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A Look At Dark Inugami's(Kro) Scar – 3rd Skill

A Look At Dark Inugami's(Kro) Scar – 3rd Skill

***This is a Guest Post by Boomer Shin***

Hello Summoners! I’m Boomer Shin and this is the first post of a series I’m starting today to help players understand the Game Mechanics better, and to solve some doubts about some monster skills. I hope they’ll be useful for you. =) So, let’s start with…

Kro – Dark Inugami – Scar skill

According to the description, this skill’s “Damage is increased by 50% if the enemy is under a harmful effect”. Some monsters, like all Magical Archers and the Wind Vampire, have skills that describes that the damage will be increased for each harmful effect on the target.
  • Magical Archer’s Magic Arrow: “Attacks with a magic arrow. The inflicted damage increases by 15% with each harmful effect on the enemy.”
  • Wind Vampire’s Death Blow: “Deals a fatal blow to one enemy. The damage increases by 25% for each harmful effect on the enemy.”
As Kro’s Scar does not mention the “each” effect, I believed it’d increase the damage by 50%, be the target with 1, 2 or 10 harmful effects. On the comments about the monster, though, people seem to disagree. So, as I was lucky enough to get one, I tested it. With no runes on Kro, I’ve entered Trial of Ascension’s level 4 and some debuffers to check it out. (Why the ToA level 4? Because the monsters I wanted to use were very low level and without runes, and, as I had already passed that level, it costs me 0 energy. So I could enter it as much as I wanted. 😉 ). There, at the first wave, we have 3 Water Hellhounds and 2 Fire Harpies. I chose the Hellhound as my reference target. Without any debuffs, the Scar skill dealt about 950 damage, in average, after some 10 attacks or so (they were between 850 and 1000 dmg. I know; statistically, I should have at least 100!, but you’ll see my point is proven a little further in the reading). Scar 1 Adding a debuff, such as a Continuous Damage, Stun or Freeze, the average damage went to some 1350, the same I used to get when Scar went critical and no debuffs on the target. Ok, that was expected. Note: I took care to not cause it to have its Defense reduced, nor Brand and to not buff Kro’s attack! Only Continuous Damage, Freeze, HP Recovery Disturbed and Stun were caused. Scar 2 Adding another debuff (2 total), however, the damage went to about 1800! I thought it could be just some stronger hits… It’d still make sense, right? Scar 3 With 3 debuffs, Kro hit in average 2300 and with 4, the final confirmation, it hit for 2800. There’s no way the damage could reach 2800 with only one +50% damage increase. Scar 4 Scar 5 So, concluding, Kro’s 3rd skill, Scar, does increase the damage by 50% for each harmful effect on the target. I haven’t seen any other skill that increases the damage this much. So keep it in mind when you find a Kro as your opponent!


Monster Kro – Dark Inugami
Skill Scar
Doubt Does the damage increase only once or increases once for each debuff on the target?
Conclusion The damage increases by 50% for each on the target!

Method details:

  • Kro, 4*, level 28, no runes;
  • Stage: Trial of Ascension, Normal difficulty, lvl 4, stage 1
  • Target: Water Hellhound, awoken, lvl 15
  • Skill: Scar
  • Other monsters in the party: Grim Reaper (Fire and Water), Yeti (Fire), Fire Mammoth, Light Fairy… the teams varied to increase survivability. No Defense Break was added to the target. No buffs nor debuffs were added to Kro.
  • No critical hits, glancing hits nor crushing hits were taken into account.
  • Average damage dealt:
Number of debuffs Average damage Sample size (how many times it was repeated)
0 950 10
1 1300 3
2 1800 3
3 2300 4
4 2800 1
So, that’s it for today’s experiments! If you have any doubts or suggestions for some other experiments on Game Mechanics, send me an e-mail: . My ingame name is “BoomerShin” and I play on Global Server.]]>