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October Hall of Heroes [Melissa – Wind Chakram Dancer]

October Hall of Heroes [Melissa – Wind Chakram Dancer]

th, the Melissa (wind Chakram Dancer) Hall of Heroes was announced. This breaks Com2uS’s tradition of always giving us Jack-o-Lanterns for the October HoH, in the theme of Halloween. I don’t really know what broke this tradition? I’m pretty sure the wind pumpkin hasn’t been an HoH yet, so this is weird. Before we begin, Hall of Heroes is a lot like Trial of Ascension, so that means you can use Trial of Ascension strategy and monsters (e.g. attack bar pushbacks, stuns and continuous damage are king). I strongly advise bringing your regular Trial of Ascension team. In my case, I’m using Charlotte, Frigate, Verad (L) and Rica – for my main team, anyway. I switched over to my Asia account to get the screenshots. Again.

Is Melissa Usable?

Ehhh, not really. I don’t know if you really would want to build Melissa. She’s more of a niche unit than anything, but if you have any Boomerang Warriors, I guess you need to use Melissa in there to be able to unleash the Boomerangs’ full potential. But, you can also use her as skillups for some better Chakram Warriors (coughcough Talia coughcough I’m still upset over the Shaina nerf) if you already have a Melissa.

Stage 1

Well, it’s stage 1, and there’s no better place to start than here. Here, we’ve got three Talias (water Chakram Dancers) and two Zenobias (wind Boomerang Warriors). The Threat: Alright, we’re definitely gonna say that Talia is the bigger threat here. Don’t get me wrong, Zenobia’s actually pretty good, but Talia’s third skill is definitely a single-target NUKE. Basically, she attacks an enemy twice, and the damage she deals to an enemy is increased by 50% if the enemy’s below half HP. And the Boomerang Warrior she tugs along also deals 50% increased damage too. Zenobia just increases the cooltime on debuffs that the enemy has. It’s not fun. The Solution: So, here’s the thing. You’re gonna want to take out the Boomerang Warriors first. Like, don’t get me wrong, they’re not the deadliest of the bunch, but they’ll end up activating Talia’s “drags Boomerang Warriors along” gimmick. After that, you’re free to take out Talia. She’s pretty deadly by herself, but at least her third skill can’t hit three times.

Stage 2

It’s Stage 2, I’m very salty over the Shaina nerf, anyway we have three Shainas (fire Chakram Dancers) and two Orions (water Brownie Magicians). The Threat: Well, it certainly ain’t Shaina anymore, HA-HAAAAAAA – Shaina’s passive, Precision, increases her Accuracy by 25% and decreases the enemy’s defense for 1 turn after she attacks. Yeah. Her second skill is an AoE attack, mind you, but it’s still sad. Orion’s better, and his third skill is very RNG focused, with stun, defense break, unrecoverable on his enemies, and Attack Bar increase on his allies. The Solution: Just… get rid of Shaina. Honestly, she’s fallen far from her former glory. She’s not even really a threat. None of them are. Like, there’s no one who could outright oneshot you.

Stage 3

It’s miniboss time! Here, we’ve got a Triton (wind Sea Emperor) and two Ludos (fire Dice Magicians). The Threat: Uuugh, Triton. His third skill removes all buffs from all enemies, and decreases their attack bar by 25%. Ludo, I don’t remember much about, but he’s not that threatening as long as you keep him under a stun. The Solution: Fun fact – you don’t have to kill the miniboss (or the boss) lackeys in order to proceed in the Hall of Heroes. I swear to god, I keep thinking that the update that put this in was maybe a few months ago, but then I remember how many times I’ve said this fun fact and I’m pretty sure it happened sometime in 2017. Wild how fast the time flies, huh? Anyway, you can kill Triton and go on. Enjoy.

Stage 4

It’s time for Stage 4! We have three Devas (light Chakram Dancers) and two Lanetts (dark Magic Knights). The Threat: I actually really like Lanett as a unit. Her third skill does some pretty good damage, her first skill has DoTs, and her second has defense break. Deva’s also pretty good thanks to her new passive, which also inflicts DoTs and is also based off the enemy’s Max HP, like Lanett’s third. The Solution: Uhh, I’m gonna say go for Lanett first. She’s classed really weirdly – she’s classified as a Defense monster, but none of her skills scale off of Defense. Also, she’s really slow, as a Magic Knight. Other than that, this stage is actually pretty threatening.

Stage 5

We’re almost at the boss! Here, we’ve got three Belitas (dark Chakram Dancers) and two Baileys (light Boomerang Warriors). The Threat: Well, if they switched the elements of the Chakrams and the Boomerangs, I’d say they were both equally threats, but thankfully, they’re not. I’d really say that Belita is the bigger threat here, solely because of her sheer Continuous Damage potential. Bailey’s alright, I guess. That’s about it. The Solution: You really just need to take out Bailey, and you’re good. I know I said she’s less of a threat, but again, it’s easier to take out two Boomerang Warriors than it is three Chakram Dancers.

Stage 6

It’s time for the final boss! Like always, the lackeys are going to be different elements each stage. Here, though, we’ve got Melissa, Shaina and Talia as the girls you’ll be fighting. The Threat: Well, the biggest threat WOULD BE Shaina if they hadn’t nerfed Shaina, but now it’s Talia. Melissa just goes past damage reduction buffs, but not passives. You’re pretty much in the clear, even if this were a higher stage. The Solution: You can easily take out Melissa without worrying too much about Shaina or Talia. Shaina isn’t that much of a threat, she really only sets up for Talia or Melissa, but if they had any Boomerang Warriors, I’d be singing a different song. But we don’t, and we’re good. Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed this article! Did you get any skillups for your Chakram Dancers, or did you decide to build Melissa? Let me know in the comments down below! In the meantime, I’m Sara Ann, and I’ll see you in the next article!]]>