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Review: Summoner's War Funko Pops!

Review: Summoner's War Funko Pops!

Out of the Box

With that said, let’s begin the review on the four! Each Funko Pop will be a short review, where I give some pictures of them in the box and out of them, talk about what I like and don’t like about them, and how much I recommend them.


Let’s start with Camilla, the water Valkyrie! As of right now on Amazon, she’s $7.89 due to a flash sale or something, but normally she’s only 11 dollars. Camilla is low-key my favorite of the Funko Pops because she has a really pretty design, both in-game and on the toy. Amazon describes her in the set of 4 as “An all time favorite Camilla, built like a tank and hits like… well, a tank. She’s so awesome we had to give her a glow in the dark rune sword.” This is a picture of her in her box. That’s right, folks! Camilla here actually glows in the dark, as the sticker on her box says! …Unfortunately, that’s very misleading, because the only parts of her that glows are the runes on her sword. Even then, you have to hold her against a lightbulb for like five minutes and then the runes will glow for a minute or so immediately after you turn the bulb off. These are some pictures of her out of her box: [gallery columns="2" ids="18553,18554,18555,18556"]   Do I like Camilla? Yes, definitely. Do I think she’s worth the price? …Ehhhh, not really. I mean, I get it, she’s kinda expensive because that’s how companies make money, but I feel like they could have made more of her glow, and not just the runes on her sword. I mean, they listed it as “glow in the dark” but it took me at least half an hour to figure out which part of her glows. I expected the eyes or the helmet to glow, so overall I’m just a tad disappointed with her glowing capabilities. Nevertheless, I really like Camilla. The Valkyries already have a great design, and I think it translated super well into the Funko world. Camilla’s definitely my favorite of the SW Funko Wave, and if you only had to pick one of the four, I’d recommend Camilla. And yeah, I do complain that 11 dollars does seem like a little bit to spend on a figurine, but remember that the official Artamiel/Katarina/Elucia/Shihwa figurines are probably at least 90 dollars. I know Artamiel’s gone for $180 once.


Now let’s move on to the next Funko Pop; Jeanne. In game, she’s the light Paladin and is actually fusable! On Amazon, she’s described as “Jeanne, the Light Paladin who heals, tanks and hammers all the while boasting great looking braids.” (I can confirm; her braid is great.) Right now, her price is $9.90, due to another flash sale. Normally, though, she’s 11 dollars, just like Camilla. I couldn’t get her back into the box for the pictures, because she comes with a stand that snaps onto her feet, and I’m afraid to try and take it out because all that’s keeping it in are these little nubs that look like they could easily snap off, so for her “in-box” picture, she’s just gonna be on top of said box. And here are some pictures of her out of the box! [gallery columns="2" ids="18557,18558,18559,18560"] It actually took me this long to realize that Jeanne’s hair goes from blonde to pink, and I only figured it out because it was there in the Funko’s hair and I wanted to know whether or not it was actually there in game. (The answer, by the way, is yes, but it takes a little while to see it.) Jeanne has a stand that she needs attached to her in order for her to properly stand up. Otherwise, she keeps falling over. It’s included in the box, and snaps into two little holes in the bottom of her feet. I feel the need to point this out, because so far Jeanne is the only SW Funko who needs the stand – Camilla’s already got a built-in stand so she can float, and Mav and Orion are…mostly stable enough. So do I think Jeanne’s worth the 11 dollars she goes for on Amazon? Yes, I do. The armor is really well-done and detailed, plus the shield is really cute in her Funko form. Jeanne’s hair is really great, and definitely shows off the pink highlights better than in-game.


I actually just mentioned Mav and his Funko Pop in an earlier article; part 2 of an in-depth look of my 20 new six stars! He’s 11 dollars like the rest of the Funkos and his description on Amazon reads “Mav, the sleepy penguin who knows the true meaning of teamwork.” This one’s actually really accurate; Wings of Wind really helps out with ToA; in a beginner’s team, and on other pesky stages, like Zaiross Akroma and the Leo Ragdoll stage. Here’s a picture of him in his box: And some pictures out of the box! [gallery columns="2" ids="18561,18562,18563,18564"] Now, Mav is definitely the cutest of the SW Funko wave! I mean look at him in his lil armor I love him so much aaaaaaa – anyway. Mav is basically in one piece, and doesn’t have much that could break off if you’re rough with him (unlike Camilla and her sword, Jeanne and her mace thingy, you name it). Overall, if you’re looking to give a kid a SW Funko Pop (not judging why), then Mav is probably the one you would want. Apart from his sword, there’s really nothing that can get lodged in their throat, though I still wouldn’t risk it with kids below…I dunno, 4 or 5. Mav is adorable, though, and I’d still recommend him for yourself.


Finally, we’ll end this article with Orion, the cancer hamster – I mean water Brownie Magician. Amazon describes him as “Orion, the adorable trickster so quick with his “harmless” pranks. He is as harmless as he looks… not!” I’m sure everyone who’s been screwed over by the so-called Harmless Prank can agree with me that it’s terrible and painful to watch as your Frigate gets stunned, Charlotte is defense broken and healblocked, and then the Theomars targets Charlotte. (ravioli ravioli no bulli the cinnamon rolli) …Anyway, he’s also 11 dollars on Amazon as well. This is a picture of him in his box. And some pictures out of the box: [gallery columns="2" ids="18565,18566,18567,18568"] Now, if you’ve been paying attention, you may have noticed that my Orion is missing one of those little golden ears on his crown. It actually broke off at some point! I’m not sure how it broke, or where it went (if it did I would’ve glued it back on by now), but man, it sucks. The main reason why is it broke is because of how unstable Orion is. Now, if you keep him on a shelf oin the wall, that’s fine, but if you keep on, like, a table, he’ll be the first one to fall over at the slightest bump. Now, Mav doesn’t fall over too easily because his feet are placed apart, Jeanne has a stand of her own and so does Camilla, but Orion’s just got too small an area to make him stable. The main way you could fix this in the Funko design itself is putting a stand at the bottom of Orion’s ball, or you could do what most people do and place him on a shelf and just…never touch him or play with him. Now, I know some people do that because collectibles, but, you know. Overall, Orion is my least favorite and I wouldn’t recommend buying him as much as I recommend the other three. Nevertheless, I think this wave of Funko Pops was a really good starter wave to go for. If you see any in stores, I’d definitely recommend buying them or just ordering them off Amazon. I’m Sara Ann, and I’ll see you in the next article!]]>