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March Hall of Heroes [Eva – Light Pierret]

March Hall of Heroes [Eva – Light Pierret]

th, the Sophia (wind Pierret) Hall of Heroes was announced. Gotta say, I’m disappointed, but not surprised. However, Sophia can be used to skill up Eva, Luna and Clara. Before we begin, Hall of Heroes is a lot like Trial of Ascension, so that means you can use Trial of Ascension strategy and monsters (e.g. attack bar pushbacks, stuns and continuous damage are king). I strongly advise bringing your regular Trial of Ascension team. In my case, I have decided to use Charlotte, Loren, Frigate, Verad, and Rica.

Is Sophia Good?

…I mean, not really? I can see why some people would use her, because her s3 is pretty good, but I’ve never seen her used anywhere, and I really don’t think she’s worth putting the time and effort into. Of course, if nothing else, you can always use her to skill up some of the better Pierrets. Let’s not waste any more time and jump right into it!

Stage 1

It’s time for Stage 1! We have three Julies (water Pierrets) and two Aquilas (wind Brownie Magicians). The Threat: Well, Aquila has gotten a buff lately. When he removes a buff on his s3, it immediately lets him get another turn, meaning that he can remove your enemy’s buffs and then immediately gets a turn to buff your allies. It’s insane. I haven’t used Aquila in a while, but I remember him being pretty good, even in his pre-buff state. Anyway, Julie attacks all enemies a bunch of times, and it’s really good damage. If she’s at full HP, she attacks everyone 6 times. Also, she increases her damage for each buff on the enemy. This is just a normal thing, not something that hits on full HP. Man, it’s weird to think how she used to be one of the most OP damage dealers. The Solution: Definitely go for Aquila first. All you have to do for Julie is make sure she’s not at full HP, and you don’t have to worry about her while dealing with Aquila. Most of her gimmick relies on her having full HP, anyway.

Stage 2

Alright, here we go! Stage 2 consists of three Claras (fire Pierrets) and two Rigels (water Liches) The Threat: The threat here is definitely Rigel. Fun fact: he cannot be slept, stunned or frozen. He also gains 25% crit hit resistance, and every time he’s attacked by an attack that would’ve landed as a Crit Hit, but doesn’t, he gains 10% to his Attack and Defense. I’m not too sure about the meta too much these days (I don’t do a lot of RTA), but Clara used to be super good in RTA; she was considered to be a mini-Mo Long. Her s3 removed buffs and stunned; much like Mo Long’s used to before he got nerfed. The Solution: Rigel. Just… aim straight for Rigel. Go for it. Don’t waste time. Kill him before he can get a turn. Remember that he’s also not immune to Attack Bar Decrease either. You can deal with Clara later. Just go for Rigel.

Stage 3

It’s miniboss time! Here, we have a Lagmaron (wind Chimera), and two Akias (fire Succubi). For the record, yes, AnaujiramOG did actually get a Lagmaron. Yes, I found it hilarious and perfect timing too. The Threat: The threat’s gotta be Lagmaron. God, his s3 deals a ton of damage. His s2 is a giant single-target hit too. Akia, meanwhile, can’t wake you up if she puts you to Sleep, and she can put you to Sleep on her s1. I’d like to point out that, luckily, Lagmaron can wake you up. It’s only the Succubi that don’t wake up asleep units. Basically, Lagmaron’s AI can probably go poo mode if you’re lucky enough, and waking everyone. The Solution: You can pretty much just aim straight for Lagmaron. Akia’s the crowd control, but Lagmaron will be the giant damage dealer. As such, you can just stun the Akias while taking out Lagmaron.

Stage 4

We’re more than halfway through now! We’ve got three Evas (light Pierrets) and two Berings (dark Kobold Bombers). The Threat: Eva. It’s gonna be Eva. Her s3 has 100% crit rate against units with stun, sleep or freeze, and if she has full HP her s3 will not go on cooldown. Basically, as long as she’s full HP, she can keep using her s3 again and again and again and again and- yeah. Bering, meanwhile, just… kinda Silences everyone. Also, he removes one buff from all enemies. It’s not that bad to deal with, honestly. The Solution: Just take out Eva straight-up. As her gimmick is her s3 and with full HP, as long as she stays under 100% HP you’re good to go.

Stage 5

We’re almost at the boss! We’ve got three Lunas (dark Pierrets) and two Fellerias (light Dryads). The Threat: The threat has to be Luna. Luna does a ton of damage on her s3, and decreases your attack bar by 50%. If she uses her s3 with Full HP, she’ll also regain 100% Attack Bar. Basically, it’s not something that you want to mess with. Felleria’s also a good support mon, too. Her s2 cleanses her allies of all debuffs, and plants it on enemies. Meanwhile, her passive will heal allies with debuffs. Allies with no debuffs gets a shield. The Solution: I’d probably say aim for Luna first things first. This one’s gonna be pretty difficult, because Felleria heals and takes away debuffs. Make sure to keep Felleria stunlocked, so that she can’t use her s2. However, that will mean that she’ll heal herself. Basically, you’re just going to want to nuke all 5 units down as soon as you can.

Stage 6

It’s time for the boss stage! We’ve got Sophia herself and 2 of her lackeys, whom are both Pierrets. In this case, her lackeys are Clara and Julie. The Threat: Oh, it’s definitely gonna be Julie and Clara… is what I would say if this weren’t literally Floor 1. In actuality, because this is floor 1, there’s no real threat. However, in general, the threat will depend on who the lackeys are. (e.g. a stage with Luna and Clara is a lot scarier than, say, Julie and Luna.) The Solution: Like I was saying, that also depends on who the lackeys are. In this case, In this case, though, if this were a higher stage, I’d probably say to take out Clara first, and then aim for Sophia. I don’t think that there’s any real threat in Julie these days, really. I hope you all enjoyed this article! How far into this HoH did you get? Let me know in the comments down below! In the meantime, I’m Sara Ann, and I’ll see you in the next article!]]>