New Game, New Girl (Chapter 5) – Fan Fiction

New Game, New Girl (Chapter 5) – Fan Fiction

Chapter Five
Opponent Gready

“There’s a message from the Council of Summoners.” Ellia said, coming out of the Arena Defense Tower. “Who could it be?” A hologram of Lycana showed up, just like the messages from Durand about a week ago.

“Hello, this is Lycana.” She began. “I wanted to thank you again for last time. I’m still looking into the case, but…it’s hard to find evidence of who did it.”

“I was wondering if you could fulfill a request from the Council of Summoners.”

“Yeah, anything, Lycana.” Sara nodded. “What is it?”

“Recently, there were ancient ruins that were discovered on Mt. Siz, and now there have been reports of the appearances of Golems.”

“It’s not surprising that the monsters are stirred by the power of those ruins, but Golems?” Chasun was confused.

“The Council usually looks into these matters, but they’re currently busy with some problem in the Arena.” She didn’t want to tell them that the appearances of the Golems, and the problem that the Council of Summoners was busy with, were because of the dark energy that was radiating from Faimon Volcano – the dark energy that looked exactly like the dark Homunculus sister.

“All week, you have been busy, busy, busy; with the stupid Arena.” Yeonhong glared up at her. “I ask again; what’s so important about the Arena that you can’t do it yourselves?”

“Perhaps it’s the work of Lady Arang again…” Lucien sighed. She had asked if she could become a permanent resident of the island, seeing how nice it seemed. Sara, of course, enthusiastically agreed.

“Perhaps it is. I’m worried that it’s too urgent of a matter to be ignored, but we have to send someone.” Lycana was glad to change the subject from Yeonhong. “I can promise you that you will be rewarded handsomely for your troubles.”

“Durand and your father have praised you as a great Summoner, despite your age, and I’ve seen your abilities with my own eyes.” Sara beamed at the compliment. She definitely wasn’t the kind of person to fish for compliments, but she would never decline one if given to her.

“I know this may sound difficult, but please consider our favor. Let’s keep in touch, alright? Thank you.” With that, the message ended and Lycana disappeared. Ellia turned to Sara.

“Lycana’s in charge of ruins and ancient relics in the Council of Summoners.” She explained, having just found that out herself about a day ago. “I think it sounds like a promising opportunity!”

“But Golems?” Sara tilted her head. “Even though they’re common in the summoning pool, they’re actually hard to find in the wild in the entire continent of Mystica.”

“I hope this doesn’t try to get us killed again.” Elucia sighed. She was still sore from last week’s battle against Guardian Icaru.

“Hang on, there’s another message, this time from Durand. Did he hear about the Garen Forest incident?” Ellia projected the message in front of them. Lucien admired him slightly, having fallen head over heels when Sara explained to her who he was.

“Dear friend, I heard you had a match with Guardian Icaru.” He smirked. “Finally, a real match for you, am I right? Hope it wasn’t too dangerous!”

“It actually was very dangerous!” Sara nodded. “Everyone but my newest monster, Su, was knocked out, before her partner Lucien came to save the day!”

“I was shocked, too, you know!” Ellia huffed. “They told me that it would just be a few upset monsters to take care of! I didn’t know that we were going to meet a monster-human hybrid spirit that hated both –”

“ANYway,” He cut the rambling girl off, “the Council thinks that it was just a simple heist, but I heard the whole forest was in a frenzy.”

“It certainly was what you would call a ‘frenzy,’ Durand.” Su sighed.

“Lycana’s been looking into the situation, but we don’t have any answers just yet. Putting that aside, though, let’s get to work.” Durand grinned at Sara, getting ready to tell her something he was sure would dazzle her.

“The Arena Portal on your island will be opening about….now.” Suddenly the whole island’s eyes turned towards the left. A swirling blue mist was in the air, changing and forming until, once it cleared away, a mini replica of the Sky Arena was open. There were steps that led to the Arena, where it would take people to the real thing.

“Fascinating, is it not?” He said, gauging their reactions. Elucia, Lucien and Sara were in awe, Roid a bit curious, and everyone else generally didn’t care.

“Welcome to the Arena, my friend!” Sara turned and starting thanking Durand. He had to tell her to stop (while laughing, of course) before he could continue on.

“Now, this is where you come in. It’s time to choose your match.” He paused for a moment, before continuing. “…Actually, I’ve already chosen your first opponent for you.” Everyone’s attention was brought back to Durand.

“No one knows his real name, but they call him Gready. He used to steal and rob the people whose family members were away during the Summoner’s War.” He gave an explanation as to how he was caught and arrested, and when he was released from prison he was the first to start summoning monsters strictly for battle.

“He might be just a tad much for your first match, but I’m sure you can handle him!” He laughed a bit. “Now, what’re you waiting for? I’ll be looking forward to seeing you victorious!” The message disappeared, leaving Ellia upset.

“I knew that he could be random, but WOW. Gready?!” She huffed once more. “He really can be unpredictable…” Sara wasn’t listening. She had already climbed up onto the mini replica of the Arena Portal, her monsters with her, and suddenly, she was there at the real thing. The gateway was opening, and a list of people waiting for a fight was on the right.

“Hey, wait for me!” She shouted, doing the same thing. Sara was reading the list, looking for Gready’s name.

“Ah, here he is!” Sara smiled. Other people were surrounding the place with their monsters, looking for challengers. She was able to make out a Laika with a scar down his eye, an Illiana polishing her sword, along with a beautiful girl with her hair tied up into what looked like an ice cream swirl – she could never remember if she was Tiana or Elenoa, as they looked way too similar for her. Oh well, that didn’t matter. It was time to fight.

Her team consisted of Elucia, Roid, Su and Lucien. Only Elucia had any runes in her, but that didn’t matter, as Gready’s Arena defense, which he gloated about, wasn’t that intimidating. None of his monsters were awakened, and one of them was a Slime, a silver-star monster that couldn’t be awakened.

“Who dares to challenge me? A little girl like you? Hahah!” He laughed. What a strange sight he was – a red turban on his head and a golden robe covering his pot belly. There was a vicious grin on his face, showing off a golden tooth.

His monsters went first. A wind Harpu, Seal, let out a piercing shriek that stunned Elucia so much she couldn’t attack. The fire Elemental he had fired at Lucien, his own Elucia covering Sieq in an ice mist that thankfully didn’t freeze him, and finally his Slime also hitting Sieq. He was struggling to stay on his feet, but there was a gleam in the hound’s eye that showed that he wouldn’t be taken down that easily.

The Hellhound snapped at his Seal first. Lucien fired at the Harpu’s ankle, knocking her right out. Su went for the kill, whipping at the Elemental and taking him out. Two monsters down, Sara thought to herself, two more to go. The battle wasn’t nearly as hard as she expected – in fact, it was quite easy.

Elucia snapped out of it as Sieq snarled and bit down on the Slime. Surprisingly, it flowed right out of its jaws and merged back into what looked like a teardrop. Su swung at it thrice, reducing it down to almost nothing. The poison her whip was fused with made it dissolve into a puddle, unable to form into anything anymore for that battle.

All that was left was his Elucia, which was soon knocked out by one of Lucien’s steady shots. Even for her first opponent in the Sky Arena, it was incredibly easy – almost too easy, Chasun thought. That didn’t matter, though, as she was busy taunting Gready.

“Oh my Artamiel’s Sword, did you really just get taken out by someone who’s probably about a tenth of your age?” She shouted. “Ey-ooo! Guess we know you’re not getting the Legend Rank anytime soon if you can get whipped by a six-year old girl!”

“The Arena Battle versus Gready and Sara has ended! The victorious is Sara!” The speakers announced. The man who stood in front of his wiped out team no longer had a smirk on his face, and instead was replaced by a grimace.

“…This isn’t over!” He snarled, shoving his monsters back up on their feet and stomping out of the Arena.

“Great job!” Ellia congratulated. “I knew right from the start you’d win; you’re just that good.”

“By the name of Elsharion, Gready got whipped by a girl who hasn’t even gone through puberty yet!” Chasun was too busy taunting the already fuming Gready. Yeonhong had decided to stay at the island, which left her free to shout whatever she pleased.

“Okay, Chasun, that’s enough.” Su stopped her. “I don’t think you want him to die from how brutal your burns are.”

“Hey, look at that!” Ellia realized. “It’s a message from Durand. Was he really watching this whole time…?” The message blinked on, standing in front of them all.

“That was a sweet victory! Looks like I should have picked you a tougher opponent!” He smiled.

“Damn right!” Chasun crossed her arms, proud of Sara. “Gready got whipped by a girl! Gready got whipped by a girl!”

“You should be careful, though. Don’t go challenging anyone and everyone; powerful Summoners would love to take you down.” He warned. “Trust me; just ten minutes ago I watched someone with all light and dark natural five-stars force a new Summoner into an Arena battle. Thankfully, soon enough you’ll be so good you’re gonna take them down!” Chasun was still busy shouting “Gready got whipped by a girl!” over and over again.

“More important matches will be added to the Arena Rivals list for you.” Durand said. “The Arena’s “winner takes all” rule is simple and primitive. You can consider it a mini-magic war.” He sighed and shook his head.

“But, for twenty years, this has kept the peace…You do remember we all want checks and balances, right?”

“Yep! We don’t want to start another Summoner’s War again, that’s for sure!” Sara nodded.

“But, really, you know what your parents and I would want?” He asked. She shook her head. “For you to win and take it all!” He crossed his arms at the incredulous look on her face.

“No, seriously – I think that’s the best option. Show the Arena who rules!” He suddenly remembered something.

“Also, check your island. I’ve sent you a gift to help you fight!” Durand explained that it was the light Garuda, Teon. The monster could heal and revive all her other monsters, which would be great for if she was in a pinch and needed one of her important attackers back up.

“I’ll be waiting for the good news, like always!” The message disappeared.

“Harrumph!” Ellia huffed. “It’s all politics nowadays!”

“The only rule of life is to never talk politics with someone.” Chasun butted in. “Trust me, no one wins when they’re shouting insults at one another because their political views are different from each other’s.”

“I do think that there is one good thing about the Arena, though.” Ellia said.

“Yeah? What’s that?” Sara asked.

“You can easily punish the bad Summoners! Gready already had a bad reputation for being a no-good scumbag!” She smiled. “And now look! You’ve showed him who’s boss! It felt amazing to see him lose so easily!” Ellia perked up. She had such a lovely smile, Sara thought. It’s just like my mother’s.

“I’ll be looking forward to more Arena matches! For now, though, we have some ruins in Mt. Siz to investigate!”

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