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Dragon’s Lair (DB10)

After you have finished building your Giant’s Keep B10 team and farmed a lot of new runes, it’s time to take the next step: Dragon’s Lair – the second dungeon in Cairos Dungeon. It’s a really important dungeon, because the overpowered Violent runes are waiting for you there. For the most important rune set in the entire game you’ll need a reliable team which ensures safe runs, the Dragon has powerful skills and isn’t easily defeated.

You will want to bring multiple healers. Ideally, your healer has to have an AoE heal and the ability to remove harmful effects. This is because the Dragon will inflict Continuous Damage all the time, so you have to make sure you remove it to avoid getting wiped out eventually. Speed buff or debuff skills are also recommended.

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DB10 Drops

In DB10, you get only 6* runes and strong rune sets.


  • Violent – Get Extra Turn +22%
  • Focus – Accuracy + 20%
  • Guard – DEF +15%
  • Endure – Resistance +20%
  • Shield – Ally Shield for 3 turns (15% of HP)
  • Revenge – Counterattack +15%


  • Rune Piece
  • Symbol of Dragon
  • Rainbowmon
  • Mystical Scroll
  • Unknown Scroll
  • Engraved Summoning Piece
  • Shapeshifting Stone
  • Mana Stones
  • Energy
  • Crystal

Ancient Dragon Boss Details

The dragon will always have the following skills:

  • Enraged Roar – Attacks all enemies and inflicts Continuous Damage for 3 turns. The damage increases if the enemy is suffering a harmful effect.
  • Disaster – When a tower is destroyed, the dragon deals a deadly counterattack to the one that took the last blow.
  • Dragon’s Fury (Passive) – Attack Power increases greatly when HP becomes lower than 30%. [Automatic Effect]

The Left Crystal will always be a Poisonous Crystal and inflict Continuous Damage to all enemies for 3 turns. The Right Crystals will remove harmful effects on the boss and grants Immunity for 3 turns.

These buffs and debuffs are very good against the boss

  • Cleanse
  • Heal
  • Attack Buff
  • DEF break
  • ATB Reduction
  • ATB Boost
  • Remove Beneficial Effects

Therefore good monsters for your first team are