Epic Rap Battle: Shannon vs Bernard by TMG

Epic Rap Battle: Shannon vs Bernard by TMG

This is a very funny rap battle done by The Motivational Gamer of Shannon vs Bernard on the battle of supports. Check it out!

Shannon Verse 1

Shannon Wind

I’m Shannon, the EMCee of support

Decelerate your mobs

I rock the mic on this court

With my insane buffs, you are destined to lose

You think you support? You must be confused

Silly creature of myth, lion blended with eagle

A RNGesus mistake? Poodle mixed with a seagull

Let the battle begin, has the tailwind started?

Nope, Bernard just farted.

Bernard Verse 1

Bernard Wind

Foolish fairy, your thoughts are errant

Where did you learn how to rhyme? Your fairly odd parents?

Can’t keep up with the pace, head as big as your body

Connect the dots on your face, it’s a bobble head party

Attack bar up, you just fall short

Maybe you should reconsider your role of support

Yes little Shannon, I am crushing this rhyme

You are losing this battle, it’s pep talk time!

Shannon Verse 2

Shannon Wind

How cute, cluck cluck Mr chicken

You won’t survive without my permission

Chicken wing of the hour, you deserve a chance

Do you prefer blue cheese, or should I bring you ranch

It’s a one trick birdie, from KFC

And I will serve this duck, extra crispy

You without me, in Giants B10

Nope, in the oven again!

Bernard Verse 2

Bernard Wind

Let’s go Shannon

With your seashell wig, win with spirit balls?

Girl you lost your lid

I am the king of support, you should already know

And my tailwind, will make your hair grow

Girl you made a mistake, Bernard is the top

Summon Shannon for what? Buy that bitch in the shop

Body Slammed, you think you can beat me?

Snatched, you can’t even reach me!

Who Won?


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