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How to redeem Summoners War Codes 2024 (Guide)

How to redeem Summoners War Codes 2024 (Guide)

Have you come across a new Summoners War code and you’re not sure how to redeem it? We have the answer here!

This guide is for android devices. If you have an iOS device just put the link before the code and then you can just redeem it!

Com2us frequently releases new codes, so make sure to grab every in-game code and don’t miss out on extra rewards. Check our list of codes for the latest Summoners War promotions!

Summoners War Codes

Step 1

Start the game and select “Events” on the right area under the crystals.

Step 2

A new pop-up “News” will appear. You can go straight to the “Event” tab, scroll down a bit and click on the code page.

Step 3

Now you’re on the code page, there you can select the “Enter your promo code” section and enter the Summoners War code. After that click “Enter”.

It’s done! You’ve redeemed a code! There will a confirmation pop-up and the rewards will be immediately sent to your inbox.

Check out our current codes list with active Summoners War codes!

Summoners War Codes