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April Hall of Heroes [Orochi – Wind Ninja] – Tips and Tricks

April Hall of Heroes [Orochi – Wind Ninja] – Tips and Tricks

th, 2018, the Wind Ninja (Orochi) Hall of Heroes was announced. Getting skillups for him and his family will be easier than most other Hall of Heroes, because like Sian and Kamiya, he has a family member whom you can fuse – in this case, Susano, his water brother. Before we begin, Hall of Heroes is a lot like Trial of Ascension, so that means you can use Trial of Ascension strategy and monsters (e.g. attack bar pushbacks, stuns and continuous damage are king). I strongly advise bringing your regular Trial of Ascension team. In my case, I’m using Baretta (L), Belladeon, Frigate, Veromos, and Charlotte. Let’s cut the chatter and get on with it!

Is Orochi Usable?

Is it just me or does unawakened Orochi look really similar (like, really similar) to Sho from the new Ready Player One movie? Great movie, by the way. I went to see it in the local theater on Tuesday and I loved it. Anyway, back to Orochi. It seems like Com2uS is getting back into the streak of giving us at least decent monsters for Hall of Heroes, because Orochi’s actually pretty decent! His third skill, Storm and Gale, attacks an enemy six times, and will land a Continuous Damage for one turn for each hit that lands as a Critical Hit. Obviously, I’m going to give him a Verdehile build (100% critical rate). I’m also going to use him in my GB10, which may seem surprising because multihits – and the Giant counterattacks on the seventh hit. I’m going Violent + Blade on him so that he lands more Continuous Damage; SPD/CRIT Rate%/ATK%.

Stage 1

We’re gonna start this Windy Ninja Hall of Heroes with a bang! Stage one will land with in front of three Susanos (water Ninjas) and two Windys (wind Jack-o-Lanterns) The Threat: I guess it’s Susano who’s the biggest threat here. It’s mainly because of his passive skill, Clear Waters, where he’s reduced his odds of getting hit by a Critical Hit by 50% and his Resistance is increased by 50%, too. So many DoT resists…such a lack of Critical Hits… Anyway, Windy is pretty bad, too. When he gets hit, his passive skill, Shadow of the Moon activates and he’ll generate a shield on himself proportionate to 20% of his Max HP for a turn. The effect only activates once a turn. While it is fairly easy to break his shield, that doesn’t stop it from being annoying; on top of his second skill buffing the Critical Rate and attack speed of all of his allies for two turns. The Solution: Take out Windy first because it’s easier to kill him. Susano is going to resist a lot of your harmful effects and Critical Hits, so it’ll take longer. You also really don’t want Windy buffing his teammates up to kill you quicker and easier.

Stage 2

Oh my god I hate Garo nowadays, you have no idea. So here you’re going to find three Garos (fire Ninjas) and two Mikenes (water Undine) The Threat: Screw Garo. Screw Garo. He is just so annoying to deal with, I swear. So a while back, Garo got buffed so that his passive skill, Narrow Escape, got changed to something a lot more overpowered. Now, at the moment of death he’ll “escape” from it (essentially giving him a free pass from dying) and his attack bar will be increased by 50%, and it activates once a turn. Basically, the moment you think he’s dead, nah, he decides to say “screw you” and escapes death. Mikene’s also a reviver. Enough said. Revivers are just the worst to deal with in Hall of Heroes. The Solution: Kill both Mikenes first. It’ll be annoying to finally kill one of your Garos only for Mikene to laugh in your face and proceed to revive them, meaning he’ll live to narrowly escape from your assassination attempts another day.

Stage 3

Time to miniboss! The boss is Triton (wind Sea Emperor) and two Lisas (fire Neostone Agents) The Threat: I’d probably say Lisa. She’s got a third skill, Attack Command, where she’ll remove literally everything harmful off of her allies and then up to four allies including herself will attack one enemy. That’s not to say Triton’s not a threat, either. His third skill, Mega Tsunami, attacks all enemies; removing all beneficial effects off of them and then decreasing their attack bar by 25%. His second skill, Sweeping Waves, also Silences everyone for one turn. The Solution: Always make sure to stunlock Lisa; both of them. This way, she can’t use Attack Command on anyone. Thankfully you don’t need to kill the lackeys anymore, so you can just focus on Triton.

Stage 4

Again with the alcohol jokes for me? Side note: Has anyone actually tried to mix gin and a Corona beer together? This stage consists of two Koronas (dark Brownie Magicians) and three Gins (light Ninjas) The Threat: As mentioned in Is Garo Usable, all the Ninjas are at least good nowadays, even Gin, who’s considered to be the worst of the Ninjas. His third skill, Sensation, will attack everyone twice and increase their chances of landing a glancing hit for three turns. The multiplier of this skill actually isn’t that bad – 460% in total, meaning it’ll deal 460% of Gin’s base attack before attack reduction. Korona is much less of a threat than Gin. His third skill can almost be considered a cleanse/strip attack. I say cleanse/strip because of the fact that not only does it remove beneficial effects off of the enemies, but also all harmful effects, instead putting them to sleep. The turn count is equivalent to the number of effects removed – meaning two DoTs and an attack buff removed would lead to a three-turn sleep on the enemy that lost these effects. Despite this, he still has Fever Time, which buffs all his allies’ attack power and chances of landing a Critical Hit for two turns. He shares this second skill with Aquila, whom I have, so I can safely agree that Fever Time is really great, even if Korona’s third skill is mediocre at best. The Solution: Active cleansers are the bane of both Korona and Gin’s existence. This is because someone like Lisa can get rid of anything, like sleeps, stuns and freezes, all at once. However, a passive cleanser (namely Veromos) only gets rid of one harmful effect off of all enemies per turn, and on top of that can’t get rid of inability effects.

Stage 5

Have you ever seen a Han Solo-kill every last one of your monsters in the Arena? It happened to me once; the Han was on Violent runes and would not stop proccing. I cried. In this stage you’ll find three Hans (dark Ninjas) and two Lindas (light Mystic Witches) The Threat: Han is probably the biggest threat out of all the stages. I wasn’t kidding when I said that a Han managed to destroy my team singlehandedly. Not only does his third skill Simple Solution recover his attack bar by 30% for each critical hit he lands (which isn’t that difficult because he’s element neutral), but it has the highest multiplier in the game! I’m not kidding. Each hit is 360% of his attack stat before reduction, and he hits three times. Multiply 360 by 3, and you’ll end up with a whopping 1080%. As the floors go on, his base stats are going to increase drastically, so he does have the potential – and the very real possibility – to one shot one of your monsters if you’re unlucky, and then proceed to go for another hit. Linda is also pretty big of an annoyance, though she’s not nearly as bad as Han is. It’s mainly her second and third skills that make her a bit of a problem for this stage. Her second skill, Jealousy, attacks everyone and decreases their defense for 2 turns with a 50% chance; the chance rises to 100% if the enemy is under harmful effects. Comet Summoning is what’s really made her an annoyance. She attacks all enemies, and then grants Soul Protection to the ally with the lowest current HP for 2 turns. If an enemy with Soul Protection is killed, they’ll be instantly revived with 30% HP. The Solution: Someone like Belladeon would do wonders here. Her second skill, Seize, will attack an enemy and remove all beneficial effects on them. This is great for when Linda uses Comet Summoning on someone and grants Soul Protection. Make sure to keep Han stunlocked as you kill Linda first. Yeah, I recommend getting rid of Linda first. This is because of her AoE defense break and her Soul Protection. The lack of defense break means that it’ll be more difficult for Han to kill one of your monsters. When Linda’s gone, you can safely focus on Han.

Stage 6

I’m starting to think that Com2uS isn’t making the lackeys differ anymore. I just got through three Hall of Heroes stages as I write this and each time it’s been Orochi, and the lackeys are Garo and Susano. The Threat: The only real threat this stage is Orochi. Garo is pretty annoying, yes, but he doesn’t seem to be a big problem. If nothing else you can just ignore him and instead focus on Orochi, because now you don’t have to kill the lackeys in the miniboss or the actual boss stage in Hall of Heroes. It’s great. The Solution: Just go straight for Orochi. You don’t need to kill the lackeys anymore, and neither Garo nor Susano can potentially one-shot anyone, unlike Orochi. Just stun-lock the lackeys as you work on Orochi, and then you can go onto the next floor once he’s dead! I hope you guys enjoyed this article, because I certainly did. I’m Sara Ann, and I’ll see you in the next article!]]>