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New Event – 4-Year Anniversary [Customize Legend Runes!]

New Event – 4-Year Anniversary [Customize Legend Runes!]

About This Event We’re going to talk about the rules of this event here. First of all, this event is like last year’s anniversary coin event. You can get coins from collecting runes and grindstones – for once there’s no limit on how many coins we can get a day, so if you just wanna sit and melt in your chair and farm runes all day, you can do that. There’s no reason to stop at a certain limit, because we have no limit. Getting a 1-3 star rune will net you two coins, a four-star rune four coins, five-star five coins, and a six-star six coins. You can also acquire coins from Grindstones. A normal-rare grindstone will get you five coins, hero six, and legend eight.

Rune Crafting

Let’s start with the titular part of this event – crafting your own Legendary runes. Not only are they six star and legendary, but you can also choose which slot you’ll craft and what the main stat will be! That means if you want to craft a slot 2 Violent rune with Speed at the main stat, you can! First, it’ll take 300 coins for you to choose which rune that you want to craft. After that, it’ll take another 150 coins to choose which slot rune and the main stat. Overall, that means you’ll need 600 coins if you want to craft one rune. I’m still not sure whether you can craft more than one rune or not. Anyway, you actually can’t choose what substats you’re going to have. However, if you’re not satisfied with your substats, you can pay another 150 coins to change your substats – essentially being a free reappraisal – until you’ve gotten the substats you like. In other words, you can spend a lot of your coins into creating the perfect rune.

Magic Shop

While it’s slightly expensive to craft a rune, in the end you’re going to end up with an excess amount of coins, and you’re going to wonder, “where can I use the rest of my coins I got from this event?” That’s where the Magic Shop part of this event comes in! Unfortunately, there’s no Legendary Scroll like last year, but still! Devilmon you guys! As you can see here, you can get 30 Energy and 30,000 mana daily for 15 coins each. You can also get:
  • 50 crystals twice (30 coins per)
  • 100 crystals once (60 coins)
  • 12-hour EXP booster (30 coins)
  • 1 Mystical scroll twice (45 coins per)
  • 2 Mystical Scrolls once (90 coins)
  • 50 Summoning Stones (90 coins)
  • 4 star Rainbowmon (60 coins)
  • 1 Devilmon (300 coins)

Things to Know

Rune crafting does, in fact, count. This means that if you craft a five-star rune in the Crafting Building, you’ll get five coins. If you’re broke crystal-wise like me, the best thing to buy first would be the crystals from the Magic Shop. More crystals means more refills, meaning more dungeon runs, which equals more runes, and that would mean more points toward getting the perfect rune.

What Rune Should You Craft?

That’s probably the question everyone is asking themselves. I don’t blame you; as far as I know for now you can only craft one rune, so you gotta make it count. Most people are obviously going to say “slot 2 Violent rune, speed main substat” or “slot 4 Rage rune, Crit Damage main substat” However, did you know that’s actually not the best rune you can get if you’re an early-game player? It’s true; let me explain and tell you which rune to get if you’re early game. First of all, do not craft an odd-slot rune (slots 1, 3 and 5) as that would just be a waste, as you cannot choose what main stat it will have. I would also not recommend crafting a 2-set rune (runes that only need two of the same kind to be completed, such as Energy or Blade runes). This is because you need less of them to complete a set, which means that they’re easier to get from dungeons. However, a 4-set rune needs twice the amount of runes to complete a set, which means more dungeon farming. Now let’s get back on topic of what rune to craft as an early-game player and why. Let’s talk about the difference between a five-star Speed rune maxed out and a six-star Speed rune maxed out, and then we’ll do the same for an HP% rune. First of all, a five-star speed rune, when maxed out is 39 speed. Compare that with a six-star rune, which is 42; only a difference of 3. A five-star HP% rune is 51% when maxed out, and a six-star rune 63%. Overall, that’s a 12% differences, and tankiness is everything when you’re just starting out in the game and beginning your GB10 team. The more HP your monsters have, the more reliable your team becomes. Speed isn’t everything until after you have a stable GB10 team. TL;DR: If you’re an early-game player, go HP% in a 4-set rune. If you’re beyond early-game, so Speed in either Swift or Violent.

Where to Farm for Points?

This section is where you can farm points most efficiently in the least amount of time. There are two places where people farm their coins 99% of the time: Faimon Hell and the B10s (GB10, DB10 and NB10). We’ll just pay attention to Faimon Hell and GB10, because if we talk about DB10, NB10, rune crafting, etc. this section would be far too long for its own good. We’ll do a comparison of the two places and their statistics. To make things easier for the both of us, let’s assume that you have a 1:00 Faimon Hell 1 time and a 1:40 GB10 time. For a good majority of the time, Faimon Volcano will give you 3 star runes, sometimes giving you a four-star or a five star rune. Other times, it will give you Unknown Scrolls, crafting material, and 2-3 star monsters. The last three don’t count towards your coin count. Keep in mind that three star runes give you 2 coins, 4-star runes four coins, and five-star runes five coins. GB10, on the other hand, will at the very minimum drop a five-star rune. Other times it’ll give you a six-star rune, which counts towards six coins. However, like Faimon Hell, it will sometimes drop Unknown Scrolls. Other times it’ll give you rune crafting pieces, and while they themselves don’t get you any coins, if you craft a rune with these pieces, you’ll get at least five coins (assuming that you’re crafting 5-6 star runes, as I wouldn’t recommend crafting anything else) While it does take you 40 more seconds to farm GB10, it will be more reliable as you will get at least a five star rune or rune pieces that can combine into a rune. In other words, if you don’t mind getting your coins a little slower but want more coins per run, do GB10. If you’re in a rush to get the last of your coins to buy that last prize, I would recommend Faimon runs. I hope you enjoyed this article, as I certainly enjoyed writing it! This event may be the best of 2018’s events so far, but I could be wrong and an even better event could come along. Stay tuned, as in a week I’ll be publishing five articles of this year’s anniversary Hall of Heroes! I’m Sara Ann, and I’ll see you in the next article!]]>