New Light Paladin [Nat 5 Fusion + Recipe]

New Light Paladin [Nat 5 Fusion + Recipe]

Looks like a new light paladin will be available soon!

Check out the discussion on reddit:

  • More rewards for lower-rank RTA players– edit– clarification: RTA is designed for lategame players, there’s no plans to make it easier for noobs, but there will be increased rewards for not so successful players.
  • No planned changes to speed meta
  • Essence fission is a guaranteed no
  • No new rune sets planned at the moment, but it’s always a possibility
  • Equal focus on PvP and PvE in the future (I think this refers to the dimensional hole (PvE) coming out at the same time as 3v3 GW (PvP))
  • RTA Vio limit not going to be expanded to other forms of content
  • Light fusion is a paladin, as the OP of this posts suggests. She’s still in development- they’re deciding between HP and DEF type, and the other elements will be released as well. Paladin will wear full body armor, will be blonde, will carry a mace, and will utilize shield and reflect mechanics (camules 5* version confirmed?? Kappa )
  • 3v3 GW coming at the end of the year
  • “Super Angelmons” and “Evolution Force” are two new items being added to the game, likely as part of certain special packs, but possibly rewards for new areas

-They won’t implement a new element

  • The acc/res system is there for always unexpected things, so it’s not a static/predictable fight

I think that’s all of it. If I removed your post and you’re coming to this comment I linked, let me know and I’ll edit this to include any bits of info I may have missed.

Check out the interview here:

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