad. Runes: Despair + Blade; SPD/CRIT DMG%/ATK%

Sabrina (Boomerang Warrior)

Rating: 7/10 Sabrina was also affected by The Great Twins Nerf of 2019™, but unlike her sister Shaina, the nerf didn’t destroy her; it just reduced a few stats. Anyway, the main gimmick of the twins is that if you pair up a Boomerang Warrior with a Chakram Dancer, they’ll attack together, get special things, and will also reduce one another’s cooltimes. In Sabrina’s case, her special thing is her passive, Female Warrior. She receives 20% less damage from enemies who have beneficial effects on them, and inflicts 20% more damage on enemies with beneficial effects. Any Chakram Dancer will have the same effect on them if they’re in the ally team. I used to use Sabrina a lot with the fire Chakram Dancer Shaina, but after her nerf, the two Chaks who I use the most with her is Talia and Deva. Don’t get me wrong, Sabrina isn’t bad after her nerf, she’s just not dummy OP now. Much unlike Shaina. Who got her leader skill and attack bar reduction destroyed. I miss Shaina. Runes: Rage + Blade; SPD/CRIT DMG%/ATK%

Woosa (Pioneer)

Rating: 8/10 So I calculated it, and Woosa’s, like, my third fastest monster, and he’s on leftover runes, too. I think his insane base speed helps. He’s most known for his stupid long first skill animation and his really good third skill, Wish of Immortality. He’ll grant all of his allies 3-turn Immunity and then creates a shield on everyone (proportionate to 15% of his Max HP) for 3 turns as well. He’s one of my best Immunity buffers, next to Fran, because according to my memory those two are my only Immunity givers. I’ve used him a lot in Guild Wars, sometimes paired up with Galleon and Baleygr. Runes: Swift + (broken set); SPD/HP%/HP%

Verad (Dragon)

Rating: 9/10 Yes, I’m well aware that my Verad is lacking in both speed and HP. I need to get better runes for him… Anyway, Verad here was actually the result of one of my Splendid Blessings deciding to pop on a ToA Legendary Scroll. The choice was either Ethna or Verad. Do keep in mind that I didn’t have an Ethna (still don’t to this day), but come on; when I’m offered a Verad, it’s safe to assume that I would take a Verad. I’d actually build a second Verad if I got one, but that’s beside the point. I mentioned in Kaneki’s bit that I’d built him to be a budget Verad in ToA (remember that this was before that beautiful, beautiful blessing popped). Well, he quickly became kind of outdated, because that same ToA rotation that I finished building him, Verad came hurtling into my life like the good dragon he is. Verad’s skillset makes him perfect for ToA, Guild Wars and even RTA, mainly because you don’t need stun on him at all. His first skill just does pure damage, no debuffs or anything special. All the Dragons have this as their first skill, and the rest of their kit makes up for it, including the fact that the Dragons’ family gimmick is they all have unique second skills. Verad’s second skill, Snowstorm, will attack all enemies with damage proportionate to his Defense, and then Freezes them all for 1 turn. His third skill is what really makes him shine, though. Absolute Zero will attack all enemies, dealing damage also proportionate to his defense and freezing them for a turn, but here’s the thing: He also resets their Attack Bars to 0. That’s right; Verad essentially sets everyone back to stage 1 with his third skill and then stuns them (because that’s basically what freezing is) so that when they do finally get the turn, they’re stunned and have therefore lost said turn. This Crowd Control is what makes him excellent for Trial of Ascension. He’s even gotten quite a bit of fair use in other areas too. It’s not very hard to see why, in a fight between my first Ethna and first Verad, I chose Verad. Runes: Violent + Will; SPD/DEF%/DEF%

Mo Long (Panda Warrior)

Rating: 7.5/10 the big fat with a hat has been acquired So, funny story: I got Icares from my ToAH90 scroll about a month back, and I said to my friend “All I need now is Mo Long,” because those two mesh really well together. Well, come time to summon my Legendary Scroll from ToAH, and guess who I got? Yeah, it was Mo Long. My friend was salty for days. Anyway, Mo Long recently got hit with a nerf to his second skill, but he’s still pretty good. His second skill, Dragon’s Dance, used to hit all enemies 3 times. Each attack had a chance to remove a beneficial effect and stun them. Now, he still does 3 hits, but the beneficial effect and stun happen all on the third hit. …Yyyyeah, half the time he does nothing with that. Anyway, his third skill, Reckless Assault, will attack an enemy for 70% of their Max HP, but the cost of that is that Mo Long will also be hit for that same amount of damage – that means if he hits Charlotte for 10,000 HP, he’ll also be hit for 10,000 HP. The reason why he pairs up so well with Icares is that she hits an enemy for 50% of her Max HP, which usually weakens them up enough for Mo Long to finish them off with his third. He gets the most use in Guild Wars nowadays, where I pair him up with Woosa and – you guessed it – Icares. Runes: Violent + Will; SPD/HP%/HP%


Raoq (Inugami) [Secondary Awakening]

Rating: 7/10 Remember the old days of SW, back when Double Arnold was the meta and Raoq was the best Faimon farmer someone can have? Well, secondary awakenings rolled out around May 2019, and suddenly Raoq was used a lot more than he used to be. When a monster is given a 2A, their base stats are boosted greatly, and two of their skills are upgraded. In Raoq’s case, his two skills that were upgraded were his second skill and his passive, Team Up and Annihilate. Team Up’s boost is relatively simple; he’ll attack with two allies instead of one. However, Annihilate goes from simply giving him an extra turn when he kills an enemy to giving him the extra turn and decreasing his skill cooltime by 1 turn. This means that you can get him to Team Up more than once. Do keep in mind that teaming up will also decrease the cooltimes of the allies he teams up with. Raoq has become good doggo now, I love him. I’ve used him to quite a bit of success in Wind Rift and NB10 mostly, but I’m starting to plan out some Guild War comps to use him in. Runes: Violent + Blade; ATK%/CRIT DMG%/ATK%  

Baleygr (Lightning Emperor)

Rating: 9/10 Guess who’s trying to get all the rune requirements needed to KataBae/BaleyJan R5? That’s right; this girl! Even without being able to KataBae yet, I still use Baleygr on a daily basis. He hits like a truck, even though he’s on what can be reasonably considered mediocre runes. The Lightning Emperors are unique in that they have the Knowledge passives, which will grant them Knowledge whenever they meet specific requirements. For example, Baleygr’s passive grants him Knowledge whenever he has a beneficial effect on him, but will also get 3 Knowledge if anyone on the battlefield dies – ally or enemy. However, once they hit 5 Knowledge, then, in the immortal words of Anakin Skywalker, “This is where the fun begins.” As long as the Lightning Emperors have at least one Knowledge, their third skills become active, but they gain something new once they hit 5 Knowledge. With Baleygr, his third skill Start of Apocalypse will hit enemies from highest HP to lowest, and gains more hits with each Knowledge. If he has five Knowledge, though, he’ll also destroy the enemy’s HP for half the damage dealt. Now, Baleygr’s become most known for the “Baleygr R5 teams,” which focus around him and his hard-hitting third skill in order to bring the boss down as quickly as possible. That’s not the only place you can use him in, though. I regularly use him in Guild Wars and Guild Siege with great success. My team’s Baleygr (L), Chloe, and Katarina. Runes: Rage + Will; ATK%/CRIT DMG%/ATK%  

Brandia (Polar Queen)

Rating: 6/10 Funny fact: I actually had a mini-heart attack when counting the amount of screenshots I had for this article, because I only had 19 and not 20 and thought I miscounted somehow. Spoiler alert: I forgot to screenshot Brandia. I’ll be honest; Brandia’s a bit niche. Most people don’t use her, stating that 2A Kro does her job better. However, I have both, and I use them both on a regular basis. I actually got Brandia as a monster from the wish – yes, I couldn’t believe it either. If I didn’t take a screenshot, I think I would never be able to truly believe it. Anyway, Brandia’s known for her third skill, Touch of Mercy, where she attacks an enemy, increasing the damage by 30% for each harmful effect on the enemy she chooses, and then puts them to sleep for 2 turns. However, if they’re immune to sleep, the damage is instead increased by another additional 50%. I’ve seen her do some insane numbers before; no joke, at one point she hit the Wind Rift beast for well over 100k damage. I know it’s just in the Wind Beast during the Groggy stage, but that’s still a lot of damage. Yes, some people use Kro over her because he brings Brand (seriously, why call her Brandia if she doesn’t even Brand?) and doesn’t need skillups, but if you’re like me and have both, why not have the best of both worlds and use both? Runes: Fatal + Blade; ATK%/CRIT DMG%/ATK%

Okeanos (Sea Emperor)

Rating: 7/10 I started breaking into Arena and the RTA a couple of months ago. It helped that I started getting a bunch of RTA-centric monsters around that time too – Mo Long, Icares, and now Okeanos. It was like the same was urging me to start doing more RTA, and who am I to say no? Anyway, Okeanos is probably one of my more favorite Nat5s that I’ve pulled lately, and that’s because of his third skill Rain of Stones, where he’ll attack a bunch of enemies a bunch of times. Each hit has a 25% chance to stun them, and he’ll gain 25% attack bar each time he stuns someone. The reason why I – and everyone else – like him so much is because you don’t need to put Despair on him in order to stun. That’s right, you can go Swift or Violent if you like and still be able to stun. It’s honestly great. Runes: Swift + Focus; SPD/HP%/HP% Now, you may be thinking, since we’re going into the Wind section, that we’re going to talk about the entire thing. Well, no actually, because this will be the tenth six-star for this article, and I like to split these articles up into nice little lists of ten monsters.


Katarina (Valkryja)

Rating: 8/10 Is there even a difference between a Valkyrie and a Valkryja? Because I’ve always called them the Valkyries, but apparently in-game they’re Valkryja? Anyway, around the time the Katarina-Baleygr R5 teams came out, I finally bit the bullet and fused Katarina. Unfortunately, the meta has moved away from KataBae and to BaleyJan now, but screw it, I’m still going to use my Katarina and no one can stop me. Katarina’s known for needing a bit of set-up, but once she gets that set-up, she can wreak a ton of havoc on the enemies. Her third skill Sword of Discharge attacks random enemies three times, but if she’s Invincible, each attack will ignore defense. Pair her up with a Chloe, any Prayer of Protection Paladin or a Qebehsenuef, and you can start wrecking people. I pair her up with Baleygr and Chloe, as mentioned earlier. This is because Chloe’s Immunity and Invincibility will stack on Baleygr, make Katarina Ignore Defense, which in turn gives Baleygr the rest of his stacks, and he can clean up with Katarina may not have been able to kill at first. Runes: Rage + Blade; ATK%/CRIT DMG%/ATK% Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed this article! Make sure to stay tuned for Part 2, where I review the rest of my newest batch of six-stars! Why don’t you check out some of my other stuff while you wait? In the meantime, though, I’m Sara Ann, and I’ll see you in the next article!]]>