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Hiring Writers for Summoners War [You are WANTED!]

Hiring Writers for Summoners War [You are WANTED!]

Hello Summoners War players!

  • Do you consider yourself an absolute fanatic for Summoners War(SW) and Mobile Games?
  • Do you want to earn some income on the side while playing the game you enjoy?
  • Do you want to have the opportunity to receive Google Play/iTunes Gift cards to fund your SW experience?
If you answered YES to either one of those questions then you’ve come to the right place. is looking to add some passionate contributors to its roster and it could be you!

How Does It Work?

Simply put, we are willing to pay our writers and contributors based on the payment structure below.

Article Contribution – $20 USD per Article

What counts as an article? There are a few types. It can be: Here is the format required for the articles you write:
  • Introduction – A 50-100 word short introduction providing the reader with knowledge as to what the article is about
  • Body – minimum of 900 words for event guides, new maps and card/character reviews
  • Space out your writing after every 2 sentences
  • Minimum of 3 images (format is 1600 x 1200 or 1080 x 1920)
  • Use sub-titles in your article to introduce new sections in your writing
  • Article must be unique and not submitted elsewhere on other websites

Writer’s Compendium Bonus

In addition to contributing your knowledge and love for the game, we will also send you Google Play or iTunes gift cards monthly if you write for us consistently. Below are the perks for writing for us:
  • After 5 Articles Contributed Monthly – You get a $20 Google or iTunes gift card of your choice.
  • After 10 Articles Contributed Monthly – You get a $40 Google or iTunes gift card of your choice.

Topics Required

Here are some:
  • Top 5 or 10 Best Healers For Beginners (Include Rune Recommendations, substat priority etc.)
  • ToA Team Building Guide for F2P players
  • How to Earn Gems in Summoners War [For Beginners]
  • Top F2P Arena Squad to get to Conqueror 1
  • Top Rift Raid Monsters You Need [For Beginners]
  • Mistakes You Made as A Summoners War Beginner [How to Avoid Them]
  • Who to 6 Star first as a Beginner Player [Farmers? Damage Dealers? Healers?]
  • A Guide to Fusing a Natural 5 Star Monster [What’s Required and How to do it Efficiently]
  • Building Your Necropolis B10 Team [Things You Should Know]
You are welcome to send other topic ideas to and we will let you know if that is a good one to write.

Sending Your Articles

If you already know what you want to write, send your article to in Microsoft Word or Google Document (Doc Format).
  • For Subject Line: Put article title in the subject line. Then, put your Author name after the title. For example, a subject line will be “Top 10 Summoners War Monsters” by “Your Name“.

  • Attach your document so we can review it. Make sure to follow the writing format guidelines outlined above.

  • For the body of the email, just give us a brief description about your gaming background and let us know a bit about yourself. We are looking to hire full time writers for Mobile Gaming.

  • We offer payment via Paypal, iTunes or Google Play Gift Card

  • Provide your PayPal email in the body of the paragraph.

  • If you are looking to be a long term writer, attach samples of articles you have written before and we may consider you to be a full time author.

Note: If you would like to become a long term writer for us, then email us and let us know about it.