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Building These Units – Shaina

Building These Units – Shaina

The build is SPD/CRIT DMG%/ATK%. Let’s begin!

About Shaina

Let’s talk about why Shaina is so great. At first, you may think that she’s not really something to look at. Her first skill, Crescent Moon Slash, attacks an enemy twice and deals more damage the lower the enemy’s HP is. Her second skill, Chakram Crush, attacks all enemies twice and has a 30% chance to stun them all. However, her passive Precision is why she’s so great. With each enemy she attacks, she’ll decrease their defense for 1 turn. The attack bar of enemies who are granted with harmful effects will also decrease by 15% per hit. Considering that she brings stun and defense break to the table, she’s already great! That’s not even mentioning the unique mechanic that the Chakram Dancers and Boomerang Warriors have, where if there’s a Boom with a Chak in the same team (and vice versa), they’ll attack together! Plus, their third skill or passive will grant effects to the other sister when used. In this case, Shaina’s passive will also let any Boomerang Warrior with her decrease the attack bar of enemies they attack by 15%.

Early-Game Shaina

To be honest, I think Shaina is the best of the Chakrams if standalone – as in, if she doesn’t have a Boomerang Warrior to be paired up with, she’s still good on her own. In this case, I’m…actually not sure where you could use Shaina. Like, you can’t use her in GB10 because of the elemental disadvantage, and I don’t see her being that good of a Faimon farmer. There, I’m not sure if you can use Shaina in early-game. If you do find a way to use her early-game, please feel free to tell me in the comments! And if you do find a way to use her, I’d recommend runing her with Fatal and Blade, all ATK%.

Mid-Game Shaina

Holy poo, you can use Shaina nearly everywhere in mid-game! She’s good in DB10, TOA, NB10, and probably even in the Rift of Worlds! I’ve seen people use the twins in the Rifts, and lemme tell you, they actually do really well there. Here, I recommend giving your Shaina Violent and Blade, with SPD/CRIT DMG%/ATK% as their main substats. Make sure to focus on giving her as much damage as you can and throw in a bit of Accuracy, so that she can land her debuffs.

Late-Game Shaina

I’m…not sure where you can use Shaina in late-game. Like I said, you can use her in the Rift of Worlds (along with the Fire and Wind Rift), but other than that, I’m kinda stumped on places to use her. Nevertheless, I know she’s a hit in speed teams for the B10s, so there’s always that. Keep her mid-game rune priority on her. You can literally throw leftover runes on her and her Boomerang Warrior brethren (sisthren?) and she’ll be a real MVP.

Skillups for Shaina?

Skillups aren’t necessary for Shaina, but they are recommended. I say they aren’t necessary because no skillups can go into her passive, Precision and have a higher chance to, say, land defense break. However, skilling her up does have its benefits. Skillups always bring more damage to the table, which is always nice to have, especially when you’re building the twins as attackers – because believe me, even with my Shaina’s not-the-best stats, she regularly does 10k damage per hit with only defense break on; no attack buff whatsoever! Chakram Crush’s harmful effect rate does increase with skillups, and its cooldown decreases by a turn when fully skilled up as well.

Where to Use Shaina?

Shaina can be used everywhere even with mediocre runes. I’m not too sure about her being usable in GB10 due to her having an elemental disadvantage, but I wouldn’t doubt it. If you pair her up with Maruna (the fire Boomerang Warrior), the two of them make for a super overpowered combo in Trial of Ascension. Seriously; before I got my twins, the highest stage of Trial of Ascension Hard I could clear was maybe up to stage 60. However, with the twins, I’ve just hit stage 82 and I’m still going strong! They’re so great because not only does Shaina bring an AoE stun, but she also brings defense break and attack bar reduction – three things that are some of the real MVPs of ToA. Shaina is great, no joke. The twins will really change your PvE game, that’s for sure. Right now, I’m using her and Maruna in ToAH and DB10. My DB10 team is Verdehile (L), Sigmarus, Megan, and the twins. I replaced Veromos and Belladeon for the twins about a week ago, and I’ve already started to hit new records in DB10; going from 1:52 as my fastest to 1:27. Seriously! Here’s a picture just to prove it:

Shaina vs. Loren

When I did a “First Look” on the Chakram Dancers after they came out, I compared Shaina’s passive to Loren the light Cow Girl; saying that she was basically Loren but better. Now that I’ve had a chance to test out my own Shaina and put her against Loren, I think I can talk about whether she really is a better Loren or not. Fun fact: Did you know that during the same patch the twins were released, they also released the Hatsune-Miku-looking Cow Girl transmogs?


  • The pros:
    • Great on her own
    • Has an AoE skill
    • Overpowered when paired with any twin
    • Has more attack bar decrease per hit
    • Higher attack stat
  • The cons:
    • Really needs a Boomerang Warrior to shine
    • Needs harmful effects on enemy to decrease attack bars


  • The pros:
    • Easier to get
    • Element neutral
    • Has more hits
  • The cons:
    • Really only good for single-target attacks
    • Falls off late-game
    • Does not automatically attack with any other monsters

Frequently Asked Questions

One thing I noticed is that some people used to ask whether to rune Shaina on Violent or Despair. And, you know, I can understand why that’s even a question – maybe you jut really need to stun a particular enemy but Chakram Crush is on cooldown. Me, I’ve put my own Shaina on Violent, and I feel like this is a lot better than going Despair. On one hand, Despair means that she can decrease attack bars and stun people with her first skill. However, Violent runes means extra turns, meaning that she can decrease more attack bars. Of course, if you’ve got two Shainas, I’d recommend putting one on Violent and one on Despair. Who knows? Maybe you’ll like Despair Shaina better than Vio Shaina! Overall, the twins are super overpowered, and I feel like Shaina is the best of the Chakram Dancers. Tune in next week for my article about building her fire sister, Maruna! I’m Sara Ann, and I’ll see you in the next article!  ]]>