Elemental Dungeon Weekend [Important for New Players!]

Elemental Dungeon Weekend [Important for New Players!]

Childish explains why you should go find your secret dungeon monsters.

This includes Light Inugami, Light Vagabond etc…

Other Cool Events include:

Full patch notes are here.

Play during the special times to get double EXP and Mana Stones!
Please refer to the following for more details! Don’t miss out on this great opportunity!

▼ From August 29th 8am – September 4th 9pm
* Based on the server time – Global(PDT), Asia(TST), Europe(CEST)
* The evening time for the last day will take place from 8pm – 9pm PDT.

▼ Time Table
Morning: 8am – 9am: EXP x2
Noon: 12pm – 1pm: Mana Stones x2
Evening: 8pm – 9pm: EXP x2
Midnight: 12am – 1am: Mana Stones x2

■ Details
– Doubled EXP: All EXP earned during the scheduled times will be doubled during the relevant times! (Please note that the EXP earned in your village will not count for this event)
– Doubled Mana Stones: All Mana Stones earned during the scheduled times will be doubled during the relevant times!

[Event Areas – Mana Stones]
– All 13 areas included in the scenario for all difficulties
– All areas in the Cairos Dungeons except the Secret Dungeons.

[If you have EXP Boosters in effect]
– EXP Boosters will not overlap with the Event’s doubled EXP earnings.
(ex: Event EXP Bonus + EXP Boosters will not give you 400% EXP)
– The remaining EXP Boosters will still count down, but you will be given back the time used during the Event.
– Please note that you will be given back only the amount of time you’ve been logged on while the Booster was in effect.

■ Notice
– The Event might not be applied right away if you are logged on when the Event starts. If this is the case, please try restarting the game.
– The doubled EXP/Mana Stone event does not apply to the World Boss and the Raid Battle.

Full patch notes is here.

■ Event Schedule
Aug. 29th 12am – Sep. 4th 8am PDT
(Rewards available until Sep. 5th 8am PDT)

■ Event Details

Event 1. Daily Refunds!

Get a refund of 50 Energy and 30,000 Mana Stones every day!

In addition, get 15 Crystals for every 20 Unknown Scrolls you collect!
– Use 50 Energy -> Get 50 Energy Back
– Use 30,000 Mana Stones -> Get 30,000 Mana Stones Back
– Find 20 Unknown Scrolls -> Get 15 Crystals

* Refunds available once per day

Event 2. Get bonus rewards for your refunds!

Get a Mystical Scroll for the 7th and 15th refund you get!
– If you make 7 or 15 refunds, counting Energy/Mana Stone/Unknown Scroll refunds all together, a Mystical Scroll will be sent to your Inbox!

* Total of 2 rewards per account.
* The reward will be sent directly to your Inbox.

+) How to participate: Tap the Event icon on the upper left side of your village, and go to the event banner.

– Refunds will become available when you use 50 Energy and 30,000 Mana Stones. 15 Crystals will be given when you find 20 Unknown Scrolls.
– The Energy/Mana Stone/Crystal Rewards will be sent to the Inbox when you tap on the [Collect Button]. (Available once per day)
– 1 Mystical Scroll will be sent to the Inbox when you collect the 7th/15th refund for the Energy/Mana Stones/Unknown Scrolls. (Available only once, total of 2 rewards per account)
– Only the Unknown Scrolls found during the event will be counted at the event page, and the ones in possession prior of the event will not count.
– Only the Unknown Scrolls collected in the Scenario Area and Cairos Dungeon will be counted for the event.
– The event page will reset every day at 8am PDT.
– Please restart the game if you’re playing when the event begins to avoid any delays.
– Please try restarting the game if you don’t see your reward at the Inbox.
– The duration and remaining time for the event will be displayed in the time zone of the area that you reside in.
– For questions or customer support, please contact our Customer Support by visiting http://www.withhive.com/help/inquire.

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