Summoners War Lulz – Episode 2

Summoners War Lulz – Episode 2

Here are some funny pictures and stuff submitted by Reddit players. Enjoy!

nau818 – Crashing in the Arena against much weaker opponents

Not Even Strong...

5Rupees – Where’s the Boss?

Where's the Boss

When You See Lightning…

Golem Summon

HERZIKA – Back to Farming after Giants/Dragon Update…

Back to Farming After Update

Kazedy – “We gotta stay group guys !”

We Gotta Stay as a Group Guys

 zenofire – Like all of us everyday!

Like all of us

Azimu – Rendering means larger foreheads

Rendering bug means larger foreheads

psychosuperior – Cheatin in the Magic Shop without spending mana…[look at the position of the magic shop after… :)]

Cheating on the magic shop by psychosuperior


Dress Casual by TheRealYellowSnowman

Dress Casual by TheRealYellowSnowman

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