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January Hall of Heroes [Phenaka – Light Gargoyle]

January Hall of Heroes [Phenaka – Light Gargoyle]

supposed to come last week, and when it didn’t we all started panicking. Thankfully, it’s here now, and the unit himself seems like a mediocre toy for end-gamers to mess around with. Before we begin, Hall of Heroes is a lot like Trial of Ascension, so that means you can use Trial of Ascension strategy and monsters (e.g. attack bar pushbacks, stuns and continuous damage are king). I strongly advise bringing your regular Trial of Ascension team. In my case, I have decided to use Charlotte, Loren, Frigate, Verad, and Rica. …Well, in my regular account, at least. The screenshot team is my Asia server account.

Is Phenaka Usable?

Ehh, I’m not too sure, actually. Phenaka can increase the cooldown of units every time he’s attacked as a statue (even past their natural full cooldown), but apart from that he’s pretty much a one-trick pony. I don’t see anything he can shine in. I mean, you can build him if you want to, but why would you want to?

Stage 1

Welcome to stage 1, this is where it all begins. Here, we have three Kunites (fire Gargoyles) and two Emmas (water Neostone Agents). The Threat: Well, I’d probably say that Emma, healing-wise, is the biggest threat. But support-wise, it’s gotta be Kunite. To be honest, the Gargoyles are all support monsters because of the stuff that happens while they’re a statue. In Kunite’s case, his statue passive means that his allies take less and less damage if they’re hit by a multiple-hit attack. Emma, meanwhile, provides healing, defense increase and a shield. The Solution: Chip away at Kunite’s HP. His passive only turns him into a statue when he’s above 70% HP. Granted, that doesn’t stop his second skill, but that will stop his passive. In the meantime, make sure to keep Emma locked down until you kill the Kunites, and then you can take her out. Emma doesn’t really have much to offer damage-wise, but it’s annoying when she heals away damage.

Stage 2

Alright, it’s time for Stage 2! Here, we’ve got three Tanzaites (water Gargoyles) and two Aquilas (wind Brownie Magicians). The Threat: Ugh, it’s gonna be Aquila. His s2 brings AoE attack and Crit Rate boost to his allies, and his s3 will remove all buffs from all enemies. It’s insane. Tanzaite, meanwhile, isn’t nearly as threatening than his brothers. His statue passive will just decrease the Attack of whoever attacks him for 2 turns. It’s wild. The Solution: Solution has to be to go for Aquila first. You pretty much don’t have to worry about Tanzaite until the very end, because he just… doesn’t do anything. He sits there. Decreases attack. That’s it.

Stage 3

Alright, everyone, it’s time for the miniboss! Here, we’ve got two Hyanes’ (dark Dryads) and our miniboss himself – Qitian Dasheng! The Threat: The threat here is definitely Qitian Dasheng himself. He’s actually got some pretty serious damage on his s2 and s3, along with some hard Crowd Control that Hyanes can then increase the duration of. It’s really not fun to deal with. His third skill, Giant Net (NOW LOOK AT THIS NET THAT I JUST FOUND –) will not only attack all enemies, but put them to sleep, decrease their speed, and their attack bar by 50% per debuff on them. He’s kind of gotten overloaded. Plus his s2 stuns. It’s… wild. Hyanes’ s3, meanwhile, will decrease buff time and increase debuff time on the enemies. She’s sort of a reverse Mihyang. The Solution: KILL DASHENG. I swear to god, he’s got so much Crowd Control, it’s nearly unbelievable. Plus, as a matter of fact, when you kill the boss, you don’t have to kill the lackeys. Of course, if Hyanes is giving you trouble, you could go for her first. But if not, you can just go for Qitian Dasheng and go from there.

Stage 4

We’re more than halfway there! Here, we’ve got three Kunites (wind Gargoyles) and two Kudos (fire Dice Magicians). The Threat: Oh, definitely Kunite. He’s a pain to deal with, especially when he becomes a statue. His passive inflicts damage proportional to his defense whenever he’s attacked. And this is per hit, too – if your Lapis hits him 3 times? She gets hit back 3 times. Oh, and he decreases his cooltime whenever he’s attacked as a statue. Then there’s Ludo. His passive rolls a die at the start of each turn of his. If he rolls a large dice number, he increases the damage he inflicts by up to 70%. When it’s small, the damage he takes is reduced by up to 70%. Now, it doesn’t accumulate with other damage decreasing effects, but it’s still annoying to pray to RNG. The Solution: Ugh, go for Kunite first. Seriously, he’s such a pain to deal with as a statue. His defense gets scarily high in the higher floors, so the damage he deals gets more and more annoying to deal with. Ludo’s there too, but if he doesn’t get a turn, he won’t do much.

Stage 5

Alright, we’re at the last stage before the boss! Here, we’ve got three Onyxes (dark Gargoyles) and two Mihaels (light Sylphids). The Threat: Ugh. Onyx. Definitely Onyx.  Not only does he have a 30% chance to become a statue either way, but he literally cannot die when he’s a statue. Yes, you heard that right. So if you keep decreasing his attack bar with someone like Loren, you are going to get absolutely nowhere. Also, Mihael SUCKS to deal with. She basically has permanent uptime on her defense buff, because her s3 is 3 turns, and so is her defense buff. Oh yeah, did I mention she heals everyone for 30% with her s3 and can put a target on cooldown with her s2? The Solution: Go for Onyx first. Just… straight up kill him. That’s it. Don’t let him get a turn at any point, lest he turns into a statue and becomes unkillable. Also, if you do have a choice in the matter, if he goes statue and you’ve got attack bar decreasing units, don’t aim for him. It’s not fun.

Stage 6

It’s boss time, everybody! The boss is always going to be Phenaka, and his minions will be two other Gargoyles. The Threat: Depends on what stage you’re in. If the stage in the screenshot, for example, were in a higher stage, then I’d say that Malite is the biggest threat damage-wise. Support-wise? Phenaka and Kunite. We’ve already gone over why Kunite sucks to fight, and Phenaka is because of the cooldown increase passive he has. The Solution: Again, that depends on who’s the lackeys here. In this case, I’d just aim straight for Phenaka, before he even gets a turn. Trust me, it’s NOT fun to have an 8-9 turn cooldown on Frigate. You don’t need to kill the lackeys in order to move on, thankfully. I hope you all enjoyed this article! Did you get your Phenaka yet? Are you gonna be building him? Tell me in the comments down below! In the meantime, though, I’m Sara Ann, and I’ll see you in the next article!]]>