Aqcus [Water Charger Shark] Secret Dungeon!

Aqcus [Water Charger Shark] Secret Dungeon!

In today’s video , Childish discusses the pros and cons of the water charger shark and why he feesl six-starring units like this purely for 1 task may not be the best choice as a early-mid game player.

You can find the event notes here.


Hi, it’s Com2uS!

Meet the [Charger Shark] with Water Attribute in the Secret Dungeon from Jan. 20th 12pm to Jan. 23rd 12am.

[* Based on the server time – Global(PST), Asia(TST), Europe(CET)]

Gather the Summoning Pieces and summon the 3★[Charger Shark] with Water Attribute

The Secret Dungeon is also a rich source of Mana Stones, so don’t miss out!


– The Secret Dungeon for the [Charger Shark] will be available at the Cairos Dungeons during the event.

– Gather the Summoning Pieces by clearing Dungeons and summon the Monster!

▼How to participate

– You can enter the Secret Dungeon by going to Battle -> Cairos Dungeon -> Secret Dungeon.

The Secret Dungeon is made up of 10 stages. You can get Summoning Pieces by clearing the Dungeon.

* You need a total of 40 Summoning Pieces to summon the Monster.

* You can unlock the Cairos Dungeon by clearing Kabir Ruins.

【How to Summon Monsters】

Collect the Summoning Pieces and go to Summonhenge in your Village.

* When you collect the required number of Summoning Pieces (40), a new function to summon will be added to your Summonhenge.


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