$10 Daily Bounty active! 🤑 Accumulate at least 200 points in the Send Flowers to Ellia event. Post the screenshot in Plexchat to win. Tap to learn how.

New Monsters Update v1.5.0

New Monsters Update v1.5.0

Hello fellow SW players! We have 6 new monsters. They are Battle Mammoth, Penguin Knight, Barbaric King, Polar Queen, Cow Girl and Ifrit. Check out the pictures below courtesy of com2us.

Battle Mammoth

Penguin Knight

Barbaric King

Polar Queen

– Cow Girl and Ifrit can be acquired only through specific methods (Guild Store, Fusion Hexagram).
* Dark Ifrit is provided with the Fusion Recipe and Light Ifrit and Light/Dark Cow Girl will be available through other special methods.

Cow Girl


Summoners War


Daily $10 Bounty

3000 Crystal Monthly Bounty

500 Crystal Weekly Bounty


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