Power Up Stone Event

Power Up Stone Event

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Greetings from Com2uS!

Participate in the [Power-up Stone Event] to collect points and exchange with Power-up Stones!
Collect accumulated points to get a Light & Darkness Scroll and send flowers to Ellia!
Please read below for more info.

■ Event Details
– Event: May 15th 12am – May 28th 7:59am PDT
* Rewards available until May 29th 7:59am PDT
* Power-up Stones valid until Jun. 11th 7:59am PDT

■ Event 1. Collect points and get Power-up Stones!
– Points will be accumulated every time you acquire during the event.
Collect points to exchange for Power-up Stones every day!

* Runes acquired via Magic Shop and Achievements will be excluded.
(However, Runes acquired via Crafting will be included.)
* The collected points will be shown on [My Points] in the event page.

[How to collect points]
1) Runes: Points vary by the number of Stars
1~3★: 1pts
4★: 2pts
5★: 3pts
6★: 5pts

2) Grindstones & Gems: Points vary by the grade
Normal/Magic/Rare: 3pts
Hero: 4pts
Legend: 5pts

★ Bonus! Summon Monsters and collect bonus points!
– You can get additional 5pts whenever you summon a 3★+ Monster 1 time!
* For the Bonus Mission, Summonings performed using Monster Summoning Pieces won’t count.

[Use your points to get Power-up Stones at the event page!]
– 10pts = 1 Power-up Stone
– You can exchange up to 10 times a day!

* “””” No. of Power-up Stones exchanged today”””” will reset every day at 7:59am PDT.
* Points will be deducted instantly with your exchange, and the exchanged Power-up Stones will be sent to the Inbox.
* Power-up Stones will expire on Jun. 11th 7:59am PDT, so make sure to use them before they expire.

[Limited Time Only! How to use the Power-up Stones!]
– Use the Power-up Stones to Power-up Runes and double the Power-up Success Rate!

1. Select the Rune to Power-up.
2. Check your Power-up Stone before tapping on the [Power-up] Button.
3. Tap on the [Power-up] Button.

■ Event 2. Accumulate points to send flowers!
– Collect points to send flowers to Ellia!
Special rewards are available according to the Total Accumulated Points (50/100/200/300/500/700/1,000pts)!

* Rewards available once per reward.
* The reward will be sent to the Inbox when you tap on the [Collect] Button in order according to amount of the total accumulated points.

[Reward Details]
50pts: 50 Energy
100pts: 100,000 Mana Stones
200pts: 100 Crystals
300pts: 100 Energy + 3★ MAX Lv. Rainbowmon x3
500pts: 3 Mystical Scrolls
700pts: 300,000 Mana Stones
1,000pts: 150 Crystals + 1 Light & Darkness Scroll

■ Event 3. Daily Energy Reward!
– 20 Energy will be sent to those who exchange points with at least 1 Power-up Stone a day during the event.
Tap on the [Collect] Button and the reward will be sent to your Inbox.

* Available once a day, and the record will reset every day at 7:59am PDT.

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