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Guild Spotlight – ChildishPlays [For the Community!]

Guild Spotlight – ChildishPlays [For the Community!]

Today I will be introducing my new community building series called Guild Spotlight. This series will be dedicated to assisting guilds and/or communities by featuring them on my channel. The guild leader will email me (childish402@gmail.com) and provide me with some basic information so that I can give your guild a shoutout and help your community grow. As you all know, good guilds are hard to find. There is nothing more rewarding that being a part of a guild/community that has the same drive/passion as you to be 1% better than the previous day. I hope that you can all help me help you by letting the community know so we can help one another out! This series will be featured every saturday so be on the lookout for your guild to be featured soon!
Thanks for watching! 😉

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