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Summoners War Lulz Episode 1

Summoners War Lulz Episode 1

Low Elemental Goes Where He Pleases~~ – Submitted by Seph’s Revenge Low Elemental Goes Where He Pleases

God Mode – Aria’s OP Sexy Stun Heaven – Omgbomber 2014

Light Succubus Stun OP Edit  

Yellow Turkey Gobble Gobble – First World Problems by Birdskull

Yellow Turkey - First World Problems

What A Morning by SoulceSW

So i opened a premium pack, and the first 6 scrolls were just fodders. I opened the 7th, BAM lightning! I got super excited, but told myself not to expect much because it might be just an awakened golem. The silhouette a well dressed person began to form and behold it was a wind Phantom thief. I got so excited that I almost forgot to keep summoning. I took a few seconds to praise the RNGesus for bestowing on me a blessing. I went for the next scroll. Another lightning! It was another wind phantom thief. Confused, but excited, I kept going. Just when I was thinking to myself what would I do with 2 phantom thieves, another lightning appears and long behold another wind phantom thief..At this point I was in utter disbelief. I was almost afraid to summon the next scroll, but long ingrained instincts of summoning mystical scrolls made me do it anyways. I was prepping for another lightning..but none came. It was just a fire harpy. I thought to myself, “Okay, I think I’m good for today.. Wait, there’s still one more.” I finally clicked on the last one, not expecting much, until..Lightning that resonated and flashed through my phone! What was it? I wasnt familiar with the silhouette. As it cleared up, I then realized it was a water oracle. I looked at my phone dumbfounded at my luck, with the thought in my head.. how am I gonna farm all these essences…and then I woke up.

We Better Get Out of Here~~ This is BAT COUNTRY! – LJkiser

Bat World

How RNGesus decides your summoning rate by Skeletoonz

Rng Summons Golem

Gentleman’s Club?!? by KazumaDuy Gentlemen Club

The Strip Club! by Lumiru Succubus Club

Bow to RamaGOD by Wasknijper Ramagod Tribute