Speed Tuning for PvP Optimization [Calculator Included]

Speed Tuning for PvP Optimization [Calculator Included]

Hello everyone and welcome back to another video! In today’s episode of Theorycrafting Thursday we break down the importance of Speed Tuning. It has been widely understood in the community that the players who excel in PVP have a combination of great runes, great units or both.

What some of the up and coming players don’t realize is that while you may have the best unit/rune combinations for each individual monster – if you don’t have your team properly speed tuned to work exactly the way you designed it, the chance of failure increases.

Today, our EpicFail Delta Leader and SW Youtuber Badhands join us in explaining the tool that EpicFail uses for their members to assist them in optimizing their PVP teams for offense and defense! If you enjoy Badhand’s work, please stop on by his channel and show your support!

Summoners War Speed Tuning Calculator Link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1PQZZOrHfyPhCXc_5KBna4d9t1mbGihneKa3ncRSJoiA/edit#gid=1103542845

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