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Best F2P Secret Dungeon 3 Star Monsters

Best F2P Secret Dungeon 3 Star Monsters

Note: Ahman (Light Bearman) is not included due to high level rune requirements. This is catered for early and mid game players.

1) Belladeon (Light Inugami)

Belladeon Light This monster is too good to pass up. She offers: a) Defense debuff at 100% activation rate (- resistance) when awakened b) Beneficial effect removal – Counters buffs like immunity and invincibility c) ~30% heal AND attack bar increase by 30% for ALL allies I know a lot of people don’t give supports too much credit, but she is one heck of a support. She has so much utility. She is also a core monsters for Giants B10 when runed well. My recommended runes for her are: Violent or Swift/Focus(Spd/HP%/Acc%) She needs high accuracy to constantly debuff priority targets and vital in Giants B10. Speed will allow her to heal more often. The defense debuff allows damage dealers to do A LOT more damage. Her kit makes her useful in all areas and stages of the game, making it a very good addition to your squad. Be on the lookout for her during Hall of Light days!

2) Darion (Light Vagabond)

Darion Light He offers the following: a) Attack Power debuff – vital in Giants or any high damaging monster b) Defense debuff – vital against tanky monsters c) 15% ally damage reduction – improves ally monster’s suitability Rune recommendations: Energy x2/Focus(HP%/HP%/Acc%) He does require a fair bit of skill ups to get to 100% activation for his first skill, but it will be worth it. The 15% damage reduction for allies combined with skills like 50% critical damage reduction will ensure your team survives hard hitting attacks. He is a good option if you can’t summon good 4 or 5 star support monsters.

3) Dagorr (Wind Bearman)

Dagorr Wind Dagorr is a viable option for Giants B10. He possess a few useful skills that will help.
  • 30% Def leader skill – helps reduce Giant and mob damage
  • 2nd skill cleanses 2 harmful effects (AoE) – helps cleanse the defense debuff
  • 3rd skill reduces attack bar (AoE) – helps reduce frequency of defense debuff and also gives the giant less attack buff

4) Kumae (Dark Yeti)

Kumae Dark Very underrated and can solo Faimon Normal and Hard (with good runes) alone! His passive allows him to increase his attack bar by 25% for each attack he takes. That means he will be able to strike 1-2 times after his turn is done depending on how many times he gets attacked. A few viable builds would be: Energy x3 (HP%/HP%/Resist%) Vampire/Energy – (HP%/HP%/Resist%) Also make sure you have enough speed (118+ for Faimon hard, 108 for Faimon normal to go first)

5) Decamaron (Dark Salamander)

Decamaron Dark This guy does a lot of damage to high HP monsters. He is extremely useful against Hall of Water Guardian and also viable for giants. He offers:
  • 2 turn continuous damage when max skilled
  • Immunity to stuns and freezes
  • Attack Power debuff
He is a great monster to have. Focus on getting him accuracy, defense, health and resistance to make him an unkillable tank.

6) Kro (Dark Inugami)

Kro Dark Kro offers the following:
  • 80% chance for defense AND continuous damage debuff
  • 50% bonus damage when enemies are under harmful effect
He is great at dealing damage over time and also applying the defense debuff. The only downside is his HP, but if you can rune him well, he will do really well in Hall of Element dungeons and also Giants (B1-B8). Note: keep in mind all monsters will have to be at 5 stars max awakened and max skilled to be effective. It will be up to you to decide whether they are worth 6 starring based on how often you use them.]]>