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Visual – Cost of Creating a 6 Star Monster

Visual – Cost of Creating a 6 Star Monster

Buttbuttbutt has created a visual graph to show you how many monsters it will take to make a 6 star monster. For those that just want the math done for you, its:

  • 360 two stars
  • 120 three stars
  • 30 four stars
  • 6 five stars

This is accurate if you have NOT raised a monster that is already maxed at 5 stars and ready to be evolved. If you already have a 5 star max level monster, then it will be:

  • 300 two stars
  • 100 three stars
  • 25 four stars
  • 5 five stars

Below is the visual graph courtesy of buttbuttbutt:

6 star fodder chart by buttbuttbutt


That’s a lot of hell hounds! 😀

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