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Level 100 & higher drop rates?! – Summoners War November 2023 Update

Level 100 & higher drop rates?! – Summoners War November 2023 Update

The SWC 2023 is already over, and we got Lest as a new SWC champion. Congratulations! But Com2uS has not finished with some more hype moments. Suddenly, a new update notice dropped! We’re really excited about it, we will finally get Summoners Level 100 and also the Repeat Battle will be extended to 30 times?! It seems that Com2us heard our feedback to these points and, we’re glad to introduce the new changes in this upcoming November 2023 update.

Max Summoner Level Expansion

Finally, we will get a new maximum level! It will be increased from 50 to 100. This new level will bring further changes as well. The max. Energy storage will be increased, base Energy will start at Summoner Level 1 at 92 instead of 42. With all buildings, statues and the daily pack together, you will then have the maximum storage of 310 Energy. See the changes on the image below:

The next big change is that the glory buildings and guild flags will be removed. Instead of buying buildings, the buff effects can now be acquired as Summoner skills with skill points. Skill points will be provided with level ups (5 points per level up from Summoner Lv. 21 to Lv. 100) to upgrade the buff effects (1 Summoner skill can be upgraded with 1 point)

In total, 400 points are needed to reach the Max. Summoner skill level, at Summoner level 100, you can upgrade all skill at once. If you have already upgraded all buildings and flags, you will get 400 points, which can be exchanged into Mystical Scrolls. Find a detailed overview for the building and flag changes below:

Cairos Dungeon and Rift of Worlds Rewards Improvements

After the Reloaded Update and the introduction of Abyssal Floors in Cairos Dungeons, it became harder to farm better runes. The standards and expectations for the rune quality are higher than before, so Com2us decided to increase the drop rate of runes in all floors in Giant’s Keep, Dragon’s Lair, Necropolis and Spiritual Realm significantly. The drop rate of 6-Star Legend Rune in the Abyssal Floor Hard will be increased by 2.4 times compared to the current rates.

The good news is that the Beast Horns and Beast Claws not only drop in Rift Raid 5, the rewards will now be dropped as Grade SSS rewards in the Rift Dungeons as well. We then have more dungeons to obtain these items in order to craft Enchanted Gems. Furthermore, the drop rates of Beast Horns and Beast Claws will be greatly increased in Rift Raid 5, and the drop rate of high-grade Grindstones and Enchanted Gems will also be improved.


Max Repeat Battle Count Increased to 30 Times

That’s one of the best parts of this update! We have been waited for this update for a long time, and many Summoners have wished for it to become a reality. Now, the Repeat Battle can be played up to 30 times! You can select 10x or 30x Repeat Battle on the battle preparation screen. Before this update, the Repeat Battle ended with every loss, and you had to start the Repeat Battle again. With this new feature, it’s possible to lose a battle 2 times before it will end. So even if you lose one battle, the run will continue automatically.

With 20 more runs on the battle, it will take some additional time to sort out our rewards. Com2uS has a solution for that, and therefore the Sell Selected feature will be improved. Currently, we can filter runes by grade, rarity and their main properties. Now, you can select prefix properties or not, types of sup-properties and the range of values. These changes will also apply for Artifacts, Grindstones and Enchanted Games as well!

Abyssal Floor Update Schedule

Currently, we can farm Abyssal Floors in the rune dungeons, but we’re still waiting for the Steel Fortress and Punisher’s Crypt Abyssal Floors. The Abyssal Floors for Steel Fortress will be added in the last update of November, and the drop rate of Artifacts will be increased after the Abyssal Floors are released in the game. The Abyssal Floor for Punisher’s Crypt is scheduled for the end of December. We’re looking forward for this update!

These are new changes for the November 2023 update! It’s good to see that Com2uS is making progress to improve the game, especially for the drop rates and the overall gameplay experience. They received a lot of negative feedback for the Abyssal Floors but have continued to improve the dungeons during the last updates. Also for new players, we think it’s easier to understand the Summoners’ skills instead of leveling und crafting the buildings.


In our opinion, Com2uS is doing a lot lately, to bring Summoners War to a new level. It feels like the game is slowly transforming into a “Summoners War 2”. Clearly, they are listening to the feedback from their community – us! Not everything is perfect, but the direction in which they are making changes to the game seems to be the right approach.

This promises a bright future for Summoners War, and a lot of new challenges for us to beat. We’re more than happy to see Summoners War continue to bring a lot of emotions to all of us. Especially new players will have a much smoother start into the game, to catch up with the big guys in the Siege and RTA leaderboards.


What’s your opinion? Feel free to share your thoughts on our community discord!