Dimensional Rift Guide

Dimensional Rift Guide

Hello fellow summoners! Today I would like to talk about the Inter dimensional Rift. This rift appears randomly on the scenario. You can spot it easily with a rift looking symbol on the map.

Dimensional Rift

To enter the Dimensional Rift, you need 1 dimensional crystal. You get 3 dimensional crystals from your daily quest and you can stack up to a maximum of 10.

Dimensional Rift Entrance Requirements

You get a choice of either normal or hard. Entering either one will consume 1 dimensional crystal. You can bring up to 5 monsters.

This is ideal if you want to train your fodders and you have a very strong monster that can carry the other 4. It is also good if you want to use up all your energy and you do not have time to train in Faimon/Tamor/Hydeni/Aiden maps. It is a quick way to burn energy if you have very little time to play. Double experience boost works in this map.

Here is a breakdown of the experience and mana you get from normal and hard mode courtesy of wikia.

Difficulty Total  Per Monster Total Mana
Normal 22,330 (1116/e) 4,466 x5 (223/e) 12k-15k (~750/e)
Hard 40,525 (1350/e) 8,105 x5 (270/e) 22k-27k (~850/e)

Now obviously this does not provide more experience or mana than Faimon/Aiden Hell mode. The monster levels here are 40+ and they can be tough for beginners.

And for those wanting to know more about Farming Dimensional Rift vs Faimon(All Levels), check out this post on Reddit.

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