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Monster Spotlight: Leo, the Wind Dragon Knight

Monster Spotlight: Leo, the Wind Dragon Knight

In the current “Nat 5 Monster Selective Event”, Leo – the Wind Dragon Knight – is one of the most picked monster. Reason enough for us, to provide you with this Monster Spotlight. We’ll cover Leo’s weaknesses and strengths, where and how to use him, and what Runes and Artifacts to use for Leo.

The Wind Dragon Knight is one of Summoners War original monsters, that was available from the very beginning of the game. It’s a support-type monster with a unique passive skill. No other monster has something comparable to it. Let’s break down his skills:

The leader skill brings a 50% increase of the Defense to all wind monsters in every content. This can be very strong in some team comps – we’ll be covering some of them later on.

“Dragon’s Might”, the first skill, is a simple hit on the enemy, dealing some damage. Additionally, you inflict a Dot on the enemy, if this skill lands a critical hit.

The second skill, “Torrent”, makes Leo a great damage dealer. It gets stronger as lower Leo’s current HP status is and ignores the enemies defense, if you have less than 30% HP. This skill gives us lots of possibilities on how to rune and use Leo – more on that later in this article.

Last but not least, the passive skill “Eye of the Storm” that makes the Wind Dragon Knight what he is.

‘The attack speed of all enemies and allies is limited to your attack speed’. This means, every monsters speed will be adjusted to the exact SPD value, Leo has and he is guaranteed to move first (not effecting boss monsters). Furthermore, every attack from Leo (skill 1 or 2) decreases the enemie’s attack bar by 15%. You’re not only going to take the first turn with Leo, but also can push back the enemies fastest monster (if not on Immunity), which is a great advantage, for example, in the Real Time Arena or in your Siege offense.

This brings us to the next question you might have: ‘Where do I use my Leo?

Simply said, you can use Leo for any content in Summoners War. This is the reason, so many players going for him in the current Nat5 event. Even some duplicate Leo’s are welcome for siege battles, as it can be used for very safe offense. Also in RTA, the Arena, and even in the labyrinth, Leo is doing a great job. Let us give you an overview:


The Wind Dragon Knight is a very good last pick if your enemy is going to take the first turn with fast monsters and a strong speed leader skill. Most of the times, Leo will be the forced ban for the enemy, making it easy for you, to predict this and act accordingly.

Also, together with Vivachel and Ragdoll, Leo is very common. The combination of his passive skill with Ragdoll’s (increases the attack bar of all allies by 10% if an ally receives a critical hit) makes it very easy for you, cutting in between the enemies turn and deal a lot of damage. Nana is another good pick in this team.

Another good team combo with Leo is Lucifer, the Light Demon. If you’re lucky enough to get both, you can play them in a cleave team, together with the usual cleave combos like: Draco, Bastet, Psamathe, Lushen, Kabilla, …


Every time you don’t want the enemy’s defense to get the first turn, you can consider Leo. Also, monsters that deal damage based on their speed are a good target for picking an offense with Leo. One example for this are the Beast Riders.

Common teams to play with Leo include:

LeoFeng YanAaliyah

Aaliyah buffs the whole team with immunity and a defense buff. This makes Feng Yans’ attacks stronger. Also some healing comes with her 3rd and 4th skills, making this team very sustainable.

Feng deals great damage through his multihits and defense break – especially if you have good Artifacts with ‘Add. Damage’ stats on him.

LeoHelena Jeanne

Jeanne is a great tank and thanks to her 3rd Skill, she can provoke the entire enemy team and afterwards defend herself with the invincibility effect of her 2nd skill.

This gives Helena the chance to deal aoe damage, transforming between her human and pony form, using the 2nd skill for the defense break on all enemies and the damage that comes with it.

For the question, how you should rune your Leo, we can’t give you a straightforward answer. There are so many possibilities that we try our best, to give you an idea. The most obvious thing when runing a Wind Dragon Knight is that you don’t want any speed on your runes, due to his passive skill. It’s not a big issue to have speed as a substat, but it simply wastes the potential of other stats that make Leo stronger or tankier.

These are the right keywords you should keep in mind: strong and tanky. In other words, instead of speed, you want Attack, HP, Def on your Leo, so that his 2nd skill, that ignores the enemies defense once he’s under 30% health, will have a chance to oneshot one enemy instantly. That’s why you should aim for 100% Crit Rate. 85% is also enough to crit against water monsters. Besides your slot 4 rune, Crit Damage is not that important. You can boost this with your Artifacts with the following substats:

S1 / S2 Crit damage, First attack Crit DMG, Own turn 1-target CD, CD+ as more/less enemy HP. Also good for the Wind Artifact is ‘DMG dealt on …’ depending on the element you’re attacking.

Another valuable stat for your runes is Resistance. If you’re able to, 100% resistance can help against teams with inability effects (stun or freeze). This for example is my current Leo for Siege and Arena:

When it comes to the ‘right’ rune set, following ideas are very common:

As most of the times, Violent runes are the most obvious way to go, as for most pvp contents. Additionally you can use Destroy, Revenge or Blade runes. For Leo, you don’t need to get Will runes as off set, as you always get the first turn. In case you really need a Will set on Leo, you would need to use 2 sets, so your Leo still have the Immunity effect after his first turn. Double Will + Nemesis is a good way to play against a Tesarion for example, to avoid getting defense broken right away.

You can also play Leo as a solo survivor to finish the enemy’s team by himself after every other monsters in your team is defeated. In this case, the Vampire rune set, best combined with 2 Destroy runes, will make him heal himself, destroy the opponents over time and finish them of with his 2nd skill, once the HP is below 30%. After that, you’ll have your Leo on max HP again, believe me, this is fun to play!

Now you should have an idea how to build and use your Leo in Summoners War. As you can see, it is a very strong monster. Even though it is classified as a support monster, it can also deal great damage and carry you in many different contents in the game. In case you have any questions or need help – don’t hesitate and ask on our Discord.


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