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October Hall of Heroes [Maruna – Fire Boomerang Warrior]

October Hall of Heroes [Maruna – Fire Boomerang Warrior]

On Thursday (yes, Thursday), October 7th, 2021, the Maruna (fire Boomerang Warrior) Hall of Heroes was announced. Personally, I really like Maruna! She was my first of the Boomerang Warriors, and she’s really good for ToA.

Anyway, before we begin, Hall of Heroes is a lot like Trial of Ascension, so that means you can use Trial of Ascension strategy and monsters (e.g. attack bar pushbacks, stuns and continuous damage are king). I strongly advise bringing your regular Trial of Ascension team. In my case, I have decided to use Charlotte, Loren, Frigate, Verad, and Rica.

Is Maruna Good?

Yes! She’s not nearly as good as, say, Sabrina, however she does her spots. She’s primarily used to Stun enemies in ToA, as her s3, Flame Drive, will attack all enemies and stun then for 1 turn, while pulling a Chakram Dancer along. Whichever unit the Chakram Dancer hits is guaranteed to be stunned, as well; it ignores the enemy monster’s Resistance. (As long as you don’t land it as a Glancing Hit, of course.)

Stage 1

Welcome to Stage 1! We start off with three Sabrinas (water Boomerang Warriors) and two Melissas (wind Chakram Dancers)

The Threat: As I mentioned earlier, Sabrina is the best of the Boomerang Warriors. This is due to her passive, Female Warrior, which decreases the damage she takes by 20% on enemies with buffs on them, while also increasing the damage she deals by 20% on enemies with no buffs on them. Any Chakram Dancer alongside her will also gain this effect as well.

Melissa is surprisingly high-damage; her gimmick is that her s3’s damage bypasses all damage reduction effects. Invincibility and Shield won’t do piddly squat against her.

The Solution: It’s easier to take out Melissa first before going for Sabrina. The main gimmick of the Chakram Dancers and Boomerang Warriors is that they pull each other along for their attacks, so if all the Chakram Dancers are dead a lot of the damage is gone.

Stage 2

We’re off to stage 2! Here, we’ve got three Zenobias (wind Boomerang Warriors) and two Shainas (fire Chakram Dancers).

The Threat: Does anyone else remember the days when Shaina had Attack Bar decrease in her passive? Because I do. Anyway, Shaina’s the biggest threat here. Her passive decreases Defense on everyone she hits for 1 turn, while also increasing her Accuracy by 25%. Any other Boomerang Warrior she attacks with will also have their accuracy increased as well.

Zenobia is a single-target attacker, who’s focused on increasing the time of debuffs on her enemies. Her s3 attacks an enemy, stuns then and then increases the debuff duration on the enemies for a turn. Any Chakram Dancer she attacks with will also increase debuff durations for a turn.

The Solution: Go for Shaina first. She may not be super OP anymore, but her defense break is still insane to deal with. Zenobia can increase debuff durations, mind you, but that’s only a single-target attack. Shaina’s s2 is an AoE attack!

Stage 3

It’s miniboss time! We’ve got a Bael (fire Demon) and two Xiao Lins (water Kung Fu Girls).

The Threat: Bael’s the biggest threat. Mainly because he’s the miniboss, and you have to kill him in order to pass, and that’s it. His s3 attacks all enemies at a constant elemental advantage, and he inflicts Continuous Damage amounts that are proportionate to the amount of damage he deals for 2 turns. Xiao Lin has high damage; her S3 attacks random enemies 4 times, and deals more damage based on how many debuffs the enemy had on.

The Solution: The solution is pretty easy – all you have to do is kill Bael and then move on. If you’re struggling because of Xiao Lin, though, you can definitely aim for her first and then move on.

Stage 4

We’re more than halfway through! We’ve got three Martinas (dark Boomerang Warriors) and two Devas (light Chakram Dancers).

The Threat: Martina scares me. Her passive steals a buff from the enemy with each hit, and increases her damage by 10% up to 15 times every time she steals a buff. If she has any Chakram Dancers in her team, she’ll also gives the buffs she steals to the Chakram Dancer. Deva’s passive has additional damage that’s proportionate to the enemy’s max HP, as well, however it’s not very high damage.

The Solution: Take out Martina first. She’s high damage, and she steals buffs. Deva isn’t so bad, because her damage isn’t that good, but Martina is where you realy have to worry. Or, if you’re worried about dying from the pair-ups, you can go for Deva first, because there’s less Chakrams.

Stage 5

We’re almost done! We’ve got three Baileys (light Boomerang Warriors) and two Belitas (dark Chakram Dancers).

The Threat: The threat here’s Belita. Bailey has high damage on her s3 and attack bar increasing, but Belita turns all of your buffs into DoTs. She’ll also decrease your HP by 5% per DoT that she applies to her enemy.

The Solution: The solution is to take out Belita first, because there’s less Chakram Dancers than Boomerang Warriors. Bailey’s s3 is a bit annoying to deal with, but it’s not an insta-kill like Belita is.

Stage 6

It’s boss time! We’ve got a Maruna, and two other Boomerang Warriors by her side! In this case, we have a Sabrina and two Martinas.

The Threat: The threat depends on whoever the lackeys are. In this case, Maruna would probably be your biggest threat, next to Martina and Sabrina. There’s no Chakram Dancers, so you’re pretty safe here too.

The Solution: The solution here once again depends on who the lackeys are. It’s easy to just burst down Maruna and be done with it (especially because she has an AoE stun in two of her skills), but if you’re struggling a little more you can burst down Sabrina and Martina.

I hope you all enjoyed this article! Did you get any Marunas? I already got a few myself for skillups. In the meantime, I’m Sara Ann, and I’ll see you in the next article!