UnOfficial Updates in 2017 [Reddit Post]

UnOfficial Updates in 2017 [Reddit Post]

Apparently, the devs from Com2us have something in store for the players soon… We won’t know when, but you do want to see what is in store for you. For a very short summary, you will be expecting more tournaments, guild coordination and the Light/Dark Homunculus. 🙂

Below is the info compiled from Reddit.

So there was a Summoners War conference/party in Korea today and there were some very important things discussed regarding future updates.

Now this information is from the official Naver Cafe and is briefly summarized from a user who compiled all the information from various posts from people who attended , so I apologize for the lack of details.


  • Tournaments
  • New “Friendly Tournaments” (Not sure how this differs from “Goodwill Battles”)
  • Global On/Offline Tournaments

Guild (Community)

  • Improved Guild Communication
  • New Co-op content
  • Increased affiliation and utility (Guild Buff, Guild Level, Guild Presents)
  • Improved Guild accessibility

Guild (Siege/War)

Magic Crafts

Fusion Monsters

Dimensional.. Hole?? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Update will be late 2017
  • A place where you can use some of the less used monsters. (I think this might be like quest-type battles, like “only damaged by fire-type defense monsters” or “only damaged by 3star wind monsters” etc)


  • Regarding the Speed Meta – Hard to make a sudden drastic change because the users have six-starred runes and monsters according to the meta. But in the future they will make monsters with RNG and variability, so that being faster doesn’t always equal wins.
  • Buffs regarding L&D Nat 5s – “I also pulled a L&D Nat 5s and most of the chat was ‘RIP’. We are working hard trying to give more utility those mosnters. Expecting updates to L&D monsters as well as others. Can’t discuss specific monsters. They might seem useless right now, but we will try to make new content in which they can be used”
  • Will you re-sell the Transcendence scroll? – “I actually want ask (for permission) the users. We worried a lot when we first introduced it because people might think we are greedy. (but you are…?) We are thankful the users are positive about it. It won’t be sold again any time soon since it guarantees a Nat 5, but I won’t say that we don’t have any plans to sell it sometime in the future.”
  • Rune Storage – “One thing we are proud of Summoners War is our technical skills resulting in short loading times. Now the 500 rune spaces are included in the technical skills, I want you to know that it is not easy to suddenly increase the storage significantly. We are pondering whether the storage space is actually the problem. In fact, seeing how it is not easy to newly set and change runes, increasing rune storage doesn’t seem like the correct fix. We are preparing for a new and more efficient rune management system by this year.”

And there you have it guys. I was in bed but I had to translate this as soon as I found out about it because I was so excited and wanted to get this out ASAP to all you non-Koreans. (6am right now…)

Again, this is from the Naver post made by a user who compiled the information from the other people who attended and posted about it, so it’s a bit generalized and lacking in detail.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me and I will try my best to answer you.



Edit: Apparently those who attended were given Dinner and Presents, including angelmon smartphone holder ring, cape?mousepad? devilmon mask, devilmon pen, tumbler, angelmon plushie, angelmon ricecake, and $100 Google Play Card!!! Damn! Wish they had these conference in other places too!

Edit 2: There is news that users will be given devilmon, probably 1, just like how it was last year.

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