CONQUER the QUEEN Childish Challenge (C²) Feat. Orengelol!

CONQUER the QUEEN Childish Challenge (C²) Feat. Orengelol!

ChildishPlays & Orengelol have officially challenged the Summoners War Community!

CONQUER THE QUEEN Childish Challenge (C²)

Youtuber/Streamer Challenge:

• Use a 5 man team to clear stage 100 of Trial of Ascension (Normal)
• This challenge will be completed in AUTO MODE with Assisted Targeting
• Assisted Targeting will allow you to choose who you want your party to attack while using Auto Mode
• The Winner of the event is the participant with the fastest calculated time. The time starts when you first attacker moves on Stage 100: Floor 1. The time ends when the “Victory Screen” is shown on the device.
• 1st Place will receive a $50 iTunes/Googleplay Giftcard.
• 2nd and 3rd place will receive a $30 iTunes/GooglePlay Giftcard.
• The participant will upload one video via YouTube/Twitch containing their Toa 100 Normal boss run indicating the calculated time. (Time completed minus any bonus deductions.)
• The participant will paste a link of the video in the comment section of Childish’s CC VIDEO. The participant may not submit multiple videos.
• The title of the video must contain the following – “Conquer the Queen Childish Challenge”
• You have until 12/14/2016 @ 11:59PM CST to submit the video.
• Duplicate monsters will not be allowed in this event.
• Hwadam, the light taoist, will not be allowed in this event.

Time Deductions (BONUS POINTS)

• The participant has a chance to reduce their overall time by completing their ToA run under the following criteria: (These are Stackable)
• Complete stage 100 of ToA with a rainbow Team (5 Different Elements) (-10sec)
• Complete stage 100 of ToA using a monster of a previous HoH event(-15sec)
• Complete stage 100 of ToA using no leader skill (-20sec)
• Complete stage 100 of ToA with a Mono-Element Team (-25sec)
• Complete stage 100 of ToA with no Galleon (-30sec)
• Complete stage 100 of ToA using NO NATURAL 5 STARS (-45sec)

Fanbase Challenge:

• Defeat the highest boss stage you can in Trial of Ascension using no AOE-Based Healers or units with Group Heal passives/buffs/abilities! (Life-Draining abilities and Vampire Runes are OK) (FAQ: Chloe’s would not be allowed because her skill heals more than one person )

• A 30$ Giftcard will be awarded to the person that with the highest completed boss stage. In the case of a tie, the winner is chosen randomly

•3 additional prizes will be randomly distributed chosen randomly from the participants

◦The size of these 3 prizes will scale with participation

◦0-50 participants = 3x$10 gift cards
◦51-100 participants = 3x$15 gift cards
◦101-200 participants = 3x$20 gift cards
◦201-300 participants = 3x$25 gift cards
◦301-500 participants = 3x$30 gift cards
◦501-1000 participants = 3x$50 gift cards
◦Over 1000 participants = 3x$100 gift cards

•Participants will submit TWO screenshots. One screenshot will be the victory screen of the boss stage and one of their home screen with IGN VISIBLE!. (Players will have to spend 300 crystals for multiple entries) Send pictures to with the subject line “Conquer the Queen” Challenge.


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