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Best Obtainable 2 or 3 Star Monsters in Summoners War Sky Arena (Excluding Secret Dungeons)

Best Obtainable 2 or 3 Star Monsters in Summoners War Sky Arena (Excluding Secret Dungeons)

1) Easy to Obtain

Ramagos (Wind Warbear) ★★

Ramagos Wind This guy is easily the first strong monster that you can get. When you build him full energy with HP% runes, he can kill a lot of monsters by himself. The reason is due to his 3rd skill ‘Clean Shot’, which deals damage based on the amount of HP he has lost. You can easily get him as a drop from Chiruka Remains, from the Magic Shop, the Hall of Wind day Secret Dungeon (Thursdays Pacific Time), Unknown Scrolls or Social Summons. Recommended build for him – Energy x3 (HP%/HP%/HP%) Key things he can do for you at 5 Star and ~20k+ HP and max skill
  • Train your fodders in Hell mode at Hydeni Ruins, Garen Forest, Mt. Siz and Kabir Ruins
  • Arena Rina Killer
  • Awesome tank in the fire Secret Dungeons
  • Tank Giant hits up to B6
Please tell me of another 2 star monster that can deal as much damage as him and also be a tank. 🙂

Tantra (Fire Yeti) ★★

Tantra Fire

Tantra is an excellent fire tank monster that easily soaks up damage for you in non-water dungeons. He can also be a “target” for water Secret Dungeons if you build him tanky enough. He is 2 star and very easy to get from unknown scrolls, magic shop and social summons. Build him tanky just like Ramagos and he can tank for days. He might not have the damage that Ramagos has, but he definitely has more sustain and tankiness. Key uses:
  • Training fodders in Hell mode
  • Tank in Wind based dungeons
  • Very annoying to deal with in the low-mid level arena

Konamiya (Water Garuda) ★★

Konamiya Awakened Water

The awakened Water Garuda has 2 key skills that are still used in higher end game:
  • Resurge – Boosts a monster’s attack for 1 turn and allow them to move again
  • Peace – Removes ALL harmful effects and heal 15% of your allies HP
These skills are very useful in tough dungeons, especially the Hall of Elements.

Shannon (Wind Pixie) ★★

Shannon Wind

Shannon is a great all-round useful 2 star monster. She makes your dungeon fights a lot easier. Check out the auto on B7 Hall of Darkness here. All 3 of her skills are useful, especially in dungeons. I also use her in arena fights.

  • Her first skill can cause glancing hits (deals low damage and reduces chances of criticals on your team)
  • Her second skill can slow all enemies
  • Her third skill gives you an attack and defense buff
She does lose out to Megan (Water Mystic Witch) in the arena in terms of usefulness, but until you get her, Shannon is indispensable in dungeons.

Lulu (Water Howl) ★★

Lulu Water

This monster is also very useful in dungeons and the best part about him is that he has 2 heals. They recently nerfed him a little, but it still doesn’t make him any less useful. The key skills he has are:

  • Heal! – This can remove 1 harmful effect. It can also heal yourself and your ally. (Note it doesn’t heal if you have unrecoverable harmful effect on)
  • Heal! Dispel! – This gives a group heal and removes 1 harmful effect.
The best places to use him would be the Hall of Elements. He is great at 4 stars. 5 star isn’t necessary, but it does help to have more HP.

Rakaja (Wind Yeti) ★★

Rakaja Wind This Yeti will cover the healing needs of your team if you can’t get a good healing monster. His 3rd skill allows you to heal ALL allies. The key here is to have all your 4 of your allies alive of course. The reason is that the healing power decreases as you have less allies on the field.

Raoq (Fire Inugami) ★★★

Raoq Awakened Fire

This is available to you after you can access Faimon normals. He is also one of the best Faimon 1 normal speed clearer. Here are his key skills you need to know about him:

  • Annihilate (Passive) – This is the skill that those Hall of Element Guardians have. Once you kill an enemy it triggers an extra turn. This is a perfect skill for the secret dungeons when your Raoq is powerful enough, It can wipe out the low level secret dungeon levels with ease.
  • Scratch – When this is upgraded, it has a 30% chance to deal double damage. RNG can be great sometimes. The feels when you hit 5 attacks consecutively in 1 turn, killing the Ramagos in 1 shot. 😀
This is it guys! In the next list, I will cover the must have secret dungeon 2 to 3 star monsters!!!]]>