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Summoners War Reloaded Major Update [Recap]

Summoners War Reloaded Major Update [Recap]

Big changes will come to Summoners War with the Reloaded major update…

… earlier than we’ve expected!
On the 30th June we will get the new version of Summoners War Sky Arena – Reloaded.

A second part of the update will go live at the end of August. More information about that part will be published before the update, but we already got some teasers.

Let’s have a general overview at what we can expect on the 30th June and our first opinion on the new content and the changes:


Table of context

I. Farming & System Revamp on 30th June

1. Farming Content Update

1.1 Change of Rifts and Raid Dungeons

1.2. New Dungeon „Spiritual Realm“

1.3. Abyssal Floor

2. System Revamp

2.1. Rune

2.2. Artifact

2.3. Progression

2.4. Battle


II. Dimention Hole Revamp / New 2A Living Armor & Frankenstein


1.1. Change of Rifts and Raid Dungeons

The drops from the Rift Beasts and the Raid Dungeon will be changed.

Elemental Beasts:

Fight-, Determination-, Enhence-, Accuracy-, Torerance- Runes, Grinds & Gems

→ Enchanted Gems

Raid Dungeon:

Grindstones & Enchanted Gems

→ Grindstones

We don’t know yet what the drop rates will be and if you get Elemental Crystals also in the Raid Dungeon. The different Sets are distributed to the elements as you can see on this graphic:

We really hope they change the mechanic of the Elemental Beasts because farming there is really slow compared to all other dungeons.

1.2. New Dungeon „Spiritual Realm“

A brand new Dungeon will be released including a new Rune Set: “Seal”. This will be a 2-rune set.

The Dungeon will have 10 floors and 2 abyssal floors (see next chapter) will be released on 8th August. Seal Runes will have a 15% chance to deactivate the rune sets of the enemy, when attacking.

1.3. Abyssal Floor

Giants, Dragons and Necropolis will loose their B11 & B12 Dungeons. Therefor we will have seasonal Abyssal Floors instead (normal and hard mode). This will be challenging but give great rewards.

You are not allowed to use duplicates of a monster, the stats of the enemies will be increased and the skills of the boss stage (including the crystals) will be upgraded. As an example, The Giant will not only revenge your monster, that lands the 7th hit on it. Instead it revenges your whole team.

Sad thing is, we still get rare runes dropped, but have a higher chance to obtain hero or legendary runes, like in the B11/B12 floors. In addition to that, the new Rune “Intangible” can be found, with a “slim” chance. An Intangible rune can be used to complete another rune set like Violent, Despair, Swift, … These runes can not be enhanced (no Reappraisal stone – so far it is not clear if you can get enchanted Gems and or Grinds for it).

The Abyssal floors will last for 6 month before a new season starts. With every season, the Boss change will have different skills, what could force us to find new teams for that dungeon. On the following graphic you can see the dates for each Abyssal Dungeon’s season 1 and 2:

2.1. Rune

The Power-Up failure rate will be removed completely. Each rune can instantly be upgraded to +15 (or any 3rd step in between) with Manastones and the auto Power-Up system will be removed. Runes will be displayed with their default rarity, regardless of the runes power ups. This helps to find targets for your Reappraisal Stones.

It will be possible to craft 6-star runes with Rune Essences. You can get these with a certain chance when selling rare or higher tier 5-/6-star runes. Selling 6-star legendary runes gives 100% chance to obtain Rune Essences.

2.2. Artifact

Artifact farming will be much more straight forward, as all Artifacts drop already powered up +15! An added UI will show in detail how the power ups applied to each sub stat. Preexisting Artifacts can be upped to +15 with a new feature called “refine”without any cost. The Mana you get for selling Artifacts are decreased due to the fact, that you don’t need Mana to upgrade them anymore.

Some Sub stats will be removed or combined:


ATK+ / DEF+ / SPD + prop. To lost HP

HP / Atk. Bar when revived +%


ATK / DEF Increasing effect +%

DMG dealt by counterattack & attacking together +%

[Skill 3 & Skill 4] Crit Dmg +%


First attack Crit Dmg +%


The quantity of the required items for Artifact conversion will be reduced, and you will be allowed to spend Manastones.

The storage will be increased to the following:

Runes → 1000

Artifacts → 800

Grindstones / Gems → 2500

2.3. Progression

Evolution of monsters no longer require max level and the level of the monster will remain the same after the evolution! It is now possible to evolve a level 1 Monster to 6-star. Any monster can now be used to evolve a monster, regardless of it’s level. A new UI will show the progression of the evolution gauge to evolve the specific monster.

2.4. Battle

Some things will be changed that will effect the battles, especially the attack bar / additional turn (not Violent) logic. At the moment, the attack bar acts differently for each monster – for example:

Rakan [Skill 2] → takes a turn with full attack bar

Alicia [Skill 3] → takes a turn without full attack bar

It will be changed so the attack bar is connected to turn acquisition and every monster has full attack bar after their attack. These monsters where shown, as they will be affected by that change:

Additional, the attack bar absorption logic will be changed, so that the absorbed attack bar can not exceed the actual attack bar of the enemy monsters.

The logic for the Despair rune set will be adjusted. Only the first attack can activate the Despair rune effect, regardless of landing a glancing hit. It will not be triggered in multi hits anymore.

Crushing hits are a thing from the past, they will not exist any more. You can now only hit, glance or crit.

II. Dimension Hole Revamp / New 2A

The second part of the Summoners War Reloaded update will go live at the end of August. A developer note will be released before the update.

So far we know, it will be mainly about the Dimension Hole including 2 new second Awakenings: Living Armor and Frankenstein. More information about this part are not released yet. It was said that, the reward structure will be changed. What this means and how it will effect the 2A and ancient rune farming will be interesting.

Overall, all this changes feel like they where carefully thought through. Especially the small changes like the rune power ups will have a great impact in our Summoners War journey. We’re looking forward for the second part and are excited to get started exploring new dungeons and think of new teams for them.

Of course will all the necessary information be shared on SW-Info and on our Discord.

It was a nice event and very good to see the developers, the CEO and everyone taking their time to give us not only an overview of the upcoming major changes, but also that they care about Summoners War.

Thank you Com2Us.