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September Hall of Heroes [Luer – Water Phantom Thief]

September Hall of Heroes [Luer – Water Phantom Thief]

On Wednesday, August the 11th, the Luer (water Phantom Thief) Hall of Heroes was announced. Luer is considered to be a budget Galleon, as he also decreases everyone’s defense for 2 turns on his s3 – like Galleon, he doesn’t have to worry about the whole elemental disadvantage thing, either.

Anyway, before we begin, Hall of Heroes is a lot like Trial of Ascension, so that means you can use Trial of Ascension strategy and monsters (e.g. attack bar pushbacks, stuns and continuous damage are king). I strongly advise bringing your regular Trial of Ascension team. In my case, I have decided to use Charlotte, Loren, Frigate, Verad, and Rica.

Is Luer Good?

I’d say he is, yes. If you don’t have Galleon, he makes a good alternative as an AoE defense breaker. His S3 always lands as a crushing hit, regardless of the enemy’s element, so you don’t have to worry about, say, attacking a Wind unit and landing a Glancing Hit. His s3 also decerases all enemies’ Attack Bar by 50%, too.

Stage 1

 It’s time to start the Hall of Heroes! Here, we’ve got three Jeans (fire Phantom Thieves) and two Hraesvelgs (wind Barbaric King).

The Threat: The threat here is definitely gonna be Jean. His s3 meshes perfectly with his s3 – s3 states that he increases his attack bar if the enemy’s stunned or defeated after the attack, and his s2 stuns if it lands as a critical hit. Also, he deals 100% more damage against enemies with twice his HP or more.

Hraesvelg is a little bit out of the meta these days, but he’s still worrisome when you’re fighting against him in the Hall of Heroes. His s3 attacks all enemies, increasing the attack power and speed of all his allies for 2 turns. When it’s on cooldown, his ATK speed increases and he’ll heal himself for 10% HP every turn.

The Solution: I’m going to say go for Jean first. His damage is seriously high, and the attack bar increase isn’t fun to deal with. Hraesvelg can be incredibly fast once he uses up his s3, but as long as you keep him stunned he won’t do much.

Stage 2

We’re past stage 1, and so we’re off to stage 2. Stage 2’s not the annoying stage in this HoH, but it’s irksome. Here, we’ve got three Juliens (wind Phantom Thieves) and two Gildongs (water Taoists).

The Threat: Julien is surprisingly irksome to deal with. I’d say it’s because of his S3, which hits all enemies 3 times and has a 30% chance per hit to stun them for one turn. Oh, and he also shares Jean’s S2, the one with extra Crit Hit and stuns if it lands as a Crit.

Gildong’s more of a single-target unit. His s3 attacks an enemy four times, with about a 25% chance each hit to land a Defense Break for 2 turns. Couple that with the fact his s3 hits 4 times, it’s pretty much a guaranteed defense break on that skill.

The Solution: Go for Julien first. While Gildong may be a single-target attacker that can absolutely wreck your day, Julien can wreck it harder by stunning all of your units. Gildong is mostly harmless if you keep him stunned, but he can absolutely take down one of your units in the higher levels.

Stage 3

It’s miniboss time! Here, we’ve got a Poseidon (water Sea Emperor) and two Berenices (fire Blade Dancers).

The Threat: I’d probably say the biggest threat here is Poseidon. His s3 attacks all enemies, sets their attack bars to 0, and also cannot land as a Glancing Hit. His s2 also silences all enemies, and his s1 transfers harmful effects from him to his target. It’s super annoying to deal with. Berenice isn’t any better to deal with, mind you, but at least she’s not like Poseidon. Her S3 is the main thing to worry about, where she increases everyone’s Attack Bar by 30% and then increases their Attack Speed and Crit Rate for 2 turns.

The Solution: You don’t have to kill Berenice to advance; all you need is to kill Poseidon. But, if they’re giving you trouble, you can stun the Berenices and them lock down Poseidon with Loren.

Stage 4

Oh boy, here we go. This one. This one’s gonna be the stage that’s hell to get through. We’ve got three Guillaumes (dark Phantom Thieves) and two Eredases (light Sylphs).

The Threat: Guillaume. He’s the bane of every Trial of Ascension run, solely because of his passive. His passive increases his chances of being hit by a glancing hit by 30%, and when he’s hit with a glancing hit he gains Invincibility for 1 turn. The reason why that’s so annoying is that he doesn’t gain Immunity – you can keep pushing his attack bar back to 0, with no way to remove his shield if you’re unlucky.

Also, Eredas is pretty annoying, I guess. HIs s3 attacks all enemies 4 times, has a 20% chance to stun them for a turn and also absorb their attack bar by 20%.

The Solution: BUFF STRIPPERS. There are three ways to deal with Guillaume – strip the invincibility every time, use Unbuffable debuff on him, or use Oblivion, which completely blocks his passive. All of them are pretty risky (even Oblivion, which still relies on you landing the hit to be able to place it on him). Eredas isn’t that big of a deal, but it’s Guillaume that’ll get you stuck.

Stage 5

We’re almost done! We’ve got three Louises (light Phantom Thieves) and two Koronas (dark Brownie Magicians).

The Threat: The threat would probably be Louis. His s3, Illusion Magic, will even out his HP with a chosen ally, and give them both Invincibility for 2 turns. He’ll also decrease the cooltime of his s3 by 3 turns if he’s below 50% after the HP ratio. Korona’s a bit of a weird case, because his s3, Kindness Gone Wrong, strips both buffs and debuffs off of all enemies, and puts them to sleep; the turn amount is for the amount of buffs/debuffs he took.

The Solution: Louis will be your best shot, as he grants Invincibility. Now, it’s not constant Invincibility like Guillaume, but still Invincibility. Korona is a pain in the butt, too, but remember that you can be woken up from Sleep via being attacked.

Stage 6

It’s boss time! Every stage, we’re going to get Luer as the boss, and he’ll be surrounded by two other Phantom Thieves. In this instance, for example, he has Jean and Julien by his side.

The Threat: The threat’s always going to be different, because he’s always gonna have different Phantom Thieves by his side. In this case, though, I’d still say Juline and Luer are the biggest threats. Jean is still annoying to deal with, but he’s not nearly as scary as Luer.

The Solution: Whichever one is the scariest gets taken down first. In this case, you can immediately burst down Luer, and don’t have to worry about the other thieves. But, if you find yourself having trouble with the other thieves, it’s okay to kill or stun them first.

I hope you all enjoyed this article! Did you get your Luers? Let me know in the comments down below. In the meantime; I’m Sara Ann, and I’ll see you in the next article!