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New Summoners War Monsters & Fusion Recipe (Update)

New Summoners War Monsters & Fusion Recipe (Update)

It has been 2 years since we got Riley as a new fusion monster. The Summoners War community was really excited, as we hadn’t seen new fusion monsters for a pretty long time.

After the big reloaded update with new dungeons and second awakenings, we are all hyped, especially with the current Summoners War championship 2023 (SWC). Now, it’s time for the next update: we will get new monsters, and two of them are fusionable!

Introducing Dokkaebi Lord 5* and Dokkaebi Princess and Sapsaree 4*

Dokkaebi Lord is a new Nat 5 and is next to Veromos the second fusionable Dark monster. One of the fusion material monsters is the new 4-star monster, Dokkaebi Princess, along with its big dog Sapsaree. Both monsters are based on Dokkaebi, a goblin from Korean folklore. From the picture below, you can see that the monster designs are very complex and remarkable, showcasing a deep love for Korean culture.

Let’s have a closer look on the designs!

Dokkaebi Lord is an HP-type Monster and looks very huge and strong, reminiscing of a great and powerful goblin. We are looking forward to testing its skills and determining the areas where we can use this new monster, maybe in both PvE and PvP content?

Next up is Dokkaebi Princess and her loyal companion, the big fluffy dog Sapsaree, serving as a Support-type Monster. The fire attribute will act as a part of the fusion for Dokkaebi Lord. Since they form a team of two monsters, they will protect each other. The design is incredibly cute, complementing their team combination, and you can observe numerous small details.

You can see a first look of the skills down below!

Dokkaebi Princess and Sapsaree have a unique skill: when Dokkaebi Princess falls under inability effects, Sapsaree attacks the enemy to absorb its Attack Bar! This team can be a really strong Support-type Monster with their shield, providing sustain for the entire team.

Dokkaebi Lord’s damage is based on its MAX HP, aligning perfectly with the concept of a massive and dangerous goblin. Additionally, the monster steals 1 beneficial effect and leaves a branding effect if the enemy has no beneficial effect. Its passive skill makes it highly sustainable for all ally team members.

New Fusion Recipe

The new fusion recipe will include the following monsters:

  • Dokkaebi Lord (Default 5* Monster)
  • Dokkaebi Princess and Sapsaree (Default 4* Monster)
  • Water Onimusha (Default 4* Monster)
  • Wind Dyrad (Default 4* Monster)
  • Dark Viking (Default 3* Monster)

How can you get the fusion monsters? Please check the sources of monsters down below!

These are very exciting news! We’re looking forward to the new monsters and their skill animations, which will be release in the upcoming v.8.1.2 update. We will update our page Fusion Hexagram Chart as soon as possible.

What’s your opinion? Feel free to share your thoughts on our community discord!

See you, SWinfo