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Mistakes you made as a Summoners War Beginner [and How to Avoid Them]

Mistakes you made as a Summoners War Beginner [and How to Avoid Them]

that. It could have just been a slip of the finger, it could have been on purpose, or a complete misunderstanding, but whatever the case, we’ve all made mistakes during our beginning of our Summoner’s War career. This article covers all those embarrassing mistakes you may have made as a beginner, and will also teach new players what not to do. At the same time, it’ll reveal some of the terrible things yours truly did when she was new!


Usually, a misunderstanding can be pretty harmless, but other times, they can be dangerous. Luckily, though, the one thing I didn’t understand was pretty ridiculous, and it was thanks to Com2Us’s wording, so I’m going to try and divert the blame from me. There was a loading screen that planted a false idea into my head. The loading screen text, as I can remember, talked about awakened monsters and said that “they’re in a league of their own” and newbie me thought that this meant that at any moment an awakened monster was going to show up on my team and help me out, and at the same time, if I awakened any monsters, they could disappear from my team at any second to help out another newbie. Naturally, I was pretty wary of awakening my monsters because my best monster could suddenly disappear to help someone else out. Thankfully, that’s not how everything was in the game. Another misunderstanding, I’m not too sure where this one comes from, was awakening itself. For some reason, I thought that you could awaken monsters multiple times to “dress them up” again and again. Unfortunately, there’s no way to avoid this, except maybe search up the phrases on Google when you read them to figure out their meanings.

Feeding the Wrong Monster Away

If you didn’t do this at least once during your days as a beginner, I declare you to be the world’s best Summoner. You just popped a Mystical Scroll, you saw the telltale lightning flashing from the circle, and then you see what you got: a fire Brownie Magician?! But you already HAVE his water brother; just feed him to his brother to get a skill-up. A few months pass; you’ve learned the ropes, and you look back on your early Summoner’s War memories. Everything seems sweet, warm, and nostalgic, except for one particular memory, which feels really negative and regretful for some reason, so you delve deeper into that one. You realize it was that memory of you feeding Draco away to Orion, and you can figure out why it felt so regretful. You quietly weep in a corner, beating yourself up over the fact you just fed away a really good monster. If you think that maybe this was just a creative way to explain the emotions you go through when you feed away a good monster and realize it as a somewhat intermediate player, then you’d be wrong. This was, unfortunately, a true story that happened to me. On the other side of the spectrum, it may be a complete accident. You may have just gotten a Chasun and you read how good she was and you were getting ready to feed her some water slimes, but on accident you pick the water slime and feed the Chasun to him! Thankfully, both of these can be easily avoided by looking up monsters to see how good they are and then locking them.


Before you get any wrong ideas, I’m not saying that I don’t condone newbies having their first monsters awakened be any of the original five (Elucia, Roid, Sieq, Lucien, Lapis) In fact, I highly encourage it if you’re just starting out in the game! However, what has happened to me multiple times before as a newbie was that I would get all my materials ready and went to awaken my monster, only to realize that I got materials for the wrong element. It would be even worse if the day where the certain elemental dungeon opens up has already passed and all-element dungeon day wasn’t opened. Another terrible scenario that occurred was also about the wrong thing. This time, I had gone and gotten all my materials, only to realize far too late that I had awakened the wrong monster! The best way to prevent either of these from happening is to check what materials your monster needs and double check to make sure that you’re about to awaken the right monster.

Missing Out on Events

A long time ago, I thought that the events were just things that we could choose not to participate in and it wouldn’t hinder our progress. After all, who has time for those Rainbowmon or Angelmon dungeons when I’m trying to progress in Trial of Ascension but I’m just stuck on this Camilla jerk? Eventually, I figured out what Rainbowmons and Angelmons are used for and I vowed to never, ever miss another event again unless it was out of my control, which was only .01% of the time. Unfortunately, I kept this train of thought for over two months, in which I missed Hall of Heroes, a Secret Dungeon, and Free Rune Removal, which means that I ended up missing so much cool stuff, and I sincerely hope that all of you didn’t think this way, too. There are only a few ways to avoid doing this, which is, obviously, participate in events. There are only a few events that only end-game players can participate in, sadly, so I apologize to every early-game player out there. There are many ways to mess up as a beginner to Summoner’s War, but as the Mythbusters always say, “Failure is always an option.” and this article was to hopefully prevent newer players from some of these failures. I’m Sara Ann, and I’ll see you in the next Top 10 List.]]>