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Reloaded Update Leak?!

Reloaded Update Leak?!

Hey Summoners!

The first look at the big Summoners War Reloaded major update has been leaked!

In less than 24 hours, the official livestream will go live ( and Com2Us will showcase the big upcoming news for Summoners War Sky Arena.

Let’s look at the first screenshots that have been shared from the Summoners War Reloaded presentation and what we can expect:

We will get a brand new Cairos Dungeon called “Spiritual Realm” with new Rune sets.
At least two new rune sets awaits us to farm: “Seal” and “Intangible”.

We have not yet any information about the Seal Rune set, but the first information about the Intangible Rune Set are fascinating. It will be the first set consisting of only one rune, but you can only equip one per monster.
This makes sense as it replace any other rune to complete a set. In other words you can now use 3 Violent, Swift, etc runes plus one Intangible rune to have a full set of Violent, Swift,… etc.
This makes this rune set very powerful to swap it between your strongest teams and also a perfect target to farm, grind and especially use your Reappraisal Stones on it.

In our opinion we can expect much more from the developers on the livestream, so make sure to stay tuned for more updates and join our Community Discord to discuss the big Summoners War Reloaded major update!

Happy farming, Summoners