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May Hall of Heroes [Mihyang – Water Sky Dancer]: Tips and Tricks

May Hall of Heroes [Mihyang – Water Sky Dancer]: Tips and Tricks

th, 2018, the Water Sky Dancer (Mihyang) Hall of Heroes was announced. This is the first Sky Dancer Hall of Heroes we’ve ever had, and each of the family members is great on their own. That does include Mihyang – she’s probably a top-pick cleanser for Raid 5 and for DB10! Before we begin, Hall of Heroes is a lot like Trial of Ascension, so that means you can use Trial of Ascension strategy and monsters (e.g. attack bar pushbacks, stuns and continuous damage are king). I strongly advise bringing your regular Trial of Ascension team. In my case, I’m using Baretta (L), Belladeon, Frigate, Veromos, and Charlotte. Let’s cut the chatter and get on with it!

Is Mihyang Usable?

The conspiracy theorists were right! Mihyang was never put into Summoning Stone rotation because she was going to be a Hall of Heroes monster! As for the answer for the question “Is Mihyang a monster I can use”: Yes, actually! She, along with all the other Sky Dancers, is great! (Is it just me, or have we been getting Hall of Heroes that are much better than usual, as opposed to last year? If we could only get the Dimensional Hole, though, then the game would be perfect!) Mihyang is best known for her third skill, Dance of Mirage, where she heals all of her allies and shortens the time of all harmful effects by 1 turn, while extending their beneficial effects by 1 turn. The recovery amount is proportionate to her attack power. Because of this, Mihyang is known as an amazing cleanser in R5 – that’s level 5 of Raids against the Chaos Beast Khi’zar Kha’jul; beaten only by Lisa, the fire Neostone Agent. I’m definitely going to use my own Mihyang to kick off my R4 team before I advance into R5. I’d recommend runing her on Violent + Energy; either all ATK% or HP%/ATK%/ATK% if you want her tanky. Mihyang is also a blessing for me because now I can finally use that slot 4 ATK% Violent rune I got the other day.

Stage 1

Welcome to stage one! The Hall of Heroes begins with three Hwahees (fire Sky Dancers) and two Arangs (wind Nine-tailed Foxes) The Threat: Hwahee’s pretty dangerous, if you ask me.  She and Wolyung are the two Sky Dancers who are attacker monsters – and, coincidentally, the only monsters who awaken into an Amuse upgrade. The awakened Amuse of both Wolyung and Hwahee now gives attack power for thee turns and the healing amount is based off of their attack power. Her third skill, Pride Will Fall, will attack random enemies multiple times, and like Teshar’s third skill Tempest, will become instantly reusable if an enemy dies from it. It attacks six times, which makes her a beast in NB10. There’s also a good chance of her Arang’s also a pretty big threat. She recently got buffed so that her third skill, Sweet Talk, also deals more damage if the enemy has harmful effects on – this is the same skill that has an 800%, and also decreases the attack speed, power, and defense of the enemy for two turns. Arang also has the #5 highest base attack in the game, but HoH tends to break the rules of the game and in the higher floors, increase the stats of mons way past their point where they’re at their highest in-game. The Solution: Go for Arang. While Hwahee can buff her allies’ attack power, Arang’s going to be the one who oneshots your monsters all the time. On top of that, keep Hwahee either stunned or her skills on cooldown, because you don’t want her to heal all her allies and buff their attack power, trust me. You should bring Defense Break to the table somehow, so this way the Arangs can die easier. Once both are gone, then you can move on to stage 2.

Stage 2

This stage consists of three Chasuns (wind Sky Dancers) and two Tyrons (water Sylphs) The Threat: The biggest threat here is definitely Chasun. She’s known as the second best Sky Dancer, beaten only by Yeonhong; her light sister. Not only is her second skill Amuse a healing skill where everyone’s attack power is increased for two turns and healed by 20% of her Max HP, her third skill Fallen Blossoms actually works against healblock! This is because, technically, Fallen Blossoms isn’t a healing skill. She’ll balance the HP status of both her and a chosen ally to a higher status than before. Basically, if you work on chipping away a monster’s HP but completely neglect Chasun, she’ll use Fallen Blossoms and balance their HP to the same amount that she has. Tyron’s like a mini-Verad. His third skill Hailstorm attacks all enemies and freezes them for one turn. Granted, it’s definitely not Verad-levels of powerful, but it’s still pretty bad if he lands two or more freezes. It would be worse if he was on Despair, but thankfully he’s not. The Solution: Stun, freeze, or kill the Chasuns first. Tyron can hurt and freeze your monsters, that I won’t deny, but at least he can’t completely erase your progress on one of the monsters you’re attacking, and then another variant of him will Amuse everyone and increase their attack power. While Fallen Blossoms does bypass heal block, Amuse does not, so if you have an AoE healblocker (such as Kumar), then you can take him in order to minimize the healing that Wolyung, Hwahee and Chasun can do. Once all the monsters are dead, you can move on to the miniboss.

Stage 3

Here, we have a Shi Hou (water Monkey King) and two Smokeys (fire Jack-o-Lanterns) The Threat: Surprise, surprise, Shi Hou got buffed again. Now, his second skill All or Nothing will increase his own attack bar by 30% for every enemy he attacks that also has harmful effects on, while still reducing everyone’s attack bar by 30%. Let’s also couple this with the fact that Smokey lands a lot of harmful effects. His third skill Fire Starters attacks everyone twice, each attack having a chance to decrease their attack power and block healing on them for two turns. Basically, if you’re unlucky, Smokey will go first, landing his debuffs, and then Shi Hou uses All or Nothing. The Solution: Stunlock Smokey first. If you can’t keep them permanently stunned, however, I would definitely kill them first. Not only can they make Shi Hou absorb attack bars, but Fire Starter can block healing. That means that if you’re in trouble and one of your monsters is low, there’s a good chance that Smokey’s applied his debuffs onto them, including healblock, so you’re stuck hoping that you don’t die. After that, work on killing Shi Hou. Alter Ego Attack can and will grant him a turn of Invincibility, along with two turns of Immunity. This is why I recommend either bringing a buff stealer (like Belladeon) or a beneficial effects blocker, such as Megan or Zinc. You don’t have to kill Smokey anymore, but if he’s a problem, you can kill him first. Once Shi Hou’s dead, you can continue on to Stage 4.

Stage 4

Stage 4 is made up of three Wolyungs (dark Sky Dancers) and two Proms (light Grim Reapers) The Threat: Wolyung is a pretty big threat, even if she’s known as the least useful of the Sky Dancers. Unlike Yeonhong, Mihyang and Chasun, who are support and healing units, Wolyung (like Hwahee) is an attacker unit. This is because of her third skill, Dagger of Grudge, where she’ll attack an enemy four times, ignoring all damage reduction effects. That doesn’t mean that she’ll ignore their defenses, but instead will bypass anything like shields or invincibility – the only thing that she doesn’t bypass are passives that reduce damage taken. Prom’s also pretty big of a threat, too. His third skill, Judgment, attacks all enemies, breaking their defense for 1 turn and stunning them. As we all know, defense break is deadly. The stun makes it so that if you have an active cleanser who’s stunned, you also won’t be able to cleanse the defense break off, which can make or break a run. …Pardon the pun. The Solution: Healblock, healblock, healblock. Wolyung is more of an attacker monster but that doesn’t mean her own healing isn’t annoying. Prom should go down first, because he’s the bringer of defense break and stuns. Once you kill Prom, you can work on taking out the Wolyungs. Her Dagger of Grudge will probably end up massively damaging one of your monsters, so make sure you can kill them before they use Dagger of Grudge. Once they’re dead, you can finally move on to stage 5.

Stage 5

Here, we have three Yeonhongs (light Sky Dancers) and two Kroas (dark Hargs) The Threat: Oh no. You’ve finally stumbled upon the Yeonhong stage. For those who don’t know, ever since her buff I believe in 2016, Yeon has been the best of the Sky Dancers – even better than Chasun! Her third skill Charge Vitality got buffed so that it increases both her attack bar and a target’s attack bar to the maximum amount, before healing her and her targeted ally 50% of their Max HP. Basically, that means she gets an additional turn after using Charge Vitality, and couple that with her amazing base speed of 116, and you have one overpowered monster on your hands. I’m not too sure whether monsters in Hall of Heroes have skillups in them or anything, but when fully skilled up, Charge Vitality is only three turns; technically two because she can instantly go again after using it. You can see why Chasun has fallen in second place to Yeon. Anyway, Kroa can hold his own even without three overpowered Sky Dancers coming to his rescue. This is mainly because of his third skill, Owl’s Hoot, which increases all of his allies’ attack speed and recovers their HP by 15% every turn for three turns. Basically, he’s extra heals, along with making it easier for Yeon to get her turn. The Solution: Kill. Yeonhong. First. I am not kidding. Your life will be so much easier with Yeon using Charge Vitality on everyone after what feels like only a turn has passed. Kroa is annoying but Yeon will completely wipe your progress if you don’t get rid of her that very instant.

Stage 6

This stage has the most variety of all the stages. The boss is always going to be the same, yes, but the lackeys are going to change for every floor you go to. For example, one floor could be Yeonhong and Wolyung, and the next Chasun and Yeon. The Threat: I’m guessing the whole “the lackeys don’t change” in the Orochi Hall of Heroes was a mistake, because they’ve changed it back to normal this time. Again, the lackeys differ. I think in floor 1 the lackeys were Chasun and Hwahee – I say this because that’s a screenshot of floor 4. The last three times I tried to take a screenshot of the boss stage failed. The Solution: Kill whoever’s the biggest threat. For example, I’d say that you should go for Yeonhong first and then Chasun. For once I recommend killing the lackeys first, because they’re always gonna provide massive heals if they’re not dead. I hope you enjoy this article, as I certainly enjoyed writing it! Next article’s gonna be about how to build your Mihyang! I’m Sara Ann, and I’ll see you in the next article!]]>