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Top 5 Best Natural 3 Star Supports [From 2 Player's Perspectives]

Top 5 Best Natural 3 Star Supports [From 2 Player's Perspectives]

Natalie and the second input will be from [CM]dotfortune. Let’s see what they have to say about this particular topic.

Natalie’s Top 5

1 While we all love to see lightning triggered during our mystical scroll summoning sessions, there are plenty of 3 star monsters that can serve you well from early to late game. These are just 5 of the most useful nat 3* support monsters you will definitely want to build and keep in Summoners War.

Belladeon (Light Inugami)

2 An all time favorite among summoners (for good reason), Belladeon brings an array of support features to the team. This must-have inugami packs a useful contribution in every single skill, and can be obtained from secret dungeons on Sundays, Light and Darkness scrolls, or the Temple of Wishes.
  • Skill 1: Reduces the target enemy’s defense for two turns. This softens the enemy up for the rest of your team to deal increased damage, and is an absolutely essential skill to take against any boss. The damage Bella deals with this attack increases by 10% for every skill up.
  • Skill 2: Strips all beneficial effects from the target enemy. The ability to remove beneficial effects is always nifty, but is absolutely crucial against Giants and Dragons dungeon bosses.
  • Skill 3: Increases the HP and attack bar of all allies by 30% each, effectively healing the entire team, while pushing everyone closer their next turn.
There are several options available when it comes to rune builds for Belladeon, and will mostly depend on where you are at in the game (early, mid, or late), and the quality of the runes you have. Early gamers can go with a Swift/Energy or Focus build, with Spd/HP%/HP% or Acc in slots 2/4/6. The primary goal is for Bella to have a turn before your attack mon (speed), be able to land the defense break or buff strip (accuracy), and survive to the end of the battle (HP). As you accumulate better runes, Swift can be replaced with Violent to increase Bella’s turn rate, and Revenge runes are a good option for any monster that delivers negative effects with their first skill. For substats, Bella needs as much speed, hp%, accuracy and def% as you can get.

Basalt (Dark Mammoth)

3 Basalt is by no means easily obtained, being available only through Light and Darkness scrolls or the Temple of Wishes. But for those lucky enough to summon this dark mammoth, Basalt is definitely a top choice for support on just about any team.
  • Skill 1: Attack with a 50% chance to provoke the target enemy, which provides a very handy distraction for your enemy’s most problematic monster.
  • Skill 2: HP recovery and 2 turn defense buff for all allies. The amount of hp recovered is proportionate to Basalt’s Max HP.
  • Skill 3: Decreases the attack bar of all enemies by 35%, and delivers damage proportionate to Basalt’s defense.
  • Leader Skill (awakened): Increases the defense of dark ally monsters by 35%.
Obviously, HP and defense are top priority for the dark mammoth, along with enough accuracy to land Basalt’s provoke effect and aoe attack bar decrease. Summoners can go with an Energy x2/Guard build with 2 HP% and 1 Def% main stat runes (2/4/6) for ultimate tankiness, or slap Acc on slot 6 if you can’t get enough accuracy in substats. To give Basalt a chance at extra turns, a Violent/Guard or Energy build is useful, or you can even go Vio/Revenge if you can get enough HP%, Def%, and Acc to make the counter attack  – with a chance to provoke – worthwhile.

Megan (Water Mystic Witch)

4 A favored buffer for Dragons B10 teams, PvP, ToA, and certain raids, Megan is fairly easy to obtain with mystical scrolls, mystical summons, unknown scrolls, or social summons. This mystic witch brings a few other nifty abilities to the table, as well.
  • Skill 1: 50% chance to inflict continuous damage for 1 turn. This skill maxes out with an 80% chance, and additional 30% damage.
  • Skill 2: 75% chance to remove one beneficial effect, and block beneficial effects on the target for 1 turn. The chance of this skill working increases to 100% once it reaches level 5.
  • Skill 3 (awakened): Increases the defence and attack of all allies for 2 turns, as well as increasing all allies’ attack bars by 20%
  • Leader Skill: Increases the attack power of ally monsters in the Arena by 21%
As with most support mons, speed is critical when considering rune builds for Megan. Also of great importance are HP (to make up for her natural squishiness), and accuracy for her debuffs. A common build for the water mystic witch is Swift/Focus (Spd/HP%/Acc). You can substitute Violent runes for Swift to get extra turns, but only if Megan has enough speed to buff your team before the enemy gets a turn.

Bernard (Wind Griffon)

5 This support monster is not only an essential asset to your Giants B10, ToA, PvP, and raid teams, he is also extremely easy to obtain and max skill. The wind griffon is a 3* drop in Tamor Desert, and can also be pulled from mystical or unknown scrolls, mystical summons, and exclusive summons.
  • Skill 1: Single target attack. The damage amount increases according to attack speed, and skill level.
  • Skill 2: Weakens the attack power and defense of the target enemy for 2 turns.
  • Skill 3: Increases the attack speed of all allies for 2 turns, as well as refilling their attack bars by 30%.
  • Leader Skill (awakened): Increases attack power of ally monsters with wind attribute by 30%.
Bernard is all about speed, and his rune recommendations are no different. Swift/Focus, with Spd/HP%/Acc will benefit all of the wind griffon’s skills, with speed, hp%, accuracy, and defense% also being the highest priority for substats – especially speed.

Racuni (Fire Harg)

6 In addition to being so bloody adorable, the fire harg is actually a great support monster for Dragons B10. Racuni is also adept at being extremely annoying to attackers when placed on Arena or Guild defense. Here’s why:
  • Skill 1: In addition to attacking the target enemy, the ally with the lowest attack bar receives a 15% boost to their attack bar.
  • Skill 2: Refills an ally’s attack bar to max, and increases their speed for 2 turns.
  • Skill 3 (passive): The ally with the lowest HP has up to 2 negative effects removed, as well as 10% of their HP restored.
To get the most out of Racuni’s skills, especially that passive, you will definitely want Violent runes on this harg, with Spd/HP%/HP% or Def%. If you pull the fire harg early game, Swift will do until you have sufficient Violent runes. Your 2-set runes can really be whatever you want/have – Revenge, Nemesis, Guard, Energy, Endure, even mismatched runes if it is the only way to improves Racuni’s overall speed and durability. For substats, prioritize speed above all else, with HP% and Def% being a close second to keep this little guy alive.

[CM]dotfortune’s Top 5

Few things are as satisfying in Summoner’s War as seeing a single monster of yours wipe an Arena Defense by itself, or bringing a unit near death back up to full health with a single move.  Chances are, neither of these things would be possible without the help of a support monster, and there are a number of monsters in the 3 Star range that can serve you well.  In making this list, I looked at three criteria: – Utility:  What does this monster bring to the table?  Can anyone else do what this monster does, but better?  How unique is the skill set that this support brings? – Versatility:  Where and how can I use this monster?  Is this monster someone I would only use early on, or is he still useful later on?  Does this monster have a role in multiple areas of the game, or is he a one-trick pony? – Impact:  How does this monster change my game if I build him/her?  What new content, defenses, dungeons, or raids can I get to and beat with this monster? I will break down how each criteria applies to each monster, and discuss what Runes and builds will bring out the most for each one.  These are the Top 5 Natural 3 Star Supports.

5.) Bernard – Wind Griffon

Bernard Wind One of the two farmable monsters on the list, Bernard is a potential drop as soon as Tamor Desert is unlocked on the World Map.  He is available very early compared to other potential 3 Star supports, so every attempt should be made to get one as soon as possible. While his first skill Snatch is completely lackluster as a default skill, his other two more than make up for it not having any special effects.  Body Slam is a single-target attack that has a 100% chance to activate both a “Decrease DEF” and “Decrease ATK” debuff application, with only a two-turn cooldown (whether it sticks or not is a separate issue).   Tailwind, Bernard’s signature ability, boosts his entire party’s ATB by 30%, while applying an “Increase ATK SPD” buff. Bernard’s ability to neuter and weaken threats with Body Slam and his ability to generate massive turn-advantage with Tailwind, make him a staple not only in “standard” Giant’s B10 teams, but in Arena and Guild Wars as well – both Offense and Defense.  Bernard even has found a use in the new Water Raid.   Being farmable also means that he is easy to skill up to full potential. A fast Bernard is a game-changer.  While a team that takes more turns than the other will usually win, a team that can get every member to move first is almost guaranteed to win – when built correctly.  This is the game plan for the aptly named “Speed” or “Wombo” teams. They are designed to move first in a certain order and eliminate the other team before it can move, and Bernard is often the lynchpin of such a team.  To accomplish this, a premium is put on SPD, and you will often find a player’s best Swift set and runes with SPD substats on Bernard.  Early on however, Bernard is more likely to be used in Giant’s B10 teams where survivability and applying debuffs is his main objective, and Energy and Focus sets are a common pair. Suggested Runes Basic: Swift + Energy/Focus, SPD | HP | HP/ACC Advanced: Swift + X*, SPD | X** | X** * – Broken sets are common on high-level Bernards, as the goal with Bernard is to maximize his SPD, not utilize the stats given by a 2-piece set.  ** – While HP% main stats are obviously ideal, many players will forego using them if that particular rune has excellent rolls in its SPD substat.

4.) Megan, the Water Mystic Witch

Mystic Witch Water In the Mystic Witch family, Megan is definitely the one to prioritize building, arguably having more use than even her Light and Dark sisters.   With no Secret Dungeon or Scenario Map associated with her, lock her down as soon as you find her, and save her sisters for skill-ups. Crow Summoning is an ok first skill – by applying “Continuous DMG” debuffs, it allows Megan to deal significant damage, even to bosses.  Toad Poison has the valuable “stripping” quality, allowing Megan to remove a single buff from an enemy, while also applying a “Beneficial Effects Blocked” debuff.  Lastly, her Spell of Strengthening applies both the “Increase ATK” and “Increase DEF” for two turns on the entire party, while giving the party’s ATB a 20% boost.  These buffs increase ATK and DEF stats by an incredible 70%, making the party significantly more durable and threatening. Megan is a support that brings an extremely versatile skill set to a party – DoTs (damage over time), stripping, buff blocking, ATK/DEF buffs, and ATB boosts.  While she isn’t the best in any one of those abilities, she does all of them acceptably, and in a single package.  This quality makes her the “jack-of-all-trades” support, making her useful in Scenario, Giant’s B10, Dragon’s B10, and Arena and Guild War Offense. Most supports require three stats to be successful, and the “generic support build”, emphasizing speed, HP, and accuracy, supports that.  Megan is no different.  Speed ensures that Megan moves before both the enemy team and her own, allowing her to pick off annoying buffs (Invincibility, Immunity, etc.), or cast Spell of Strengthening to maximize the damage her team does/protect them from enemy nukes. HP allows her greater survivability, as most support-type monsters are inherently squishy, making them vulnerable targets.  Lastly, Accuracy increases her odds of successfully applying her “Continuous DMG” and “Block Beneficial Effects” debuffs, and removing enemy buffs.  Early on, your off set (Energy/Focus) can be used to cover whichever stat your Slot 6 rune does not.  As your rune quality increases, it is recommended that slot be used for HP, and accuracy acquired through sub-stats, allowing the use of more unique off sets such as Shield or Will. Suggested Runes Basic: Swift + Focus/Energy, SPD | HP | HP/ACC Advanced: Swift + Energy/Shield/Will, SPD | HP | HP

3.) Mantura, the Dark Serpent

Mantura Dark More or less ignored until buffs made him viable, Mantura is now a highly sought-after summon from Light and Dark Scrolls.  While difficult to acquire, his Wind brother Ermeda can be farmed from Tamor Desert, while Fao (Fire) and Shailoq (Water) have their own Secret Dungeons, making skilling him up fairly easy. Sonic Boom is the Archangel family’s default skill “Heavenly Sword” without the DEF scaling – it may strip a buff from Mantura’s target.  Dark Blast and Poison Mist are both AoE attacks that scale with Mantura’s max HP.  Dark Blast will attempt to apply a “Decrease ATK SPD” debuff on the enemy team, while Poison Mist will attempt to apply both “Decrease DEF” and “Continuous DMG” debuffs. Where the other supports on this list are more defensive in nature, Mantura is geared towards disrupting the enemy team.   The combination of debuffs he brings with Dark Blast and Poison Mist allow Mantura to be used as a Galleon (Water Pirate Captain) substitute, and severely cripple and damage entire enemy teams.  This allows him to boost your teams’ damage output, and safely manage enemies in Giant’s B10, Dragon’s B10, Tower of Ascension, and Arena Offense. Him having two AoE skills, one of which is on a quick two-turn cooldown, makes him a prime candidate for Despair runes.  Energy and Focus are both solid off sets, and when you gain access to them, Shield runes allow Mantura to make his entire party tougher to kill.  Because his damage scales with his maximum HP, HP will be his primary focus.  If you do intend to use him as part of a Wombo team however, having SPD in Slot 2, along with plenty of SPD substats will probably be necessary to properly tune him to the rest of your team.  Accuracy will also be necessary to ensure that he lands his debuffs more consistently. Basic: Despair + Energy/Focus, SPD/HP | HP | HP Advanced: Despair + Shield/Focus, SPD/HP | HP | HP

2.) Belladeon, the Light Inugami

Belladeon Light Belladeon, or “Bella”, has a Secret Dungeon associated with him, making him farmable.  The only other way to acquire him is through a Light and Dark Scroll, which are even rarer than Mystic Scrolls.  Despite the difficulty in acquiring him, he is the most game-changing support listed so far, and fortunately, skilling him up is made easy by the fact that two of his brothers (Water Inugami in Garen Forest, and Fire Inugami in Faimon Volcano) are more easily farmed. The first support with a truly decent default skill, Scratch makes Bella a threat all on his own by always threatening to apply a “Decrease DEF” debuff.  Seize is likewise an equally powerful move, since unlike Megan’s buff stripping ability, a successful Seize will remove ALL buffs on a single target.  Bella’s heal Mobilize is the most powerful heal in the 3 Star class, healing for 36% of each ally’s max HP, while also boosting their ATB by 30%. The first true “healer” on the support list does not disappoint, precisely because he does not only bring healing to a fight.  Scratch massively increases the damage potential of any lineup, while Seize ensures that any dangerous buffs on the enemy side can be removed.  Aggressive use of Mobilize can even generate turn-advantage, and by itself is often a momentum-shifting skill.  Bella can be used with success in literally every aspect of the game, being a star support in Scenario, Giant’s B10, Dragon’s B10, Tower of Ascension, both Offense and Defense in Arena and Guild Wars, and in Raids.  You even occasionally see him listed in Necro B10 lineups. As with most supports, the generic support build of SPD, HP, and ACC will suffice for a majority of the game.  It’s when rune quality improves, and you have access to Violent that things become interesting.  Bella has long enough cooldowns on Seize and Mobilize, even at max-level, that cycling through turns is an extremely useful ability. To compensate for the loss of speed that comes with moving away from Swift, the Violent runes used on Bella must have SPD sub-stats to ensure that Bella moves where you need him too – Scratch’s “Decrease DEF” debuff is far less useful if your damage dealers move before Bella does.  As for the off set, Nemesis, Will, Shield, and Revenge are all excellent choices for Bella.  Nemesis allows for Bella to be used as a “trap healer”, Will makes Bella less prone to being disabled himself, Shield grants the entire party a significant shield at the start of every battle/wave, and Revenge allows Bella more opportunities to apply “Decrease DEF” to an enemy. Rune Suggestions Basic: Swift + Energy/Focus, SPD | HP | HP/ACC Advanced: Violent + Nemesis/Shield/Will/Revenge, SPD | HP | HP

1.) Basalt, the Dark Battle Mammoth

Basalt Dark Arguably one the most powerful Dark monsters in the Natural 3 Star vategory, Basalt is unfortunately only available through a lucky Light and Dark Scroll.  As his elemental brothers also have no Secret Dungeons associated with them, it is important to save the Battle Mammoths that you do come across to skill up Basalt. Battle Charge is a simple single-target attack that has an 80% at max level to “Provoke” the target.  A very useful debuff, “Provoke” allows you to selectively taunt an enemy unit into focusing Basalt with its default skill.  Polar Roar is a team heal based on Basalt’s HP, that also grants himself and his allies an “Increase DEF” buff, making the team extremely difficult to take down. Hell Stomp is an AoE nuke that scales with his naturally high DEF, and may reduce all enemies’ ATB by 35%. Basalt has one of the most flexible and synergistic skill-sets in the game, enabling him to fit anywhere in the game with success.   It all starts with the “Increase DEF” buff provided by Polar Roar – it makes the use of Battle Charge much safer, and increases the damage dealt by Hell Stomp significantly. Hell Stomp by itself is a momentum shifter, as it has the potential to generate turn-advantage by delaying enemy actions, and can deal surprisingly amounts of damage.  He is a welcome addition to safe Giant’s B10 teams, Arena/Guild war Offense and Defense, but truly shines in Tower of Ascension (Normal AND Hard) where his ability to generate turn-advantage, provoke key threats, and increase the survivability of his teammates is invaluable. His flexible kit means that there are multiple ways to build Basalt.  He can be used with success as a dedicated healer, nuker, or hybrid between the two.  Regardless of what role you want him to fill, the defensive stats of HP and/or DEF will always be your primary focus.  You can split his stats between some combination of Energy and Guard runes.  Later on, Violent turns Basalt from a solid contributor, to an outright monster since his cooldowns at max-level are relatively short. You should have better dedicated healers at this point, so making him either a dedicated tank or nuker at this stage will better exploit his abilities.  The off set you choose with a Violent set can be used to cover whatever stats you lack, to further boost the one you focused on, or to give Basalt an extra effect tailored to your needs. Rune Suggestions Basic: Energy/Guard, SPD/HP/DEF | HP/DEF | HP/DEF Advanced: Violent + Energy/Guard/Will/Shield, SPD/DEF | CD/DEF | DEF

Honorable Mentions

With only five slots to fill, a number of excellent supports were left off this list.  While still very useful and worth building, I feel they were edged out because they were more limited in the areas of the game they could really impact, or because their impact was slightly overshadowed by those who did make the list. Darion, the Light Vagabond Darion Light A member of the infmaous “Light Trio” along with Belladeon and Ahman, Darion is another offensively oriented support.  Mostly known for his damage-reducing passive Knighthood, he also provides solid utility in the form of “Decrease ATK” from Slash Waves and “Decrease DEF” from Slash Rocks.  A common 5th member of entry Giant’s B10 teams, he also has solid use in some Arena/Guild War Defences and Offenses. Spectra, the Fire Griffin Spectra Awakened Fire One of Bernard’s elemental brothers, Spectra works as the anti-Bernard to generate turn-advantage.  His Backlash is an AoE “Decrease ATK SPD” and ATB reduction, making him a key component in Tower of Ascension.  Special Assault is a single-target nuke that allows him to deal relatively high damage with little investment into offensive stats, at the cost of 10% of his maximum HP.  He also sees some use in Dragon’s B10 teams. Michelle, the Wind Epikion Michelle Wind A highly underrated healer, Michelle is overshadowed by her 4-Star sister Chloe (Fire) and to a lesser degree, Rina (Water).  Her heal, Block Flow, has the unique ability of extending the duration of any buffs her and the team may have, while decreasing the duration of any debuffs, giving her a potential cleanse.  Soul Revival is an ok revive, but is serviceable in Dragon’s B10 if you haven’t fused yourself Mikene (Water Undine) yet, or mistakenly fed Teon (Light Garuda) early.  ]]>