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SWinfo Reloaded

SWinfo Reloaded

Dear Summoners! 👋

It is time for some major changes…like the new announcement of Summoners War!

We have taken over this website to update all the content and to implement some new ideas to make a reloaded version of this site. Big thanks to Kenny for trusting us with this project!

This website will be the best guide, wiki and toolkit about Summoners War and also we’re building the biggest, friendliest and most helpful community around that.


Let us introduce ourselves and give you a short insight into our plans:

Who are “we” and what is our plan?

Watch our introduction video:

This is a short insight into our roadmap, the full roadmap is on our Discord Server. First of all we want to update this website and be more active again!


To bring this project to a new level, we have opened a Discord Server for all of us.

Join now to:

– meet other summoners

– get help whenever you feel lost

– give us direct feedback to help improving the website

– get first insights about news, changes and everything about SWinfo

– and much more

(the first 100 Summoners will get an unique Discord role 😉 )


We’re Lenny and Psy from Germany, in our late 20’s and we’re dedicated Summoners War players for years. Within the first week of playing, Lenny already started streaming Summoners War on Twitch and got a lot of help from the community – time to give something back!

With SWinfo, everyone will progress faster, learn from experienced players and will therefore enjoy the game much more.

We’re very excited to get started, stay tuned for more information and news!