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Charlotte Review [Wind Occult Girl] – Kawaii but Deadly! (^_^)

Charlotte Review [Wind Occult Girl] – Kawaii but Deadly! (^_^)

Overview Watch out Guardian players, we have a rising new star in the AO Meta! Charlotte’s AoE Attack Damage + Attack bar reduction , 1st skill Sleep and AoE Stun are some of the few reasons why this unit is an ideal candidate for end game PVP.  Charlotte is by far one of the most well rounded attackers for both PVE and PVP. Natural Star Grade: 5★ Occult Girl WindCharlotte Wind Leader Skill: Increases the Critrical Rate of ally monsters with wind attribute by 38% . Awakened Bonus: Increase Accuracy by 25% Offers: 2 AoE attacks, AoE Attack bar reduction + Glancing debuff, Sleep Useful for: Cairos Dungeon, ToA Normal/Hard, Arena, Real-Time Arena, Guild Wars


Early Game: Fatal/Focus(Blade) – ATK | ATK(CD) | ATK Mid Game: Despair(Fatal/Swift)/Focus(Blade) – ATK(SPD) | CD(ATK/CR) | ATK End Game: Despair(Violent)/Will(Focus) – ATK(SPD) | CD | ATK • Aim for +1250 ATK, 62-85% Crit. Rate, 150% Crit. Damage, +40-100 Speed ToA Support Build: Despair / Focus(Revenge/Energy) – SPD | HP | HP(ACC) Substat Priority: The substat priority great depends on the composition. Ask yourself the following questions. A) Do you have enough speed to guarantee the first turn? Is your team synced with your ATB boosting unit? Focus on Speed B) Do you have enough HP + Shield/Will sets to absorb the first turn and counter? Focus on Crit. Rate, Crit. Damage & Attack C) Do you plan on running Charlotte as the leader? Focus on Crit. Damage and Attack [easytable] Pros, Cons [Wind Guardian Angel] – AoE ATB gauge reduction – Ignores elemental disadvantage when attempting to apply., Leader skill is for wind units only and a common AO strategy recommends 2 AOE Units of different elements. [Wind Guardian Angel] – 50% Chance x 3 to landing glancing hit debuff, Charlotte shares the same element as Lushen and a common unit that most people counter with 1-3 Fire-based units Improved Accuracy when Awakened; works well with her kit, Charlotte is only used for Offense teams only [Toy Knight] – AoE Stun- 60 % chance to land when maxxed, Crowd Control ability on Auto-attack; will work with revenge set., Great unit for leveling fodder; Hydeni Ruins – Stage 5 or Aiden Forest – Stage 1, [/easytable] Early Game: Fatal/Focus(Blade) The recommended rune build will be the quickest to obtain and the most beneficial considering the 38% leader skill she brings with her. In the begninning of the game , most players won’t get a good leader skill until they complete the quest that gives you the water magic knight. Mid Game: Despair(Fatal/Swift)/Focus(Blade) As you progress through the Carios Dugneon, you will have the oppurtunity to collect Despair Runes. Despair runes are generally recommended for most attack/support based units with more than 1 aoe skill. Despair runes gives you a straight 25% chance to stun your opponent regardless of the amount of accuracy you have or don’t have. In addition, with a built-in sleep [Help me, Teddy] and stun [Toy Knight] on this unit you can take advantage of some difficult stages as you get introduced to Trial of Acsension. Keep in mind that even though Charlotte is a viable option for ToA there are many units out there that can do certain things a little better. Some of these units are either farmable, fusable or easily obtainable! End Game: Despair(Violent)/Will(Focus) End Game PVP is where Charlotte really shines. After the latest balance change for occult girls, I consider Charlotte as one of the top 10 Offense units in in current meta. Charlottes third skill [ Wind Guardian Angel ] gives you an oppurtunity to push back the opponents attack bar making it easier for you to continue your attack sequence. In addition, if you run a despair set, you have that additional chance to stun you opponent in case the gauge reduction fails. [Wind Guardian Angel] is a multi-hit skill giving you 3 chances to lack the gauge reduction and glancing debuff. When an opponent glances, they cannot land any harmful effect that has a icon and cannot do critical damage. Since most attackers/bruisers are built around critical damage, this skill greatly reduces the damage output of your opponent until the skill wares off. The nemesis set , which provides a 4% increase in attack bar for every 7% of life lost is one of the many tools your opponent will use to interrupt your combo and prevent you from winning. Since Charlotte can reduce up to 45% of the opponents attack bar, she essentially counters the use of nemesis runes. There is a chance that you will miss all 3 chances to reduce ATB & you do so much damage to your opponent that you increase their attack bar a decent amount; however, the chance is highly unlikely given the current bruiser meta and how easy it is to improve your effective HP to mitigate your attacks. For this reason, I recommend Despair over Rage so that even if you run into a trap defense with 1-2 units using a double nemesis set you have the opportunity to stun the opponent.

Team Combo

Arena 1. Charlotte, Water/Fire AOE DPS, AOE Def breaker , ATB Booster Cons – You run the risk of running into comps that are possibly faster than you or have will on multiple units. 2. Charlotte, Water/Fire AOE DPS, AOE Def breaker, AOE Buff stripper Cons – You run of risk of losing a unit with inadequate HP to absorb the first turn. Guild Wars Charlotte WindMegan WaterLushen Wind 1. Charlotte(L), Megan , Lushen – Great comp to use vs any Wind/Water/Light/Dark team that does not running a speedy comp. Shield/Will Runes are an option here, but generally this is a comp you are using knowing that you will get the first turn. Charlotte is there to punish the users with no will runes and lushen finishes the remaining units. Charlotte WindGalleon Water 2. Charlotte, Galleon, AOE DPS – This comp is a great option if you dont have the speed to be competitive but can absorb the first turn with Shield/Will Runes.


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