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Potential ToA Changes, Samurai’s 4th Skill, Bombers get a buff, Verdehile takes a huge nerf!

Potential ToA Changes, Samurai’s 4th Skill, Bombers get a buff, Verdehile takes a huge nerf!

This is taken from the original post from Com2us forums.

Hello Summoners, We have some interesting stories from our developers that made Summoners War. We will give you a little sneak peek of what will be changing in Summoners War!

Please note that these concepts are still under the development stage and can be subjected to change

Harmful Effect: Bomb -When the bomb explodes on the enemy, it will Stun the enemy! Get your Fire Joker ready folks!

Samurai’s New 4th Skill! -Our Developers are trying to make the monster concepts more interesting to you guys, so you can expect more changes in the future!

-The Samurai will now officially have a 4th skill! Currently there is no information about the new 4th skill that will be added on but please stay tuned in the future for more details!

Fire Vampire’s Boiling Blood Passive Skill modifications -The Fire Vampire’s Passive skill will not stack on another Fire Vampire to increase the 2nd Fire Vampire’s Attack Gauge.

Trial of Ascension New Boss -On May 15th, a new boss will appear on the Trial of Ascension! Summoners, prepare to meet Lilith!

Daily Bonus Log in Revamp! ‚Äč-The Developers were thinking about this schedule for the Daily Log in Rewards!

If you guys have any other questions about these changes or want to share your thoughts, join us during our Summoners War Stream this Friday 4/24 from 4pm to 5pm PDT!

Follow us here:http://www.twitch.tv/com2ususa

Lilith Concept Art http://i.imgur.com/J4L2qjc.png

Daily Bonus Revamp http://i.imgur.com/8Ca5MS2.png

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