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April Hall of Heroes [Izaria – Water Succubus]

April Hall of Heroes [Izaria – Water Succubus]

th, the Izaria (water Succubus) Hall of Heroes was announced. Anyone else remember the days when Izaria was actually kinda meta in RTA? Because I remember. I never got to built my Izaria for RTA, but I sure do remember getting beaten down hard by one. Anyway, before we begin, Hall of Heroes is a lot like Trial of Ascension, so that means you can use Trial of Ascension strategy and monsters (e.g. attack bar pushbacks, stuns and continuous damage are king). I strongly advise bringing your regular Trial of Ascension team. In my case, I have decided to use Charlotte, Loren, Frigate, Verad, and Rica.

Is Izaria Good?

I mean, I guess so? Her s3 is pretty nice, and she has a Speed lead. That’s always good. I don’t see her getting talked about much after she fell out of use, but she hasn’t really been buffed or nerfed since then. I don’t think you can use her in the RTA meta anymore, though.

Stage 1

Alright, here we go! Stage 1 consists of three Akias (fire Succubi) and two Cichlids (wind Mermaids). The Threat: I’d definitely that the threat here is Cichlid. Her s1 removes a buff off of her enemies, s2 provides a shield on an ally for 3 turns (based off 25% of her Max HP), and her s3. Oh boy, her S3. She attacks an enemy 3 times – first hit removes buffs, second hit DEF Breaks for 2 turns, and third hit increases your skill cooltimes by 2 turns. Thankfully, this is only a single-target skill, but it hurts. Akia… well, she increases everyone’s skill cooltime by 2 turns on her S3. Enemies who are asleep get their Max HP destroyed by 50% of the damage dealt. She’s actually kind of decent now? I don’t see a lot of people using her, though. The Solution: I’d probably say take out Akia first. AoE cooltime increase isn’t fun to screw around with, and could delay your cleanser’s important skill needed to get rid of some essential debuffs. After that comes Cichlid, but she’s not as high a priority as Akia.

Stage 2

We’re at stage 2! Here, we’ve got three Selenas (wind Succubi) and two Sonnets (water Harp Magicians). The Threat: Okay, this one actually synergizes really well. I forgot to mention that all the Succubi don’t wake up enemies that are asleep. Selena, meanwhile, has an S3 that extends how long Sleep debuffs are on a unit, up to 3 turns. Sonnet, meanwhile, puts everyone to sleep on her s2 and her s3. It’s actually really annoying to deal with. I’m surprised that this one caught me so offguard. The Solution: Sonnet. Go for Sonnet first. She’s going to be the main source of Sleep, which Selena will extend big-time. Selena does provide Sleep herself, but Sonnet, I’ve noticed, ended up doing the most damage. It hurts, man.

Stage 3

We’re at the miniboss now! We’ve got a Praha (water Oracles) and two Shihwas (fire Nine-tailed Fox) to fight with. The Threat: The threat here is definitely going to be Praha. Her s3 heals all allies by 50%, puts herself to sleep, and has a chance to put all the enemies to sleep. Her S2 also turns all your buffs into Continuous Damage. She’s actually a very annoying unit to deal with. Shihwa has Brand on her s3 as well. She can actually oneshot you on the higher floors of HoH, and I have actually had one of my units destroyed by her before. The Solution: You can either go for Praha or Shihwa. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution, but in the higher floors, I’d usually go for Shihwa at first. In the lower floors, you can just aim straight for Praha with minimal sweat, though. Shihwa is going to be the main source of damage in this floor, but watch out for Praha’s heals as well.

Stage 4

Okay, we’ve got three Isaels (dark Succubi) and two Magnums (light Sniper Mk.Is). The Threat: I’m going to have to say it’s Magnum here. He gains 25% attack bar whenever you buff up your units, and it can end up cutting into your team comp, allowing him to delete one of your units. Remember that his s1 goes through all damage reduction effects, and his s2 removes all buffs on his target. Isael is a little unique, in that her s3 deals damage proportionate to the enemy’s Attack Speed. I actually completely forgot this happened a few patches ago, and I had to go check. The Solution: I’d probably say that Magnum is the biggest threat. Yeah, Isael is kind of weird with her s3, but Magnum has cut into my teams a ton of times before. It wasn’t cool to deal with, but I managed to get through. Magnum did the most damage in my team, and Isael is more of a backup damage dealer.

Stage 5

We’re only one stage away until the boss, now! We have three Arias (light Succubi) and two Berings (dark Kobold Bombers). The Threat: Aria’s s3 places Sleep, Speed Reduce, and Glancing Hit on all enemies. I remember that she used to be a good unit way back when, in the beginnings of ToA. Of course, no one really uses her a lot these days, but I think she’s still decent. Bering, meanwhile, strips a buff off of all enemies, and AoE Silence for 2 turns on his s3. That’s about it, really. The Solution: Okay, this stage is actually pretty easy, a nice break from the rest of this HoH. Just… aim for Bering, and then stun Aria. After all 5 are dead, you can safely move on to the final stage of this HoH.

Stage 6

It’s time for the both now! We’ve got an Izaria, and two other Succubi by her side. The elements that Izaria’s lackeys are always going to be different each round. In this case, it’s Akia and Selena. The Threat: The threat here is going to depend on what the elements of the lackeys are. In this case, the threat would’ve been Akia if this were a higher floor. Her cooltime increase is very annoying. Selena’s just… a Sleep unit. Izaria absorbs Attack Bar. That’s about it, really. The Solution: In this case, you can just straight-up nuke Izaria, no sweat. She’s at the beginning of the HoH, but in a higher floor, you’d definitely wanna go for Akia first. None of the Succubi are really the best, but it’s always the niche units that catch ‘ya off-guard, I guess. I hope you all enjoyed this article! How far into this HoH did you get? I got my way up to B6 before starting this article. Let me know in the comments down below. In the meantime, though, I’m Sara Ann, and I’ll see you in the next article!]]>