New Update and Changes to Monsters

New Update and Changes to Monsters

Fedora Water

Com2us has made some changes to a lot of monsters. Click here for the original patch notes.

Here are some comments and thoughts on the new changes on Reddit.(Credit to Abs01ut3)

These are the hidden potentials/remarks/tidbits that I’ve noticed so far:

  • Water Death Knight: Skill 3 has 5-turn CD max but only protects for 2 turns. Might need additional help as a solo immunity buffer, but “protect from death” buff can be played with Michelle. Skill 2 has 75% Atk/Def debuff + skill 1 has heal block. Too much of a waste to ignore Acc on him, when he has Bernard’s debuffs + more and Bernard is built Acc. Violent+Focus, triple HP and cap the Acc with Focus+25% bonus from awakening (thanks gotaplanstan).
  • Light M. Witch: AoE on 3-turn and 5-turn CD, with Megan’s DoT. First AoE has 50/100% Def debuff, and second AoE puts auto-revive with 30% HP on the lowest HP ally for 2 turns. Could also play with Michelle, but it’s an inferior revive + Despair AoE. Despair/Focus, Spd/HP/Acc imho.
  • Fire M. Witch: No discussion about her yet afaik. Used to be an inferior Kona because her 2nd skill is deadweight. Now, she has Megan’s DoT, AoE Def debuff (same as the light MW), and clears all debuffs, heal for 12% +2.4% extra for each debuff cleared (4 turn cd). Possible alternative to Kona?
  • Wind Bearman: Also no discussion yet. Clear 2 debuffs + party Atk buff every 3 turns (clearing 2 debuffs is all you need most of the time), AoE ATB reduction of 30%. Useful as Kona + atk buff source. Do you think he’s worth it now?
  • Dark G. Reaper: 2nd skill will not proc Despair because it has no damage component. 3rd skill will overlap with Despair. Remember that Doomsday hit randomly. Do you think pairing him with Baretta / his own 2nd skill would yield enough stuns in ToA to justify raising him?
  • Dark WW: Third skill is now clarified: he will apply Def debuff instead. New ToA terror?

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