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Guild Battle Sneak Peek and Special Summons(Repost)

Guild Battle Sneak Peek and Special Summons(Repost) Translation from /u/cosmosland : We have decided that 5 consecutive battles in 1 hour is too stressful so we have changed the format and timing for the battles. Cooldown times between battles have been removed and you now gain battle chances after a certain period of time, so that you can have battles at a time that suits you, and there will be more than enough time for the battles. These are still being tested and we are continuously developing to create enjoyable guild battles. Guild levels You gain certain amounts of guild exp when you win against opposing guild members. As guild exp accumulates, your guild level will increase. The guild level is closely related to the maximum number of guild members. As your guild level rises, more members will be able to join your adventures. Guild levels can also be raised outside of guild battles. We are developing so that guild exp can be gained in the arena, cairos dungeon and scenario maps, allowing players to enjoy the content of their choice, while still contributing to the guild. Use of guild points We have previously stated that you can get guild points by winning guild battles. With guild points you can: Firstly, increase guild skills. Members can give the guild points they have collected to the guild to raise guild skills. As your guild skills increase, you get an additional bonus of increased attack, defense, hp, exp gained, and mana gained. Additionaly with guild points, you can use them at a shop specifically for guild points. In the guild shop there will be various items that helps gameplay aswell as rare monsters that are only available through the shop.   Weekly guild battle rewards The guild battles will also give weekly rewards like the arena. The specific rewards are still being confirmed so we cannot disclose what they are but they will be stamped(?) summoning stones. We cannot tell you what stamped summoning stones are at this stage. We will give more information on this in the special summoning section below.   This was the general information on guild battles.   Special summons Special summons are a new way of summoning 16 chosen 3-5* monsters. Special summons require a special material called stamped summoning stones. They can be acquired through cairos dungeon, toa, weekly guild battle rewards, guild shop, and packages.   Third Image This is an example to help you understand. These are not the actual monsters available for summoning.  

  • The 16 monsters available for summoning will change on the 1st and 15th of every month and you will be able to view the next summoning list aswell.
  Fourth Image This image is to help you understand. Note that these are not the monsters available for summoning.   New fusion
  • The next fusion monster will be a new dark 5*. This does not necessarily mean that we will add additional light/dark monsters in the future. It will mostly likely be added near the end of this month