New Game, New Girl (Chapter 3) – Fan Fiction

New Game, New Girl (Chapter 3) – Fan Fiction

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Chapter Three
Monsters’ Rage

The team had only walked across the well-travelled dirt path for about five minutes before they were stopped. Out of the ground two Mushrooms popped out of the ground, almost as tall as Yeonhong. The Mushroom that Elucia had been fed wasn’t nearly as tall as these things.

“It’s the monsters!” Ellia shouted. “Watch out!” Quick as lightning Sieq growled and lunged at the Mushrooms. They were both wind elements, and terribly weak. Their large caps looked comedic, and Elucia almost giggled at how silly they looked, but that giggling was quickly cut off when one of them opened its mouth and choked out a strange mist at Roid. Surprisingly, it knocked him back.

“Roid!” Elucia shrieked. The boy looked at her for a moment, and struggled to get back on his feet, but kept a smile on his face.

“Don’t worry, my little kari.” He smirked. “Us knights can take on –” He was cut off as a cough worked its way out of his throat. Orange blood splattered the ground in front of him. “ – anything.”

“Roid, you’re obviously hurt!” She extended her arm towards him to help him up, and in that moment, her hand glowed blue as a chill rushed through Roid. When her hand stopped glowing, he was able to get back on his feet and grab his sword, the poison having been nullified.

“Thank you for that, Elucia.” With that, he leaped up into the air at the remaining mushroom, stabbing it at the top of its cap and then slicing it right off of its head. The orange-yellow cap flew off like a Frisbee and dissolved into light midair, the stump succumbing to the same fate. The path had been cleared, and the others were free to move.

“That was AWESOME, Elucia!” Sara congratulated, eyes glittering. “How did you do that? You just took the poison right out of Roid’s system!” The fairy blushed from the attention; she was not used to this much praise.

“I-I don’t know, really…I was just in the zone, and then…” Chasun piped up.

“Oh, Elucia’s a healer, like me. Some monsters can hone their attack magic better, while others are more for support, and then there are healers.” She explained, watching as Sieq returned to the duo’s side. “Sieq and Roid are attackers, while you’re more of a healer. Once you’re awakened, you’ll be more of a support monster, though.”

“Awakened?” Elucia echoed. Sara was about to explain, but Yeonhong cut her off.

“It’s something we’ll tell you later.” She huffed, sitting down again.

“Yeonhong’s right; we need to keep moving if we want to find the source of this dark energy.” Ellia said. Chasun helped the light monster up to her feet and they continued walking, not noticing the two monsters looking at them from a distance.

“N-new ones…” The little girl whispered to her brother. He wrapped a wing around her, as if to protect her.

“Yes, Charlotte. The monsters here are the weakest in the continent of Mystica, so new Summoners will frequently train their monsters here.” He explained, before looking behind him all of a sudden. A Maned Boar – wind – was about to charge at them. Charlotte looked too and froze up from fear, her heart pounding in her ears.

“Get down, Charlotte!” He shouted, pulling her behind him and unsheathing his sword. Sara looked up.

“Did you all just hear that?” She asked, turning to the group. Elucia tilted her head in curiosity.

“It sounded like someone was telling somebody named Charlotte to get down.” The group shook their heads, which caused the girl to shrug.

“Ah well. Continue on, my team!” She pointed ahead of her and picked up the pace a little.

Chasun kept having a strange thought push its way to the front of her mind, despite how many times she tried to shove it back. This world has become corrupted. It said. Let’s give humanity the punishment it deserves. The thought grew louder. Kill all humans. They caused the war.

She was snapped out of it by the sound of a pig snorting. “That monster in the center…” Ellia mused. “I think he’s the boss!” There was a Maned Boar, a fire element, blocking the path. There were two other wind element Mushrooms by his side. Sara didn’t falter, but instead took control.

“Sieq!” She shouted. “Use your elemental advantage to take out one of the Mushrooms by the boar’s side! Elucia; Sieq is going to get poisoned by the Mushroom he chooses, so use your healing magic to get rid of it! Roid, you go for the other Mushroom!” Ellia was impressed by how quickly she had the battle figured out in her mind and therefore knew what to do. It made her seem like she had the strategic planning of a world chess expert, which was strange because she didn’t even play checkers.

Sieq did as he was told, growling and snapping at his enemy. One mushroom fell, and just as Sara planned, he, too, had been poisoned. Elucia went to work, and within a second, Sieq was ready to attack again. Roid’s attack, however, was cut off. The boar charged at him and, despite him digging his heels into the dirt, he fell back. The mushroom to the left let out another poisonous mist, which wrapped around Roid and poisoned him again.

He laid on his side, trying to get up, but the venom made his arm slide out from under him as his eyes closed. He had been completely knocked out, and for a second Elucia was filled with rage. It was not directed towards Roid, but rather, the Maned Boar. The swirling ice mist returned; freezing spikes stabbing into the boar’s hide. Painful anger froze the boar in its place, and Sieq tore up the mushroom by its side.

“Alright, Roid’s down, but the boar’s frozen! It won’t be able to attack for a while!” Sara shouted. “Elucia! Finish him off!” The boar thrashed around, but as its hooves broke free from its icy prison, it was finished off by another ice mist.

“I knew you could handle it!” Ellia smiled at the team. Sara held a second rune in her hand, which Ellia quickly noticed. It was a slot two rune, and its main substat was speed.

“Is that the second Energy rune? You’ll be able to complete a set at this rate!” The subject swung from runes to Garen Forest.

“Durand and Chasun were right; there is something wrong with the forest. We should go and take a closer look…” The crackling rage died down, and what was left was fear. She flew towards Roid and started gently shaking him, trying to get him to wake up.

“Damn it, Roid, wake up…” She cursed under her breath, determined not to let her love or her Summoner hear her defile the air around her like that. His eyelids fluttered and eventually opened and Elucia breathed a sigh of relief.

“You’re alright…” Chasun shivered suddenly as the fairy helped Roid up.

“Ugh, I’m getting the creeps here all of a sudden.” She mumbled under her breath.  The strange thought was growing louder in her head. The Homunculi were sealed away because of the humans. It growled, wolf-like and hostile. Kill the humans in front of you, Sky Dancer girl.

There was a flash of white as something rushed by, causing the others to flinch. Roid went into a protective stance over Elucia, and she would have blushed had she not been concerned about what that was all about. The sun began to set after a few more hours of walking on what seemed like the endless path, and the team looked up.

“Look, it’s turning dark.” Sara sighed. “We’ll have to go back to the island and rest for the night.” Chasun was glad that she could take her mind off of the shivers, and agreed with Sara. As the group headed back, Chasun turned to Sara.

“Oh yeah, Sara.” She said, catching the girl’s attention.

“What is it?”

“When we get back to the island, there’s a little something that I want to show you.” Of course, this made her want to know more, but no matter how much she pleaded Chasun to tell, she wouldn’t, only keeping a small smile on her face.

“It’s a secret,” She would giggle, “and secrets have to be kept, otherwise they’re not secrets, are they? Oh, and don’t try and ask Yeon; I told her that if she blabbed I’d get Verdehile.” Verdehile was the sisters’ best friends, and was pretty much the only monster that Yeonhong ever listened to. Chasun suspected that she was crushing on the Vampire boy – she couldn’t blame her, though, he was very handsome and a pleasant sight to look at.

The monsters went first, stepping through the portal back home. It had already become night time on their island. Ellia turned back towards them all, seeing as how they were generally bright-eyed and ready for tomorrow.

“I’ll be in the Arena Defense Tower making dinner for you all if you need me!” She smiled, turning towards the tower. Sara turned towards Chasun, who had a scroll in her hand. It was different from the kind of scrolls that she had summoned, earlier – it was the color of Chasun’s dress, and a black square seal kept it shut instead of a blue one.

“Follow me to the Summoning Circle.” She smiled, before she herself rushed there, her skirt flying up behind her. The six year old was breathless by the time she made it, but Chasun wasn’t, and was instead patiently sitting on the grass, waiting for her.

“Alright, so you’ve done a few basic summons, right?” She asked, not waiting for an answer.

“Well, Ellia was holding back on the goods. Check this out, baby!” She held the scroll in front of Sara, and the girl took it, studying the paper.

“A Mystical Scroll – works just like crystal summons, but you’ve got a scroll instead of using crystals that could be used for precious energy.” Chasun explained. “The only things better than this are the Legendary and Transcendence Scrolls!”

Both scrolls were, of course, legends. The Legendary Scroll could only be acquired by the best of the best people; those who climbed the Trial of Ascension and destroyed the demons who lived at the top, Lyrith and Ath’tharos. The scroll would give anyone at least a natural four star. The Transcendence Scroll was even rarer, to the point where there was no recorded summoning that used one – for good reason, too. It was said that the Transcendence Scroll only pulled natural five star monsters, the rarest and best monsters. Chasun had once hinted that Sara would be getting a Legendary Scroll on a monthly basis once she became a Summoner, but for now, she focused on the Mystical Scroll.

“Unfortunately, you need quite a bit of mana to perform the summoning, but luckily for us, I have about 20,000 spare mana.” She pulled out a few stones and set them on the Summoning Circle.

“You ready to get yourself a good monster?” Sara nodded excitedly. Elucia and Roid floated over to ask what was happening. Sara gave them a rushed explanation before setting the scroll down onto the middle of the Summoning Circle. The paper dissolved, turning into liquid and morphing into a monster, and suddenly, green lightning started to skitter and jump out of the Circle, unlike her first three summons. The four jumped, but Chasun was growing excited.

“When you see lightning, that means you have a natural four star or higher!” She shouted. Chasun wasn’t sure why she was shouting, but she didn’t care. There was a blinding light, and everyone had to shield their eyes. When the light cleared away, a woman stood, proud and tall, in front of them where the Mystical Scroll used to be. Her blue suit was sleeveless and stopped just at her thighs, her black boots going up to her knees. Her hair, as dark as night, was tied high up into a thin ponytail, free to swing as freely as it chose, framing a beautiful face and blood red eyes. One hand was placed delicately on her hip, the other gripping tightly onto a whip that swirled with the power of water.

“Summon successful!” Chasun whooped, pumping her fist into the air. “Looks like you got yourself a four-star water Rakshasa, Su!”

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