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Hall of Darkness

Hall of Darkness

You can enter Hall of Darkness on Mondays. You fight the Guardian of Darkness. He mainly does damage over time.

Stage Cost Boss Level
B1 4 8
B2 4 10
B3 5 15
B4 5 20
B5 6 30
B6 6 40
B7 6 50
B8 7 55
B9 7 60
B10 7 65

The dark golems are not as threatening as the crystals. Take out the crystals first and worry about the golems later.

The Guardian of Darkness has the following skills:

  • Dead Man’s Purification – Attacks all enemies and stuns them for 1 turn by chance. The damage increases as fewer enemies stand.
  • Death Glare – Burns Enemies with a cursed glare and inflicts Continuous Damage for 3 turns with a high chance. (Reusable in 4 turns)
  • Annihilate(Passive) – Get an extra turn if enemy falls. [Automatic Effect]

The left crystals is always a continuous damage tower that inflicts DoT(Damage over time) for 3 turns.

Drops You can Expect

  • Unknown Scrolls – The higher you go, the number of scrolls you get increases
  • Dark Essence(Low) – Drops often in the lower stages(B1-B5). At higher levels, it drops more in quantity.
  • Dark Essence(Mid) – Drops from B2 onwards
  • Dark Essence(High) – Drops from B4 onwards and it is very rare
  • Mystical Scroll – Rare drop
  • Dark Angelmon – Rare drop
  • Rainbow Angelmon – Rare Drop
  • Secret Dungeon Monster – Could be any 2-3 star light monster

Hall of Darkness Strategy Guide

B1 to B4 is pretty easy and as you level and have 4-5 star monsters, they should not be a problem. It starts getting challenging at B6+. Here are some good monsters for the dungeon:

Shannon(Wind Pixie) – She has the attack and defense buff. Very useful.

Konamiya(Water Garuda) – Removes all DoT and heals.

Raoq(Fire Inugami) – Good damage dealer.

Sieq(Fire Hellhound) – Crit and Attack buff

Bernard(Wind Griffon) – Useful for speeding up your team

Ahman(Light Bearman) – Keeps your team healthy.


I didn’t include the 4/5 stars as they are not accessible to most players and requires luck.

Here are some videos for B7 runs by Jin.

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