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DukeBLT’s Achievements:

  • Legend Rank in Arena
  • Legend Rank in Guild Wars
  • Top 10 finishes in Tower of Ascension and Tower of Ascension Hard

Revivers in Summoner’s War

Reviving is an uncommon ability in Summoner’s War that returns a fallen ally to the battlefield. When timed well, a revive can save a Dragon’s B10 run, turn an Arena match around, or allow you to push higher in the Tower of Ascension or Hall of Heroes. However, not all revives were created equally. Several revives return fallen allies to dangerously low percents, leaving the newly reborn ally vulnerable. Others bring teammates back to life at the cost of other teammates’ health. Though powerful, the use of revives in Summoner’s War is largely relegated to PVE, with the exception of some stall teams in Arena. This guide will look at the Top 5 Revivers, based on my criteria of:
  • Safety: How safe is the revive? Does the revived monster have any chance of contributing after being revived?
  • Utility: Does the monster contribute anything else to the team, aside from the revive?
  • Impact: How does building this monster change my game? Will this monster give me access to previously unpassable content, or make difficult content more reliable?

DukeBLT’s own Top 5 Revivers, Excluding Nat5s

Betta: PVP – Amarna: PVP/Raid – Iona: PVP Stall/Bruiser – Briand: TOAH auto – Tilasha: niche combos

Briand – Wind Death Knight

I don’t have any of the rare revivers, so the only reviver I use is Briand (Despair/Revenge SPD/HP/HP) for autoing high floors of TOAH and HOH.  While autoing, bad RNG can lead to a monster dying and it helps to have a reviver.” – DukeBLT
The most popular Death Knight among the three basic elements, Briand is arguably the most useful as well. A naturally tanky monster that scales with health and is good at disrupting enemy teams, Briand is a popular choice on teams looking for safety and redundancy. Supply is the most unique revive in the game – instead of reviving a fallen party member to a set percentage like most revivers, Briand will revive a fallen ally then even out the remaining HP among all members of the team. Assuming the team was healthy before Supply is used, this revive puts the target at a reasonably safe percent. Briand also brings disruption via his Deadly Wave and default skill Deadly Blow. Deadly Wave is an AoE attack that has a chance to apply “Decrease ATK” to the enemy team, while Deadly Blow is a single target skill that may apply the “Unrecoverable” debuff. Briand’s ability to lower the damage output of an entire enemy team and prevent heals on targets makes him a useful monster on Arena Defense, but Briand truly shines in PvE areas where safety is paramount such as Tower of Ascension (Hard) and later Hall of Heroes stages. These dungeons are known for their long clear times and insane difficulty, where losing even one mob can ruin a run. Briand brings a measure of safety, disruption, and tankiness that no other reviver really can, particularly when equipped with a Despair set. With HP scaling on Deadly Wave and long cooldowns across all his skills, Briand benefits the most from stacking HP and Speed. If you’re still in the early stages of the game, a triple Energy build emphasizing HP suits him well. Later on, switching to a Despair set with an off set of your choice will maximize his potential to disrupt enemy teams. Rune Suggestions Basic: Energy 3x, Swift + Energy, SPD/HP | HP | HP Advanced: Despair + Revenge/Shield/Energy, SPD/HP | HP | HP

Mikene – Water Undine

While she is a monster used in the Katarina and Veromos fusions, Mikene is a useful support in her own right and easily acquired via fusion. She brings a wide array of tools to a fight, though she finds most of her use in early Dragon’s B10 teams. Revive is the 3rd strongest revive in the game, bringing back fallen allies at 40% health (only behind the Natural 5 Star Eladriel’s 100% Archangel’s Mercy and the Light Natural 4 Star Iona’s 60% Light of Revival). Revive also has the alternate use of granting Mikene the “Soul Protection” buff if Mikene casts it on herself, which revives her with 30% health if she is killed while the buff is active. Mikene also brings good utility through her Ice Drop and Aqua Frenzy abilities. Once she is awakened, Ice Drop freezes its target if it lands as a Critical Hit. This lets Mikene freeze problem monsters when built with enough CR. Aqua Frenzy is an AoE attack that has a chance to apply the “Glancing” debuff to the enemy team, while also healing the ally with the lowest percentage of HP by 25%. Mikene’s combination of crowd control, AoE Glance, Heal, and Revive makes her useful for players who haven’t transitioned from a safe “tower team” to a “face team” in Dragon’s B10 and in Tower of Ascension. Mikene’s 40% revive means allies aren’t put in critical danger upon resurrection, and the freeze on Ice Drop allows you to choose who you want to shut down for a turn. While it doesn’t hit for much, Aqua Frenzy potentially increases the survivability of the team by decreasing the enemy team’s damage output and simultaneously healing the most damaged member of the party.

The long cooldowns on both Aqua Frenzy and Revive mean that it is critical for Mikene to cycle through turns as fast as possible, and Ice Drop needs high levels of Critical Rate to be used to its full potential. With these requirements in mind, Spd, CR, and HP are priorities.

If you are lucky enough to summon or fuse her early, a Swift set coupled with a Blade or Energy off set work fine. Graduating to Violent enables her to consistently use Revive as needed, particularly when killing the towers in Dragon’s B10. Being PvE oriented, off sets such as Revenge or Shield improve her ability to disrupt enemy teams or increase your own teams’ survivability.

Rune Suggestions

Basic: Swift + Blade/Energy, SPD | CR | HP

Advanced: Violent + Revenge/Shield, SPD | HP | HP

Iona – Light Epikion Priest

If I had Iona, I would use her for Bruiser or Stall PvP teams.  She has arguably the best single target revive without drawback in the game.” – DukeBLT
Overshadowed by her more infamous and common Water and Fire sisters, Iona nonetheless brings a fantastic revive and decent heal to your party. While limited offensively, if you’re looking to bolster the ability of your Defenses to stall and ultimately discourage attacks, look no further than the Light Epikion Priest. Her Absorb Mana and Fill abilities should already be familiar to anyone who has used an Epikion Priest; all Priests share the same life-draining default skill, and both Rina and Chloe utilize the double-heal Fill as their recovery ability. What sets Iona apart from her sisters, however, is her third skill, Light of Revival. Arguably the best non-Natural 5 revive in the game, it revives an ally to 60% HP AND a 3-turn Defense buff, with no penalty. While Iona performs adequately in PvE as a healer/reviver, she is outshined by other supports that offer more offensive utility or disruption. Use her instead in PvP, where the defensive nature of Iona’s skill set and Light of Revival in particular can be utilized to its full potential. Iona fits into stall-type Defenses featuring monsters like Camilla or her sister Rina seamlessly, and on offense, supports Bruiser-type teams perfectly. As a pure defensive specialist, HP, Resistance, and Defense should be prioritized. A basic build of triple Energy, or Swift paired with Energy will work. However, Iona will be debilitated by the huge cooldown on Light of Revival with such a build. When possible, a switch to a quality Violent set featuring Resistance, Defense, and Speed subs is ideal. Whatever stats are lacking can be made up by the off set. When possible, a switch to a quality Violent set featuring Resistance, Defense, and Speed subs is ideal. Whatever stats are lacking can be made up by the off set. Rune Suggestions Basic: 3x Energy, Swift + Energy, SPD/HP | HP | HP Advanced: Violent + Endure/Guard/Shield/Energy, HP | HP | HP/DEF

Platy and Betta – Fire and Dark Mermaids

If I had Betta, I would definitely use her for PVP.  She is nice for AD and GWD.  She’s also useful for RTA and safe GWO.  Besides the revive, her AOE immunity, heal, and anti-crit can protect your whole team well.  Stripping buffs is always a nice bonus.” – DukeBLT I’m including both the Fire and Dark Mermaids here because they share the same revive Grant Life. They play very different roles however – Platy the Fire Mermaid is an offensive-minded support, while Betta the Dark Mermaid fills the more traditional role of a defensive/healing support. All Mermaids use the default skill Mana Bubble, a single-target attack that has a chance to strip beneficial effects from its target, but only Platy and Betta have Grant Life. Essentially an upgraded Mobilize, Grant Life not only recovers 30% of an ally’s health and simultaneously boosts their ATB by 30%, it also has the option to be used on a knocked out ally to revive them at 30% at the cost of an additional three turns of cooldown. Platy’s third skill Burning Hearts is a single-target nuke that stuns and applies the “Silence” debuff, preventing skills with cooldowns from being used for two turns. It features an impressive 800% Attack multiplier, unusual for a support monster. On the other hand, Betta’s third skill Serenity fits the more traditional role of supports better. An amazing support skill, Serenity heals the party by 15%, and grants both “Immunity” and “Decrease Crit Chance” buffs to everyone. If you’re just looking for a reviver, you could do much worse than Platy – along with her revive, she brings a good heal, buff stripping, and can severely cripple enemy threats. However, Betta brings a kit more aligned with the traditional support role, with the same heal and stripping, plus AoE Immunity. Regardless of which Mermaid you choose, they both hugely benefit from a Violent set in order to cycle through the (potential) six-turn cooldown of Grant Life. Runes Suggestions Basic: Swift +Energy, SPD | HP | HP Advanced: Violent + Will/Shield/Revenge, SPD | HP | HP That wraps up my own Top 5 Revivers in the game! However, DukeBLT had additional input on some other monsters I wasn’t familiar with or hadn’t considered. Here are some of his thoughts on those mobs!

Amarna – Light Anubis

If I had Amarna, I would use him in PVP and possibly raids.  AOE cleanse, heal, and revive in one skill is pretty amazing.  Defense break and branding are also great debuffs for increasing damage.” – DukeBLT
DukeBLT isn’t wrong in his quick overview of this rare Light Natural 4. A fantastic defender and Raid monster, Amarna’s kit brings a wealth of utility to any team. Because of his flexibility and his neutral element, he fits into practically any composition and scenario. All of Amarna’s skills bring utility to the table. Amarna’s revive, Secret of Eternal Life, is an AoE heal and cleanse that scales off Amarna’s HP. If any allies happened to be knocked out when it is casted, it will also revive that ally at 30% health, at the cost of two additional turns of cooldown per revived ally. Pierce Soul, Amarna’s default skill, is a multihit move that has a chance to apply the “Unrecoverable” debuff. Upon awakening, it also gains the ability to apply the “Defense DEF” debuff. Brand of Hell is also a multi-hitting attack, with each attack having a chance to apply the uncommon “Branding” debuff. Shenanigans with Tilasha – Dark Undine
“Tilasha’s revive is unique in that it grants a full attack bar, so it can be used to combo with certain monsters.  For example, if she revives Camules [Dark Elemental] then he can buff right away to prevent himself from dying.  Since the AI focuses fire on the monster with lowest HP, the enemies will all attack the Camules with low HP, whose buff will reflect 30% of incoming damage while preventing him from dying.  This can be used in GWO against single target DPS who don’t remove buffs. Another monster she can combo with is Ramagos[Wind Warbear].  After being revived with low HP, he can Clean Shot immediately.  This does big damage and can heal a decent bit if he’s using vampire runes.  Clean Shot also grants another turn if it kills, so he could follow that up with his self-heal and defense buff.” – DukeBLT
Because Dark Return brings back allies at 1 HP (!) but at full ATB, the target is guaranteed to move next. This allows for some pretty neat interactions with certain mobs as DukeBLT describes above.  ]]>