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March Hall of Heroes [Kamiya, Dark Nine-Tailed Fox] – Tips and Tricks

March Hall of Heroes [Kamiya, Dark Nine-Tailed Fox] – Tips and Tricks

th, 2018, the Dark Nine-tailed Fox (Kamiya) Hall of Heroes was announced. Getting skillups for her and her family will be easier than most other Hall of Heroes, because like Sian, she has a family member whom you can fuse – in this case, Arang, her wind sister. Before we begin, Hall of Heroes is a lot like Trial of Ascension, so that means you can use Hall of Heroes strategy and monsters (e.g. attack bar pushbacks, stuns and continuous damage are king). I strongly advise bringing your regular Trial of Ascension team. In my case, I’m using Baretta (L), Belladeon, Frigate, Veromos, and Charlotte. Let’s cut the chatter and get on with it!

Is Kamiya Usable?

If you’re expecting me to laugh and say “that’s a good one,” like I did Louis, you’ll be surprised. Kamiya is actually pretty dang decent for a Hall of Heroes monster. In fact, all of her sisters are at least good: Shihwa is a beast in NB10, Soha is the only four-star stripper next to Aquila, Arang has the fifth highest base attack in the game and is a great single-target nuker, and Chamie’s third skill is very unique (a complete self-cleanse, reincarnates herself with 100% HP, along with gaining a 50% increase in her attack power and defense every time she uses Reincarnate, up to five times) Let’s talk about Kamiya herself. Already, she has an amazing base attack; coming in at a whopping 900 when she’s awakened, maxed out and six-starred. Her first skill, Will-o’-the-Wisp attacks one enemy three times and, like all of her sisters, gets a boost upon being awakened. Kamiya’s boost is that she recovers 50% of the damage dealt as HP. Her second skill is Enchant. It will attempt to put an enemy to sleep for two turns, and if the enemy is successfully put asleep she’s gain an additional turn. Her third skill, Nightmare, is her best part. She’ll attack one enemy with an insane multiplier (800% of her attack power before reduction!) and has a guaranteed chance to stun the enemy for 1 turn if the attack lands as a Critical Hit – meaning that she bypasses the Resistance/Accuracy check. Nightmare will also be a guaranteed Critical Hit if the enemy she’s attacking is already asleep. I’d definitely recommend keeping a copy of her around and building her. I’d go Rage/Blade if you can. Get her up to 100% Critical Rate, so that even if she doesn’t put the enemy to sleep, she can still stun them with Nightmare.

Stage 1

Welcome to Stage 1. Here, you will find endless pain because chances are you’re going to end up being nuked by Arang. Here, we have three Arangs (wind Nine-tailed Foxes) and two Zibroltas (fire Kobold Bombers) The Threat: Arang is a major single-target nuker, as we’ve covered in “Is Kamiya Usable?” This means that if she Sweet Talks one of your water monsters (if you’ve brought any), it could potentially mean fatal damage on the higher floors, and you just lost a unit. Good job. Zibrolta, after his recent buff, has become a lot more of a problem. His second skill, Multi-Firecracker, has recently been changed so that whenever he lands a DoT the cooldown of Multi-Firecracker will be decreased by one turn. This applies to any DoTs he may land, not just on Multi-Firecracker. Keep in mind that his third skill, Meteor Bomb, attacks four times and each attack can leave a DoT for two turns. In other words, you’re gonna have a bad time if you’re too slow. The Solution: Kill Arang first. While Zibrolta may be a bringer of DoTs, he doesn’t have anything that can potentially one-shot your monsters. Arang, on the other hand, has her beautiful base attack of 944, Soul Snatcher, and Sweet Talk, which can all nuke your team easily. I’d also recommend bringing monsters with cleansing skills, like Veromos or Lisa. As it turns out, you’re going to need cleansing a lot. Zibrolta should be kept stun-locked while you work on killing Arang. Once you’re killed all five monsters, you can move on to…

Stage 2

Poor little Icaru made a pair of wings out of wax, and he flew high in the sky, but alas, he flew too close to Kamiya, and now he’s a part of this Hall of Heroes. I wanted desperately to participate in this Siege War, but I did not, for I had educating to do! (plus twenty dollars so) Here, you’re going to find three Shihwas (fire Nine-tailed Foxes) and two Icarus (water Inugamis) The Threat: The biggest threat here is Shihwa. Her third skill, Phantom Light, will attack one enemy five times. She’ll recover her HP by 50% of the inflicted damage, and leave a Brand on the enemy for two turns. Brand is basically the rarer version of Defense Break, as it still increases the damage that enemies take. Her first skill also applies DoTs. Icaru, while he isn’t as dangerous as Shihwa is, gets really overpowered in the later stages. His first skill inflicts Defense Break, his second skill is Team Up, meaning he and a random ally will gang up on one of your monsters, and his third is Counterattack, where he’ll attack one enemy and have a Counterattack effect on him for a turn. Counterattack doesn’t seem that OP at first; however, when you’re in the later stages the damage increases a lot. The Solution: Focus on Shihwa first. I cannot tell you how many times one of my essential monsters died to Phantom Light in the later stages and I had to restart the run. It is very annoying. Icaru won’t be too much of a threat if you keep his attack bar pushed back/keep him stunned. When Shihwa is gone, you can safely take out both Icarus without much worry. This stage is also another reason why I recommend bringing a cleanser with you. This way, you can easily get rid of the Brand, DoTs and the Defense Break that Shihwa and Icaru will apply on you.

Stage 3

This one weird trick will make Jaara destroy all nearby KFC places! Colonel Sanders HATES him! Here, you’re going to find one Jaara (Dark Phoenix) and two Tosis (Light Samurai) The Threat: Jaara and Tosi in themselves are difficult enough, but when they’re paired together, you’re in for p a i n. I can’t say which one would be more of a threat for sure, but if you gave me two seconds to say which one I found stronger, it would be Jaara. Usually, after stage six or so of Hall of Heroes, I swap Frigate out for Eladriel, to make my runs extra-safe. With Jaara’s third skill, though, I had to either nuke or die. His third skill, Fiery Path, will leave a Brand and Unrecoverable effect on the enemy he attacks for three turns. If they’re killed with his third, they’re unable to be revived. Tosi is going to be a pain, too. Like all Samurai, he has a hidden fourth skill – Sword of the Supreme Sky Wolf. Each skill he uses has a chance to activate it, and it’s an AoE attack that ignores all beneficial effects that reduce damage (meaning that things like Chloe’s Invincibility isn’t going to do anything to save you) On top of all that, his third skill is AoE, deals 25% more damage to enemies under harmful effects, and is a guaranteed Critical Hit against dark element monsters. Fun fact: Did you know that Jaara is the only Phoenix whose third skill isn’t an AoE skill? He’d just be OP if it was. The Solution: Tosi or not Tosi. That is the question – okay I’m done with bad jokes for this stage. Get rid of Jaara before you do anything else. Jaara has dangerously high ATK power – when awakened, six-starred and maxed out his base attack is 1021. He has the second highest base attack in the game, beaten only by his wind brother, Teshar. (The Phoenixes all have the highest base attacks in the game.) Hall of Heroes, TOA and whatnot has been known to go past the max base stats of mons during its higher floors, so B10 could be some insane attack power that I don’t even know about. The miniboss of Hall of Heroes can’t be stunned or frozen, but you can put him to sleep and use Continuous Damage on him. Keep both Tosis stunlocked during this time. Next, work on Tosi. Unlike the miniboss himself, the lackeys can be stunned and frozen. They shouldn’t be able to do much if they’re stunned. Just work on chipping away at their HP while you get ready for stage 4.

Stage 4

Mom once told me, long long ago, “You’ll never be able to get to B7 of Hall of Heroes, Sara.” Well look who’s laughing now, Mom! Sure, it may have taken me nine minutes, had to manual it, and bring a Bastet rep, but I got there and cleared it! Soha, mom! This stage consists of three Sohas (water Nine-tailed Foxes) and two Lupinus’ (wind Magic Knights) The Threat: I’d say that Soha here is the biggest threat. As I’ve mentioned in “Is Kamiya Usable?” Soha is the only four-star monster besides Aquila who has an AoE buff strip. Lupinus was our November Hall of Heroes, and while some people say she’s bad, to me she’s pretty good. She’s a bit of a budget Charlotte, but I have one six-starred for NB10. All three of her skills are multihits, and her first skill inflicts slowdown, which is essential on the boss. In places other than NB10 her third skill, Tempest Sword, will decrease people’s attack bars by 30%. It works like her first skill, in which it attacks one enemy twice and all enemies once after that. The Solution: Personally, I’d go for Lupinus first. While I say that Soha is the biggest threat damage-wise, Lupinus drains your attack bar. That alone is enough for me to say “Kill Lupinus!” Keep Soha stunned while you work on killing Lupinus. The two Magic Knights are actually pretty tanky, so you’re going to be working on their HP for a while. I hope that, on top of bringing a cleanser, you also brought a buff stripper, because you’re going to need it for…

Stage 5

So the other day my friend got LnD lightning, and that lightning turned out to be Molly. I mean, she’s good and all, but it could’ve been Betta. /badjoke The Threat: Betta is a serious threat here. She’s the absolute best of the Mermaids, because of her second and third skills. Her second skill, Grant Life, will heal an ally by 30% and increase their attack bar by 30% too. It can also revive someone, but at the cost of three turns being added to the cooltime. Her third skill Serenity is the best part of her kit. She heals all allies by 15%, grants Immunity for 2 turns, and decreases their chances of being hit by a Critical Hit for 2 turns, meaning that Verdehile is gonna have a bad time, and Baretta, Veromos, etc aren’t gonna be able to land their harmful effects. Chamie is also pretty dangerous too. When she reincarnates herself, she’ll completely cleanse all harmful effects off of herself and have a 100% heal, not to mention her Attack Power and Defense will be raised by 50%, up to five times in total. Someone on the Summoner’s War Wikia calculated that by the fifth reincarnation her base attack and defense rise to 2,669 and 1,883, respectively. The Solution: Kill the Bettas first. I cannot stress this enough; your life will be so much easier if you don’t have to worry about healing and Immunity and Critical Hit decrease. Be sure to try and kill both Bettas at once so that they can’t revive each other. Try to keep Chamie stunlocked throughout the entire stage; not just while you’re working on killing Betta. This is because she can easily reincarnate herself if you’re not careful.

Stage 6

We’re at the final stage of Hall of Heroes, now! Like always, this stage has the most variety of all the stages, because Kamiya’s lackeys will vary in elements every stage. As you can see here, in B1 you have a Kamiya, a Shihwa, and a Soha. The Threat: The threat in each stage varies depending on the lackeys. However, I think we can all agree that Kamiya herself is a pretty big threat; usually she’s the threat most of the time. Her first skill heals herself by 50% of the damage she deals, her second skill puts an enemy to sleep for 2 turns, and her third skill will automatically be a critical hit if the enemy’s asleep and will stun the enemy if it lands as a critical hit, Resistance and Accuracy be damned! The Solution: Take out whoever’s a threat. In this case, I’d go for, in order, Shihwa, Kamiya, and then Soha. This Hall of Heroes isn’t that difficult; there’s only one immunity stage. I’m Sara Ann, and I’ll see you in the next article!]]>