Bomber Team to Conqueror 1 Arena By XelNecra

Bomber Team to Conqueror 1 Arena By XelNecra

Here is an excellent team composition by XelNecra, our forum moderator on how he climbs to Conq 1 in the arena. Check it out. The original forum post was here.

I would like to introduce you to a tactic that I knew existed, but just recently found out how extremely viable it is if you are willing to bring some patience. This strategy is the “double bomber team”. If you are new to this strategy, I highly recommend you read this paragraph. If you already know this strategy: I will adress problems of this strategy (like Veromos) throughout my summary, so it should still be worth a read.

Just recently, I decided to make a team consisting of Tyron (L), Malaka, Dover, and Megan, which in essence is a classic “bomber team”. I started at Arena Ranking 1.400, and used the above team exclusively (!). It is noteworthy that Dover is the only 6-star monster, and the only monster with “good” runes. The rest are 5-star monsters with 4-5 star +9 runes. Right now, I am at 1.650 ranking, and I have no trouble rising even further. I basically received a free conq 1 ranking.

To those unfamiliar with the bomber strategy:

The idea is to outspeed the team, taking advantage of a speed leader and a swift Megan. Megan will go first, then use her Team Attack-Buff, which also increases the Attack Bars of all monsters in your team, which will (95% of the time) cause your entire team to move first. Your two bombers will then put down their bombs. Bombs deal damage according to the bomber’s attack at the moment they place them, so Megan’s buff will increase the bomb’s damage. This results in 20-30k defense-ignoring bomb damage. The only “challenge” left is to survive one turn before they detonate. Every damage dealer will die, many supports will die, and the only monsters with a chance of survival are tanks.

There is one big problem with this strategy: If your “combo” gets interrupted or disturbed in any shape or form, you will loose. The following things have to be looked out for.

-You have to be 100% sure that your Megan moves first. Avoid teams with Speed Leaders and ATB-buffs.
-Your bombs must not be cleansed. Watch out for Veromos, Konamiya, and the likes.
-Immunity can, and will, screw you over, so look out for Draco, Velajuel, Delphoi, Chloe, and the likes.

As you guessed, this sounds like a lot of restrictions. At Conqueror rank, many people have Veromos or Chloe. But the thing I realised is: In every list you find, there are up to 2 players who have a team susceptible to bombers. No speed, no veromos, nothing to stop you. So if you are willing to invest the time to search for these up to two players, then you can, and will, eventually rise to conq 1 rank.

Why is this so special? Because the effort you have to put into this team is MINIMAL compared to the returns, and the team is basically farmable.

Megan, as a 3-star, is not impossible to obtain. If you are level 40, chances are very high that you got her at some point in the game. With summoning stones, she is not very difficult to obtain.

Tyron can be replaced with the fusable baretta. Sure, Tyron’s AoE freeze helps out a whole lot, but in the end you bring him for the speed leader to enable Megan to go first. So either the fusable Baretta or any other 19% speed leader will do the job,

Dover and Malaka can be replaced with practically any bomber. Jojo is a fusable bomber, and arguably he is easier to rune than any Kobold Bomber since Jojoi receives +50% accuracy when placing the bomb, meaning he does not have to build much accuracy.

Lastly, only one monster in my team is at 6 stars. Megan is just there for her buff, she could as well be a 3-star. Same goes for Tyron (or whatever speed leader you use). The chances of surviving that one turn raise drastically though if you have everyone a t 6-star, so the potential of the team is sky high.

I hope this inspired some of you. Double bomber as a strategy is extremely effective, even with the many restrictions that it comes with. If you follow youtubers or streamers (YDCB for example), you most likely know that this strategy is even sometimes used at Guardian rank because it wins very fast. So by investing into double bombers, you are investing for life.

Possible Improvements for the Strategy, in case you happen to own rare monsters:

Seara (L) (as replacement for your speed leader) – Seara allows to detonate all bombs at once, meaning that you can bring the team against veromos. The high speed leader also makes it easier to go first. Just make sure that Seara’s speed is not too high. She should move after your bombers.

Jamire (L) (as replacement for your speed leader) – Jamire allows you to reset all your cooldowns, and thereby place a second round of bombs. This is enough to take any tank team down, and it is more debuffs than veromos could possibly remove in time.

Taurus (as replacement for one of the bombers) – There was a Taurus HoH a few months ago, so chances are you own taurus. His third ability increases the cooltime of abilities. This allows you to take a (risky) attempt against some teams with a cleanse. Start with Megan as usual. Place bombs with your one bomber. Taurus then uses his electric bomb, which has a 75% chance to put the enemy abilities on cooldown, which includes the cleanse. Use the bomb the next turn. You can get away with this, as the first bomb will stun the enemy team, so placing the second bomb a little later is no biggie since they will be stunned at that point anyway.

Thanks for reading!

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